August 15, 2019
New School Year,
New Opportunity
With a new school year also comes a new year of inspiration, successes, and opportunity. Through the course of developing our Strategic Plan, we updated our mission statement:
Guided by a Christian moral compass, we educate our students in an atmosphere of faith, family, and mutual respect, preparing them to serve the global community.  
Our ultimate vision is to be the school of choice for secondary education in York County!

Your Donor Dollars at Work
Because of your generous ongoing support of the York Catholic Fund, we are able to maintain one of the lowest secondary school tuition costs in the Diocese of Harrisburg. This past year, we were able to provide 43% of our student body with financial assistance, increase student programs, incorporate new courses into the curriculum, and purchase additional Chromebooks as we finalize our one-to-one technology for our students.

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You Make a Difference
Thanks to the generous financial support of our graduates, parents, friends, and community partners, this past year The York Catholic Fund raised over $275,000 and allowed us to further close the gap between the cost of tuition and the actual cost to educate each student. In addition, with your help, we can invest more into our student activities, professional development for our valued teachers, technology, and school improvements. Each gift, no matter the amount, makes an impact.
Thank You for Choosing YC
We recognize there may be many causes near to your heart and you have a number of choices when it comes to your financial support. Thank you for putting our York Catholic students at the top of your list
Our long tradition of a values-based education will continue to guide our students to develop personal integrity, make good choices, and serve the greater good whether in their own communities or beyond.
You are a valued member of our YC family and your continued dedication and commitment to our mission truly makes a difference. P lease consider giving to our 2019-2020 York Catholic Fund so our treasured students continue to grow in faith, mind, heart, and family! Thank you! 

Golf Tournament
All skill levels are welcome at the York Catholic Golf Tournament on Monday, September 16, at the Out Door Country Club. Check-in starts at 7:30 AM with a Shotgun Start at 8 AM. The registration deadline is September 3.

Click here to Register online.

Click here 
for Registration form with complete details.  

Click  here  for Sponsorship flyer.

For more information about the tournament, contact LeAnn Citrone at 717-846-8871 or
Welcome Back!
Opening Days of School

Grade 7
Tuesday, September 3

Grades 8-12
Wednesday, September 4
The warning bell rings at 8:10 AM
and all students must be 
in homeroom by 8:15 AM. 
Dismissal is at 3 PM.

Back-to-School Night is Tuesday, September 17, beginning at 6 PM.
Important Notice
Please keep an eye on your email In-box and be sure to check your Spam folder.  We will be sending an important email about Back-to-School Paperwork that will be required to be submitted online by next Friday, August 23.  It should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

In preparation for this, parents need to have a Parent account in the VISION information system.

Parents of students new to YC this year will receive an email next week with instructions on how to set-up a Parent account.

Parents  of students who have attended YC prior to the 2019-20 school year should use their existing parent account. Do not create a new account.  If you did not set-up a Parent account since your child has been a student at YC, please email Mrs. Deb Gingerich at for instructions.  Mrs. Gingerich will respond to you prior to the August 23 deadline.
New students are invited to attend an orientation on the dates listed below. We will take a tour and familiarize you with programs and expectations. New students will receive their class schedules at this time.
New Students in Grades 8-11:  
Thursday, August 22, from 9-11 AM
International Students and Host Families :       
Tuesday, September 3, from 12-2 PM
Student Supply List

