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 World Vets Equine Welfare Project

Photo: Armando Raudez

For many years World Vets has been providing free equine health clinics in Nicaragua. O ur equine welfare project started with simply treating carriage horses and has grown to include cart horses as well as those owned by poor campesinos .  

Working horses such as those that  pull wagons with lumber and other raw materials are presently our main focus as they generally live a hard life and are very susceptible to injuries, wounds and abrasions as well as dehydration and malnourishment. What's more, their owners typically do not have the financial resources to pay for veterinary services and/or medicines to address illness or for routine care and treatments.


Over the years our equine welfare project has taken place through a collaboration between Nicaraguan veterinarians and farriers and World Vets veterinary teams. This partnership has also provided great opportunities for information exchanges in both formal and informal settings.

This past month we held our most recent equine welfare campaign. We operated free mobile health clinics within the districts of Granada and Masaya. Over 500 horses benefited for these efforts. In one particular case we saw a horse that had been treated by our team not too long ago. It's ear had been torn and our volunteers subsequently sewed it back together. It was very rewarding to see how well the ear had healed - good as new!  

I f you would like to support our equine welfare efforts in Nicaragua, we encourage you to make a contribution or volunteer on our next big campaign later this year! 

We thank Fondation Brigitte Bardot for their ongoing support of our equine welfare project
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