April 15, 2016 
Hello ZimmComm Community:
Did you see the big announcement?  No?  Well, here it is.  We've hired a General Manager for the company!   Yep, Cindy and Chuck have hired Clint Underwood to help them run their business.  Read all about it here.  For those who don't know, Clint is married to Cindy and Chuck's daughter Caitlin. They and their two boys will be moving to Pensacola, FL to work at ZimmComm World Headquarters.
This week agrimarketers young and seasoned gathered in Kansas City for the 2016 Agri-Marketing Conference   The ZimmComm Team was on duty.  We will announce early next week the winner of the #ZimmieZebra contest and Zimmie will have a new home.  It's doing our part for preserving NAMA wildlife and we're very experienced at re-locating lost zebras now.  Thank you to Nufarm for teaming up with this on the project.
You can find lots of photos from the NAMA conference online to view and share.  And we've still got more stories coming on AgWired.  Thank you to Brownfield Ag News for sponsoring out coverage this year.  We were the Brownfield Party Photogs again and will be publishing a link to those photos as soon as we can.
Now for some news from the ZimmComm News Network:

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Marvin Kokes Steps Down as NAMA President

The National Agri-Marketing Association has kicked off its 2016 annual meeting and AgWired caught our first interview with Marvin Kokes, the outgoing President of NAMA.  Kokes comes from the National Cattlemens Beef Association and looks forward to focusing his time and efforts there once again, but but believes NAMA is truly an amazing organization. MORE


#ZimmieZebra is Zelfie Ready

#ZimmieZebra made it to her temporary home this weekend and jumped at the chance to stretch her legs after her long journey. Tomorrow Zimmie and I will make the trip to Kansas City for the 2016 Agri-Marketing Conference, but wanted to make sure she wasn't camera shy and ready for the many Zelfies to come. Thankfully, she thoroughly enjoyed getting hugged and kissed by a toddler and is confident she can handle the many Zelfies from all our friends attending #NAMA16.  MORE 

Welcome to First ZimmComm General Manager

Hey AgWired community. Please help me welcome Clint Underwood to the ZimmComm Team as our first full time employee - General Manager! This is very cool. Clint will be responsible for the general operations of the company, as well as contract management and sales. Having him handle more of the business side of our company will allow us to focus more on what we do best - communicating agricultural news and information."  MORE 
DomesticFuel  Domestic Fuel 

Nebraska Congressman Visits #ACE16DC
All Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) wants is for consumers to be able to have the choice to fill up with 15% ethanol all year long. That's why he introduced H.R. 1736 to extend the current EPA Reid vapor pressure (RVP) waiver to include E15. MORE

How Reid Vapor Pressure Impacts #Ethanol
Reid vapor pressure (RVP) is one of those scientific terms reminiscent of high school chemistry but it has a significant impact on fuel at the pump, especially in the summer months. MORE

EIA Reports Biodiesel Production on the Rise
According to a recent Today in Energy, published by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), biodiesel production is back on the growth track. In 2014 amid concerns over the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and the expiration of the biodiesel blender's tax credit, biodiesel production dropped after reaching record production levels in 2013. However, as biodiesel blends were increased for 2015 under the RFS, U.S. imports of biodiesel and renewable diesel increased by 61 percent in 2015 reaching 538 million gallons of production. MORE 

Ag Groups Urge Congress to Back TPP

More than 200 farm and food groups have come together to send a bipartisan letter to Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan; Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi; Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell; and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  The letter encourages Congress to finish the work of approving TPP in 2016. MORE 

"Farmer Speaks Study" Highlights Grower Concerns

If you are reacting to low commodity prices in your operation this year, you are not alone.  Bill Farmakis, President of J.L. Farmakis, recently spoke with AgWired about their "Farmer Speaks Study."  The results, Farmakis says, were striking. MORE


Cold Tolerant Faba Bean Developed

Faba beans are unique in many ways.  They have double the protein of wheat and triple the amount found in rice.  They contain beneficial amino acids, B-vitamis and micronutrients, plus they benefit the soil.  Like others in the pulse family, Faba beans can pull nitrogen from the air for use by the plant.  Their sweet, strong sent is attractive to pollinators and they are also valued as a cover crop. MORE 

AGI President Discusses Genomics Technology
While visiting the headquarters of the American Angus Association in St. Joseph, Missouri, AgWired's Jamie Johansen was able to sit down for an interview with Dr. Dan Moser, president of Angus Genetics Incorporated (AGI), the largest provider of genetics worldwide. AGI develops and promotes technology for use by the beef industry, including DNA technology, and has developed genomic-enhanced EPDs for the Angus breed that are updated on a weekly basis.  MORE


Re-designed AgWired App Now Available for iOS
ZimmComm New Media, LLC announces a newly updated version of its popular AgWired App for iOS (iPhone and iPad). The new version has been built on a platform that will allow easy changes and new application opportunities. It is available now in the iTunes store: MORE  

#NAMA16 Conference Takes KC
NAMA members are taking over Kansas City for the National Agri-Marketing Association's 2016 annual meeting. More than 1,200 attendee including 800 professionals and 400 students are on hand to hear great keynote speakers and educational sessions and network, network, network. MORE 

Alltech Analyzes Mycotoxins in DDGs

Since the release of Alltech's 2015 North America Harvest Analysis results, some pork and poultry producers have found that dried distiller's grains (DDGs), a byproduct of ethanol production that is gaining popularity as a pork and poultry feed, are a new source for mycotoxin contamination. MORE 
Iowa Agriculture Discusses Avian Influenza Biosecurity

Earlier this week, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey highlighted the preparations taken place by Iowa poultry farmers, as well as by state and federal governments, to better prepare for another potential outbreak of avian influenza. MORE

VitaFerm Offering Free Fetal Development Wheel

VitaFerm has designed a unique Fetal Development Wheel to help producers successfully manage their herd's nutritional needs during breeding, conception, and throughout the various stages of bovine fetal development. MORE 
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