The Student Supply List is now available for the upcoming school year. It is posted on the website and can also be accessed by clicking 
here.  Some teachers will announce the supplies needed for their classes on the first day the class meets.
Lunch Accounts
The Lunchtime link is now available for you to deposit lunch money into your student's account.
Our Lunchtime Point of Sale purchasing system for student lunches is connected directly to the Vision online parent portal accessible through the York Catholic website. Parents simply log in to the Vision parent portal, choose "View Cafeteria Account," click "Students," and follow the options to deposit money into their students' accounts. As parents, you will be able to view what your student is purchasing in the cafeteria. To ensure we are using this system to its potential, everyone is required to use their Lunchtime account log in to pay for his or her lunch meals. The following policies are in place regarding Lunchtime Accounts and Balances. We encourage parents to sign up for email notification when their Lunchtime account balances are getting low.
  • Checks and/or cash are not accepted in the cafeteria for food purchases during lunch periods. It is the responsibility of the student to submit a check (not cash) in a sealed envelope (clearly labeled with his/her name, grade, and student ID number) and place it in the Lunchtime box located in the cafeteria for the student's account to be credited. The minimum check amount is $10. Funds may not be available for 24 hours.
  • It is the student and parent's responsibility to monitor the Lunchtime account online for balance information and retain a positive balance at all times.
  • If a student has a lunchtime balance at $0.00 or below, they will only have the option to purchase a lunch consisting of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit, and drink (1% white milk, iced tea, or orange drink) for $3.00.
  • No refunds will be given during the school year. Seniors will be issued a refund on accounts with a balance of $5 or more after graduation unless they have a sibling enrolled at YC in which case the balance will be transferred to the sibling for the next school year. All underclassmen accounts will roll-over to the next school year.
  • Report cards and Vision access will be held at the end of each quarter if Lunchtime balances are not current.
If you need assistance accessing your Vision account, please contact Deb Gingerich at or 717-846-8871 x219.
Dress Code
Students are reminded to be dressed in full uniform on the first day of school. Please click here for the dress code. Please click here for the YC shoe policy.
Gym Uniforms & Fall Sports Spirit Wear
Gym uniforms are available for purchase through the online YC Spirit Store which can be accessed from the front page of the YC website or by clicking here. Sports apparel is also available through the same link. This year, families can select their garment of choice and add whichever sports logo they prefer!
Uniform Exchange
York Catholic hosts a uniform exchange to assist students who are late admissions or who need financial assistance with uniforms. The uniform exchange will be available for trades and purchases on Thursday, August 22, from 12-2 PM. Walk-ins on days other than this date cannot be accommodated. If you need uniforms, bring your gently worn items for an even trade or purchase some at a reduced price: skirts $10, pants $8, sweaters $6, shirts $4. Uniforms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If anyone is interested in helping with the uniform exchanges, please contact Heather Hoffman at 717-846-8871 x220.
School Policy Changes
Backpacks - Grades 7-12
Students are allowed to bring book bags and backpacks to school.  Upon arrival to the building, however, students must proceed directly to their locker and store the backpack/book bag there for the duration of the school day.  During the day, students will be limited to pencil cases and/or small purses for personal items they may need.  The appropriate size of a purse should not be larger than an 8-½" x 11" piece of paper. Please note this policy is now effective for all students in grades 7-12.

Public Displays of Affection
Public Displays of Affection, i.e., holding hands, etc., in the school building and/or on school grounds are not permitted at any time.
Arrival Time
Any student arriving to school after 10:30 AM is not permitted to participate in any after school events that day.  
Drugs & Alcohol
Diocese of Harrisburg
The use and/or possession of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, mood-altering substances, look-alike drugs, over-the-counter-drugs, heavily caffeinated drinks, drug-related paraphernalia or the abuse of prescription drugs on school property or while attending or participating in any school-sponsored activity is forbidden and is considered a major disciplinary infraction. Being under the influence of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, or mood-altering substances on school property or at a school-sponsored activity is likewise forbidden and is considered a major disciplinary infraction. After considering all circumstances, the Principal may suspend or expel a student for these major disciplinary infractions, depending upon the severity and/or frequency of such violations.

The selling, pushing, or supplying of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, mood-altering substances, or drug-related paraphernalia is an extremely serious situation which is to be reported to the parents/guardians of a student and ordinarily to law enforcement officials as well. If, in the judgment of the Principal, there are no extenuating circumstances, a student committing such an offense will be expelled from the school.

