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August 2018

Ahhhh....the Dog Days of August!!!
I've waited all year for this month!

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August. What can one say about August other then it seems to have followed April on the calendar this year. We have had August heat in both June and July with winter running all the way up to April. 

And now when we should have hot, dry days it is rainy and low 80's.
Strange to say the least!

If your plants managed to survive the awful winter and the nasty so called spring then you can thank your lucky stars. 

Many plants are just sitting there this year and barely putting on new growth for some strange unexplained reason. Tomatoes are even barely ripening. 

It's just down right weird. I think maybe Ma Nature is just showing us how much SHE is still in control. 

Anyway,  without further gibberish from me, I have, as usual, compiled a list of the most important things that you Must Do this month to maintain your beautiful Landscaping.


August Must Do's






Just relax and enjoy and maybe water if it gets dry.



If you are the type of person that has a hard time just relaxing such as yours truly (sometimes anyway)....

     You can always sit back and momentarily Ponder



   just how to get rid of 

those Nasty

Leaf eating

Japanese Beatles 

There is a bumper crop of them this year

You can try

stalking them????


blowing them up to you know where.....


even try hypnosis....

but, You Know, the Easiest and Fastest thing to do....


is to come to the Nursery or ?????

and purchase one of 5 good insecticides and spray em'!

You can hit them with either Acephate, Malathion, Perethrin ( synthetic man made), Pyrethrum ( natural- made from chrysanthemums ) or Carbaryl ( Sevin ).

Remember though, never use the Sevin "dust" as bees can get it on their little leggies and then mistakenly take it back into their hives which is a very bad thing!
Also, Sevin is not a systemic that will stay in the leaves for several weeks. Once it rains it's gone! 

So, be a genius, get the product, and pay the little munchers back..... 


and then...

 after you have made a successful annihilation of the little

 buggers get yourself a nice big congratulatory drink of your 

favorite beverage....


relax a bit....

and then check out our latest 

Before and After 



Before & After









BTW...those bottles of water sure came in handy.....             thanks M

A Closing Thought

"They tell you that you'll lose your mind when you grow older. What they don't tell you is that you won't miss it very much!

                                                                                                        .... Malcolm Cowley

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