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World Vets News
Veterinary Field Projects
Providing direct care to animals around the globe

Health consultations and pet owner education: Cambodia 2016

World Vets operates multiple veterinary field projects throughout the year in many different locations around the globe. These projects 
provide direct veterinary services and care to animals in need on a large scale. To aid in the delivery of such assistance, we have volunteer opportunities that not only facilitate free quality veterinary care but also enable individuals to be a part of the work that we do around the world. Read more about volunteering

Within the past month World Vets has had volunteer veterinary teams in Cambodia, Dominican Republic and Guatemala. In all locations we provided high volume, community wide, sterilization and animal health campaigns. Combined, over 600 sterilizations were performed and more than 1000 animals received free veterinary attention. 

Every field project is different and we see and treat a diverse case load. We may even perform a variety of surgical procedures aside from spay and neuter. Though what is similar is that at the end of the project hundreds of animals are the direct beneficiaries of skilled veterinary care. What's more, our volunteers, most often than not, go home changed, but in a good way.

End of Year Giving & Holiday Gifts 

Beneficiaries of World Vets veterinary service project in Guatemala 2016

There are many ways to contribute to the work that World Vets does around the globe. We not only rely on volunteers, but also on the generosity of animal lovers, veterinary professionals and the general public to achieve our mission. Moreover, it is our vision to live in a world where all animals have access to skilled veterinary care.  Your donations contribute to this vision and enable us to one day make this a reality for all the animals of our world. 

If you're not able to travel and volunteer with us, or make a monthly pledge, we do have some great gift ideas for you this holiday season!  World Vets official merchandise , sponsorships , and   symbolic gifts  are just a few. You can even support World Vets as you do your online shopping. Learn how you can do this, along with other ways to help

Together we can make a diference in the lives of animals!  Make World Vets part of your end of year giving and help us provide veterinary care to animals who otherwise would not receive it. Make a contribution
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A donation to World Vets keeps our veterinary and training programs running. It also makes a difference in the lives of all the animals impacted by our aid provided worldwide each year. With your support we can continue to help these animals in need. 

World Vets is a registered 501c3. All donations to World Vets are tax deductible.

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Membership not only provides support for our international veterinary aid projects, it also allows you to secure a position on one of our projects as a volunteer before it is advertised to the general public. Read more about membership.

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Support World Vets while you do your holiday shopping! World Vets offcial logo gear may just be the perfect gift for someone on your list. 

"Advanced" IVM Experience: Veterinary Student Opportunity

From February 25 - March 4, 2017 World Vets will be offering an "Advanced" IVM program session specifically for veterinary students. This session will be offered to veterinary students who have participated on a past IVM program session and/or senior veterinary students with significant surgical exposure.

The overall experience will be similar to a standard   International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Program but with more autonomy for individual students. This particular session will emphasize spay/neuter surgeries where veterinary students can expect to receive roughly 15 surgeries where they will act as a primary surgeon while having experienced DVMs available for consultation and guidance. 

Registration is now open!  Find out more and sign up
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