Responsibility of School Personnel: All personnel at YCHS are to report immediately to the administration any student involved in the use of, transfer of, or possession of alcohol, other drugs, or vaping substances/devices while on the school property or at a school sponsored function. They must document in writing the details of the incident and sign their name to the aforementioned document.

"Drug/Mood Altering Substance/Alcohol" shall include vaping, any alcoholic or malt beverages, any drug listed in Act 64 (1972) as a controlled substance, chemical, abused substance or medication for which a prescription is required under the law and/or a substance which is intended to alter mood.
Examples of the above include but are not limited to alcoholic beverages; vaping substance or devices; chemicals; heavily caffeinated drinks; prescription medicines; over-the-counter medicines; or drugs not registered with the school nurse or annotated with the student's health record.
The "Student Assistance Program" (SAP) is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of school personnel (teachers, specialists, administrators, nurses, counselors) and members of designated community agencies. The SAP team has been trained to understand and work on the problems of adolescent chemical use, abuse and dependency, depression, suicidal tendencies, and other mental health problems. The SAP team shall play a primary role in the identification and referral process of students through procedures outlined in these guidelines.
"Use" shall mean the ingestion, injection, or inhalation of any vaping substance, drug or alcoholic beverage, and shall also mean a condition or state of being of a student indicating to school authorities that such a student is "under the influence" in any setting in which students are responsible to school authority and/or supervision.
"Possession," as defined exclusively from "Use," shall mean the presence of a vaping substance/device, drug or alcoholic beverage on the person of a student, in any amount, in or on any item under the control of the student or owned by the student in any setting in which students are responsible to school authority and/or supervision.
"Distribution," as defined exclusively from both "Use" or "Possession" shall mean the sale, transfer, trade, exchange, or aid therein, in any manner of any vaping substance/device, drug or alcoholic beverage from one person to another person, whether or not a student, when such distribution takes place in a setting in which said persons are responsible to school authority and/or supervision.
"Compliant Behavior" shall be defined as the willingness of a student and/or parent or guardian to work with staff and school personnel in complying with directives of the members of the SAP team and/or this policy and/or Administrative Guidelines.
"Non-Compliant Behavior" is resistance or refusal, verbal, physical or passive, on the part of the student and/or parent or guardian to comply with the members of the SAP team, and/or this policy and/or Administrative Guidelines.
"Drug Paraphernalia" includes any items that in the school's judgment can be associated with the use of vaping substances, drugs, alcohol, or mood altering substances.
"School Sponsored Activity" is any meeting, gathering, class, or activity that is initiated, supervised, or coordinated by a school employee, whether or not said school sponsored activity occurs on school property.

Rules and Regulations
A student who, at any time, is found to be or have been under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or mood altering/vaping substance or possesses, uses, dispenses, sells or aids in the procurement of alcohol, narcotics, restricted drugs, mood altering/vaping substances, or any substance or paraphernalia purported to be restricted shall be subject to discipline pursuant to the provisions and procedures outlined in Diocesan policy and YCHS administrative guidelines. This also includes the misuse of over-the-counter drugs. The YCHS Administration reserves the right to use any measures deemed necessary to control substance abuse, drug testing if necessary, even if the same is not provided for in any rule or regulation enumerated herein.

