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Greetings all and hi and hello and happy fall Equinox to you all. So, here I am again . working with the CLGA and its most modest fundraiser to take place October 19th. Such a wonderful grassroots organization and one that I feel is so important. There must be archives in life, a history of the world and its peoples from all directions. Imagine if the dead Sea Scrolls had been thrown away, the Gutenberg Bible cos a spelling mistake, if St Paul had not written his letters to the Corinthians!!. What would we know?. Anyway . Seeking support in any which way you might be able to consider and all thankfully and heartfelt appreciated. Let me know if need any more information and loves ya for reading this and be well always. AND, it's a really fun evening and a la carte is a cooking the turkey!! Woo hoo!!. xoxoxoxoxo b


With Compliments,

Brian J. King


If you would like to support  this event whether by donations or items for silent auction, please do not hesitate to contact 

Brian : bjking@alacartekitchen.com

 or Krystine@alacartekitchen.com


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