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World Vets News
World Vets Volunteers Help Hundreds of Animals over Spring Break

World Vets small animal project: Guatemala 2018

Last month World Vets had veterinary teams in five different countries during "spring break" providing free veterinary services for animals in need.

We had teams in the Dominican Republic, as well as in  Guatemala  and  Ecuador  where we carried out high volume sterilization campaigns benefiting underserved populations of dogs and cats.

We also had a team in Honduras facilitating annual health exams and treatments to wildlife and exotic species, in addition to students in Nicaragua taking part in our International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Program.


What are you doing during your summer break? Volunteer opportunities are still available!
World Vets Team Helps Control Street Dog Population in Albania

World Vets small animal project: Albania 2018

World Vets recently had a team in  VlorĂ«, Albania where we operated a free high volume sterilization campaign for street dogs. For this pilot project we partnered with a local animal shelter that hosted the campaign and housed the dogs both pre and post-op. Over 200 dogs were sterilized, along with other surgeries and treatments being provided. 

Take part on our next sterilization project in Albania this September! Read more

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Earn Continuing Education  Credit with us!

It is now possible for you to use your Continuing Education (CE) allowance to participate on a World Vets project! We are currently offering a RACE-approved CE opportunity for licensed veterinarians and technicians as part of our program service in Nicaragua. What better way to volunteer, learn and earn RACE-approved credit!  Learn more

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We are accepting new student ambassadors for the Fall/Winter 2018 academic year!

If volunteering with World Vets has positively impacted your life or simply inspired you, we encourage you to consider becoming a World Vets Student Ambassador. For more information, write to 
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