If it is determined that there has been a drug, alcohol, vaping, and/or substance violation up to and including possession of substances as described above or related paraphernalia, use and/or distribution of said items, the following will be in effect:
  • The principal will be notified immediately. Staff members involved will submit a written report regarding any related incidents.
  • The student, his/her desk, locker, car and other possessions will be searched.
  • Personal electronic devices will be confiscated. 
  • Paraphernalia and/or substances will be confiscated and analyzed when appropriate. Any cost incurred will be covered by the student/parent.
  • The parents of the student will be notified and the student will be sent home immediately under parental supervision.
  • The student will take a mandatory Drug and Alcohol test and share the results with the school Administration within 24 hours. Testing costs are the responsibility of the student/parent.
  • Multiple days of detention will be assigned.
  • If distribution is suspected to have occurred the police will be notified.
  • The student can choose one of the following:
    • The student will be removed from extra-curricular activity for 60 days.
    • The student and parents sign a release form for the Student Assistance Program and will have a drug/alcohol assessment taken within 5 days by the SAP counselor. The student must comply with all recommendations of the assessment. The student who is compliant can be reinstated to extra-curricular activities after 30 days.
  • The student will be placed on a Drug & Alcohol (D&A) contract which will require D & A counseling. All recommendations must be shared with the Principal. The student may be drug tested for the remainder of his/her time at YC at the request of the Administration. Parents will be expected to conduct the testing within 24 hours of the school's request. All results must be sent directly to the Principal from the testing site. Failure to comply with this could result in dismissal from school. 
  • The student will be on probation for the remainder of attendance. Any recurrence will result in the liability of immediate expulsion. 
  • The student may be suspended or expelled depending on the related circumstances.
  • Individual extra-curricular contract policies are also in effect, i.e., Student Council, NHS, etc.
  • Students will also be required to complete 30 hours of service to YC or the community.
Students will receive a Student Handbook/Agenda the first day of school that contains these policies and all others.
School Board Financial Policy
The following School Board policy is written to ensure the financial stability of the school. Families should be aware of the following guidelines regarding tuition and fees.
If a student is remiss in the payment of tuition, fees, service hours, or other outstanding obligations, his/her report card and Vision access will be withheld. In addition, students whose tuition accounts are 60 days past due will not be permitted to participate in activities outside of the regular school day hours. Students whose tuition accounts are 90 days or more past due may not be permitted to attend York Catholic until balances are rectified. Any inquiry regarding tuition and fees should be directed to the attention of the Business Office.
Employment Opportunity
York Catholic is seeking a Cafeteria Aide to help prepare lunches and assist with clean-up Monday through Friday from 8 AM-1 PM throughout the school year. Please send resume, Diocesan application, (available on the York Catholic website), and letter of interest to the following:
 Jackie Stubbs
Cafeteria Manager
York Catholic High School
601 East Springettsbury Avenue
York, PA 17403
Your Favorite Website
York Catholic uses the YC website and emails as resources for information for our parents and students. Please add the YC website to your Favorites and visit it often. The address is easy to remember: . Also, be sure to check your email every Thursday for the "Irish Eye" e-newsletter that contains important information and reminders. If it's not showing up in your Inbox, check your Spam folder and mark as a safe sender and not spam.
Bus Transportation for Next School Year

If you have not received your bus transportation information from the school district where you live, please click on the link below to print and complete your form. Please mail your form to the school district where you reside immediately.

Eastern                          contact Kimmy Nickle at 717-252-1555 x33231 or
Southern                      contact Heather Dougherty at  717-846-8871 x215
Southeastern              contact Heather Dougherty at  717-846-8871 x215
Summer Assignments

PLEASE NOTE:  Parents are not able to access the GoogleDocs to see the assignments.  Parents can only access GoogleDocs through their student's account.  New students will receive information in the mail about this.

York Catholic High School views the development of life-long habits of reading as a hallmark of an educated individual, and it encourages each student to read widely throughout the year.  The school also recognizes the value of on-going academic engagement during the summer months.  Summer reading and other intellectual activities serve to stimulate, to enrich, and to reinforce academic skills during the summer hiatus.  Each current student has received information regarding summer reading.  The assignments are also available for student access on the home page of the YC website at   in the Announcements section, titled, "Summer Assignments," and on the Forms & Documents page.  Reminder that parents can only access the assignments through their student's Google account.  Each grade level's requirements are clearly explained and reading responses are due on or before Friday, September 6

