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Pithaya's Road to Recovery: World Vets Equine Welfare Project
World Vets staff, Dr. Steve Kruzeniski and Dr. Lester Tapia, with Pithaya and his family a few weeks after treatment started

For many years World Vets has been operating an equine welfare project in Nicaragua to benefit horses in and around the city of Granada. Horses are an important livelihood source for many households as they are relied upon to help carry out daily chores and generate income. Due to difficult socio-economic constraints, these horses are often malnourished and affected by tropical diseases and injuries from their heavy workload.
On our most recent veterinary campaign, our team met Pithaya after they were asked to stop by a nearby home that had a sick horse. Upon arrival, they discovered four-year-old Pithaya who was severely malnourished, had several infected wounds, overgrown feet, and evidence of tick borne disease.  Although he was in severe condition, the owners (two young children and their grandmother) cared for him greatly. However, caring for Pithaya had become extremely difficult for them as they have health issues of their own, and no current income source or means to earn money. What`s more, the parents of the children had since left the home to seek employment elsewhere.

In response to Pithaya's predicament , volunteers from World Vets veterinary team created an Indiegogo campaign. The objective was to raise funds that would help cover the cost of Pithaya's extensive treatment and to provide additional aid for other Nicaraguan horses & families living in similar conditions. 

We are happy to report that they raised their goal of $5000! And since the fundraiser was initiated,  our team (who are based in Granada) have been delivering feed and administrating medications such as dewormer and other anti-parasitic medication to Pithaya on a regular basis.  As a result of our volunteers' initiative, and the efforts of our ground crew,  signs of improvement are now visible. For instance, the healing of wounds, rib definition, and an overall much more energetic state of being. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the fundraiser. You have played a very important role in Pithaya's road to recovery!

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