August 2017

Parent to Parent Newsletter

Welcome to the August issue of the Your Choice Parent to Parent newsletter. This newsletter contains important information covering a wide variety of drug and alcohol prevention topics. The content is written for parents by parents. 

There are a couple of new items we would love to share with you. On May 30, our family story and some of our speakers were part of WISN - Channel 12's special program, A State of Addiction. You can find the full program here.  

We have also been hard at work on videos that showcase the programs we have to offer. Here is an informational video about our prevention programs . Please share this video with anyone who may be interested in bringing prevention programming to their community. 

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or if you would like to read about a certain topic in the next newsletter,  please email us Your ideas and feedback are always appreciated. 

Sandi Lybert
Your Choice to Live Founder

What Parents Should Know: Wisconsin teens can now attend private music festivals that serve alcohol

Wisconsin minors are now able to attend private music festivals that serve alcohol, according to Assembly Bill 194, which was signed into law in May. 

This law now allows music festivals exception from the state law which prohibits minors and those under the age of 21 to have access to venues which serve alcohol. 

Underage drinking remains a serious problem in the United States. Alcohol is one of the most widely abused substances among teenagers. Contrary to popular belief, experimenting with alcohol does not need to be a rite of passage experienced in the teen years. 

Tips For Teens: Detour Letter 
Each month we feature an inspirational letter from a student in our Detour Class. Detour is a class designed to gently but powerfully challenge common beliefs about drug and alcohol use. One of the assignments at the end of the class is to write a letter to a special person in your life that touches on some important aspects from the class. 

Action Point: Learn Addiction Risk Factors 

Many people engage in risky drug or alcohol use. Some of those people progress to addiction. Alcohol and drug abuse affects a everyone regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender or socioeconomic status. Why are some people more prone to addiction than others? Just as obesity is a risk factor for diabetes, there are risk factors for addiction. It is important for parents to understand risk factors for addiction. 
  • Genetics - genetics account for 50-75% of the risk for addiction
  • Biological Characteristics - high tolerance and feelings of reward can make someone more vulnerable to addiction
  • Psychological Factors - certain personality traits such as impulsiveness, gregariousness, sensation seeking or rebelliousness 
  • Environmental Factors - access to a substance, societal norms, peers, trauma or abuse
  • Early onset of use
Anyone can get addicted, but having one or more of these risk factors means the odds are greater. The more risk factors that are present, the greater the risk for developing addiction. 

Community Resource Spotli ght: Teen Challenge 

Teen Challenge is a faith-based recovery program that uses a holistic model of addiction recovery, meaning that they focus on the body, mind and spirit of those who enter their addiction recovery program. Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive. 

There are Teen Challenge centers throughout the United States serving both adults and teenagers. The centers located in Wisconsin are for adult men and women and consist of long-term residential treatment. Teen Challenge never turns anyone away for lack of financial means and uses vocational training and expansive social enterprise programs as a means to fund recovery for those with limited resources. 

For more information please visit o ur website, our  Facebook page or call 414-748-HELP (4357)

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Issue: 8-2017
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Narcan Trainings

August 15
Lake Area Alano Club
Oconomowoc, WI 

Wake Up Call Community Presentations: 

August 7 & 8 
6:30 pm 
Arrowhead High School Athletic Presentation 

August 23 
7:15 pm 
Kettle Moraine High School Athletic Meeting 

August 31 
Rebuilding for Learning Summit VII
LaCrosse, WI 
Wake Up Call 
Public Tours:

(Registration Required)
Hartland Fire Department Survive Alive House
150 Lawn Street
 Hartland, WI 53029

August 2
12 pm

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Oral Drug Tests! 

The 6-panel saliva screen
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Substances tested for:  Amphetamines, 
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 Narcan Training 
We are  available  to educate  and train  any business,  organization  or community group  who  work s
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This training teaches participants  to respond to an opioid-associated overdose emergency and is appropriate for members of the community, family, friends, and bystanders. Each training includes a Narcan kit. 

Funding for this activity was made possible in part by the Wisconsin Prescription Drug/Opioid Overdose-Related Deaths Prevention Project (WI-PDO) from SAMHSA grant #SP022112

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