Keeping students' math skills strong during the summer months helps to avoid the "summer slide" and aids in less review time when school resumes. Students should complete their online Summer Math Assignments on or before Friday, September 6. The assignments are available for student access on the home page of the YC website at   in the Announcements section, titled, "Summer Assignments," and on the Forms & Documents page.  Reminder that parents can only access the assignments through their student's Google account. 
Student Medical Requirements for 2019-20
Immunizations Needed                                               
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has established school immunization requirements for all students. The regulations are intended to ensure that children attending school in PA are adequately protected against potential outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases. A child must have the required medically-appropriate vaccines or a plan to complete those vaccines or risk exclusion from school.
Children in grades 7-12 need the following immunizations for attendance:
  • 4 doses of tetanus * (1 dose on or after 4th birthday)
  • 4 doses of diphtheria* (1 dose on or after 4th birthday)
  • 4 doses of acellular pertussis* (1 dose on or after 4th birthday)
  • 4 doses of polio (4th dose on or after 4th birthday and at least 6 months after previous dose given)
  • 2 doses of measles, mumps, and rubella (usually given as MMR)
  • 3 doses of hepatitis B
  • 2 doses of varicella (chickenpox) or evidence of immunity
  • 2 doses meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV)
    • 1st dose is given 11-15 years of age; a 2nd dose is required at age 16 or entry into 12th grade.
    • If the dose was given at 16 years of age or older, only one dose is required.
  • 1 dose of tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis (Tdap) - age 11 or older
                                    *   Usually given as DTaP or DTP or DT or Td

If you submitted doctor's documentation of the administration of these vaccines previously, you do not need to repeat this step unless an additional booster or immunization is needed or has been given in the past year. (Students entering grades 10, 11, & 12 - please note the dose requirements for the MCV vaccine.) All new students must submit doctor's documentation of the dates the above doses were administered to the York Catholic nurse by August 23, 2019. If any of the required immunizations will not be given by August 23, please click here for the PLAN form to detail the dates the immunizations are scheduled to be given.
Under Pennsylvania state law, students without the required immunizations or a plan with scheduled dates of administration on file, cannot be admitted to school.

Incoming 11th Grade Physicals                          
The School Health Law of Pennsylvania requires that all children must have a medical examination upon entry into grade 11. A medical examination is also required for those children who have transferred to York into any grade from other states or from other Pennsylvania areas and who have not sent records of previous examinations. Please click here for the School Physical Form to be completed by a private physician. Return the form to the school nurse no later than August 23, 2019. Any student who does not return this form will receive a medical examination by a school physician.

Incoming 7th Grade Dentals                         
The School Health Law of Pennsylvania requires that children receive a dental examination upon entry into grade 7.   Please click here for the School Dental Form to be completed by a private dentist. Return the form to the school nurse no later than August 23, 2019. Any student who does not return this form will receive a medical examination by a school dentist.

If you have any questions regarding any of these 3 medical requirement, please contact Sarah DeLuca, York Catholic nurse, at 717-846-8871 x221 or

CHIP Insurance
Pennsylvania's Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) covers uninsured kids up to age 19 in Pennsylvania. It doesn't matter why your kids don't have health coverage right now; CHIP may be able to help. Most kids receive CHIP for free. Others can get the same benefits at a low cost. CHIP is brought to you by leading health insurance companies who offer quality, comprehensive coverage. CHIP covers:

* Routine check-ups
* Prescriptions
* Hospitalization
* Dental
* Eye Care
* Eyeglasses
* Behavioral care
* Specialty care
* More
There is no limit on income. If your income is below CHIP guidelines, your child may be enrolled in Medical Assistance.
To apply or renew, visit or call 800-986-KIDS. Click here for a flyer. 
Fall Sports
Fall Sports Picture Day
Coaches will distribute the order forms prior to picture day. On those order forms, you will be able to purchase team photos, along with several different individual packages. The forms must be returned to the photographer with payment on picture day. When the completed photo packages are delivered by Lifetouch, they will be given to the coaches to distribute to those who placed orders. Athletes must be clean shaven and have regulation haircuts. All undershirts must be the same color and be PIAA-legal.

