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Year Round Mentorship & Spay/Neuter Services at World Vets Latin America Veterinary Training Center

World Vets veterinarian and surgical instructor, Dr Lester Tapia, instructs a recently graduated vet in surgery at World Vets training center 
For the past four years World Vets has been operating a veterinary training center in Granada, Nicaragua. The center was established to provide free surgical instruction and training to Latin American veterinarians and upper level veterinary students. The aim of which is to better equip participants with the skills they need to provide safe sterilization services and in turn contribute to the control of the small animal population in their communities.
Throughout the year World Vets clinical staff provides weekly training sessions in Spanish out of this facility. Since its inception we have welcomed participants not only from within Nicaragua, but other Latin American nations such as Mexico, Peru, Guatemala and Paraguay. Furthermore, as part of this program, we have formed official partnerships with various academic institutions within Nicaragua and been recognized by such institutions for the mentorship provided.

This year we have expanded the opportunities offered at this facility to promote further training and continuing education opportunities. These include personalized surgical training courses, specifically for veterinarians looking to take qualifying exams, as well as a student internship program  
Our training center not only provides instruction and training. It also benefits countless communities outlying the city of Granada who do not have access to veterinary services for their animals. As a result of the activities at our center, we provide regular ongoing spay/neuter services as well as additional medical treatments for animal patients. Such services are provided completely free of charge to pet owners and street animals. What's more, we provide a door to door service for rural animals; picking them up for surgery and returning them home following recovery.


We'd like to acknowledge and thank the ongoing support of Fondation Brigitte Bardot of this facility and its subsequent activities. Together we have performed thousands of sterilizations and completed countless contact hours training veterinary professionals.    

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Making a Difference, One Animal at a Time: Chaska 

On our recent visit to Peru, World Vets volunteers met a dog named Chaska. Chaska lived at a local artisan workshop and recently had a litter of puppies. They spent some time with Chaska and her family and couldn't help but fall in love with Chaska's caring demeanor and admire how she continued to groom her pups while they held them in their arms.

With many thanks to "Team Peru", this will be Chaska's last litter! On our second day of clinics, they were able to get her to our clinic outpost to be spayed and safely home once she recovered. Photos and story courtesy of Brenna Kelley.

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