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March 2018

won't be long now.....

Can't wait, Can't wait, Can't wait!!!

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Well, It's FINALLY that time of year again! And for those of you who know me you also know that although this is the most hectic time of year here for us here at the Nursery, it is also my ABSOLUTE, Bar None....FAVORITE!

Everything is starting to Rock n Roll and come ALIVE again....and I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY......LOVE IT!!!

As Robin Williams once said " Spring is Mother Nature's way of saying Let's Party!" 




March To Do's

  1. Sharpen all of your pruning equipment. Dull pruning shears do not cut! They shred, tear, mangle and mutilate your landscape investments which also provides nasty places for disease and insect infestations to start..

  2. Prune all your landscape plants this month while they are still dormant except for azaleas, lilacs, forsythia, "big leaf hydrangeas" (lace caps and mop heads with the darker green rough serrated edged leaves) and anything else I missed here that blooms in the spring. But, remember to prune these Spring bloomers within 3 weeks after they finish blooming since they will need the entire year to store up goodies to be able to bloom again next spring. 

 Also, if you did not prune your Spruce trees late last fall and still want to, then get to it ASAP!! Remember, when pruning the central leader on top, try not to cut it to less than 10-12" long as any shorter will probably force growth out through the middle and make it grow more squatty looking. Unless of course you want the squatty look! 

 3. Clean up all your pruning debris and other winter junk and fall left overs that have accumulated around your plants and in the beds.

  4. Fertilize all your plants with at least a 12-12-12 fertilizer or a time release formulation like Osmocote would be even better. Younger trees need only be fertilized every 2 years. Also remember to fertilize your evergreens with a more acidic fertilizer. If you are in doubt just come to the Nursery as we have exactly what you need here. Fertilization should be done when soil temps reach at least 40 degrees. Probably around the 3rd week this year depending on Ma Nature of course.

  5. Apply a pre-emergent weed inhibitor such as Preen or Treflan.  Hint: Treflan is less expensive and available here at the Nursery. Remember, it is extremely important to apply either of these prior to a nice soaking rain or beneath your mulch, or water it in, as it becomes ineffective after 48 hours of being exposed to sunlight.
That's probably why they don't tell you that on the you keep buying more and more to keep the weeds down. HUH!

And apply every 4-6 weeks thereafter. Weed seeds do blow in from everywhere You Know!

  6. Apply mulch around your plants but no more than 3" deep and remember to keep the mulch at least 5-6" away from the trunks of 
  trees. Too much mulch is as bad or worse than too little.

  7. Prune fruit trees, grape vines and any ornamental trees that do not bloom in the spring.

  8. If you are a DIY lawn taker care of type of person then this month is the time to apply "Dimension" pre-emergent to your lawn to prevent any crabgrass from showing it's nasty ugly head. Sometime around mid 
month to 3rd week would be good.  Whenever the Forsythia are blooming would be about right. And, remember, it is NOT necessary to fertilize your lawn in the early spring especially if you already did so the previous Fall. BTW....Fall is the best time for feeding your lawn. 

Hint: We have Dimension and spring lawn 19-0-5 fertilizer/ Dimension combination available here at the Nursery. Great one step process with more bang for your buck.

  9. Remove any tree wrap you may have had on the trunks of your trees to prevent scalding due to the overheating of the bark.

 10. Clean out your bird houses! Important task for our fine feathered 
friends. Cleanliness is next to Godliness you know! Besides, what mother would want to sleep and give birth in a filthy, nasty, second hand bed still covered with somebody's used, last years sheets and bedding???? Now Really...Think about it!!!!...YUK!!


Our Landscape Design, Installation and/or Maintenance crew is always here to help make your dreams and desires a reality!



Feeling a wee bit BLUE Lately???

Then what you need is a little Spring pick-me-up




Highest tenant rate of any Blue Bird house on the market

Highest number of little ones born

Highest rate of survivability

(we have had these up around the Nursery for years with great success)

All Cedar construction will LAST & LAST!

Easy access for viewing the "tiny tots" and for easy clean out

complete with all mounting hardware


Handcrafted "Locally" by someone with too much hibernation time on his hands!

Mount at 5' above ground facing Southeast in an area with open access 

So...Don't feel Blue any longer!
Stop by the Nursery, get one and bring a little bit of Ma Natures perfection into your life!!

Same as or less than on-line price

$ 44.95




Sit Back.....


and check out a couple of

Before & After 

pics from late last fall!











approximately 96,000 lbs. of stone


Hope you all enjoyed and see you soon!

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A Closing Thought

Gardening is the only
unquestionably useful job!

                                                                           ....George Bernard Shaw


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