Friday, August 16
8:45 AM - SH Cross Country
9:15 AM - Golf
9:45 AM - SH Cheerleading
10:15 AM - JH Cheerleading
11:00 AM - Volleyball
11:30 AM - Tennis
4:00 PM - Girls Soccer
4:30 PM - JH Football
5:15 PM - SH Football
6:00 PM - Boys Soccer

After August 26 -
Time TBA - JH Cross Country


Fall Pep Rally & Stadium Turf Open House
Parents and fans are invited to raise the Irish spirit and meet the athletes who will be representing York Catholic on the court, on the course, and on the new turf field this fall. The Pep Rally & Stadium Open House will be held Monday, August 19, at 7 PM at the stadium. Come out and cheer on our teams and get your first look at the new turf field!

*********************** ***********************

Sports Schedules
Join  us next Friday night, August 23, as we play our first game on the new turf field.  Football opens its season against York Suburban at 7 PM. Come out and cheer on YC!  For fall sports schedules, click here or visit the YC website and click on Athletics to find your team.
Student Sports Passes Ready for Pick-up

This year, all York Catholic students will be admitted free to all home sporting events when they present their student ID at the ticket counter. Because IDs will not be available until November, temporary passes are available in the main office beginning Monday, August 12. Please stop in during regular business hours Monday through Thursday 8 AM-3 PM to pick-up your temporary pass. Students arriving to the ticket counter without their pass will be required to pay admission.
Marching Band

Members of the Marching Band and Color Guard will be getting their pictures taken Friday, August 16, at 7:40 AM. Please come prepared to be in full uniform. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Mezza at 717-846-8871 x224  or .
Car Wash

The YC Music Association is holding a Car Wash on Saturday, August 17, from 10 AM-2 PM at the York Catholic bus circle entrance. Come out and get an exterior car wash while supporting a good cause with your donation.
Deanery News
St. Patrick/Holy Trinity Catholic School
Holy Trinity Catholic School will be celebrating the first day of school on Wednesday, August 21, at the St Patrick Parish. As a collaboration of the St Joseph Dallastown School and St Patrick School, Holy Trinity was official opened on July 1. Many changes have been occurring around campus this summer in preparation for the opening day. Please join us for the first school Mass to be celebrated by the Most Reverend Bishop Gainer at 9 AM in Brenner Hall. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and light refreshments will follow. Please visit our school website at  for upcoming events and activities and be sure to check out our new uniforms and school logo. Our new school slogan and mascot will be revealed August 31! 

St. Joseph School York
St. Joseph School York is seeking 2 part-time or 1 full-time custodian for afternoon/evening shift. Position(s) will include performing basic janitorial functions such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping and sweeping floors, maintaining bathroom facilities, emptying trash, moving lunchroom tables, general grounds keeping, and other tasks as assigned. This position requires varying degrees of physical exertion to include lifting of at least 50 lbs., stretching, bending, and operating cleaning equipment. Flexibility, dependability, ability to take instructions, adaptability, and ability to work without supervision are required. Must be reliable, maintain confidentiality, and be trustworthy. Valid driver's license required, and applicant(s) must pass all state and federal background checks and clearances to work around children. Prior experience in custodial setting helpful. Interested applicants should contact Mrs. Corrinne Eck, Principal, at or call 717-755-1797.
Service Opportunity

Thanks to a very generous donation, the Catholic Harvest Food Pantry will replace the floor in its Distribution Room at the end of this month. The Pantry is looking for student help to return food to the room and shelves on Wednesday, August 28, in the late afternoon/early evening so it can reopen the next day. Please contact Kris Pollick at the Pantry at  717-846-8571.
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Capital Campaign Update
New lockers are in!   Goodbye Kelly green!

The final step... moving back in!!

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