• Experience and Lots of Education. You don't need to know everything about buying/selling if you hire a Real Estate professional. Realtors are licensed and educated, and spend their time helping clients with the stressful decisions that pertain to buying or selling a home.

  • Price Guidance. Agents do not select prices for buyers or sellers. They will, however, advise a price and help you make the right choices. Agents have a vested interest in completing the transaction and will provide you with the information needed to do so.

  • Market Experts. Real Estate agents can provide you with market conditions which will affect your selling or buying process. Average cost per square foot of similar homes, median sales prices, average days on the market and ratios of list-to-sold prices are all crucial.

  • Network Professionals. Real Estate agents network with other professionals in the industry and know who provides solid services at competitive prices. These vendors are recommended based on continued positive results.

  • Expert Negotiators. Real Estate agents can remove themselves from the emotional aspects while keeping your best interests at the forefront of any transaction. Whether you are buying or selling, it is the agent's job to represent your case in the best light.

  • Contracts and Disclosures. A Real Estate transaction generates a plethora of paperwork. An Agent's job is to make sure the clients understand every document being signed.

  • Wealth of Information. Your Agent will answer any questions which may arise during the process. They can give you sound advice and sort out road blocks to make sure your transaction is smooth. A good agent will be by your side every step of the way and take the stress out of the transaction.

What is important is you trust your Realtor. Agents can maximize your dollars and protect you from costly mistakes. We here at Zocchi & Associates can provide you with the services listed above. Please don't hesitate to call. We would love to do business with you in 2018.