Preferred Utilities Performs Energy Retrofit on Pharmaceutical Boiler in Puerto Rico
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In conjunction with Puerto Rico representative
M. R. Franceschini Inc., Preferred Utilities recently replaced an existing flame safeguard and oxygen trim system with the Preferred BurnerMate Universal (BMU) system on a 500 HP boiler at a pharmaceutical plant outside of San Juan.
In addition to oxygen trim, the BMU is controlling the forced draft fan variable speed drive (VSD), and providing first out annunciation of boiler trips. The BMU was integrated with the existing proprietary feedwater control system and all existing boiler limits.Boiler Control Retrofit with BMU

This steam boiler runs continuously on No. 2 oil, which is expensive in Puerto Rico, so the boiler was tuned for the lowest excess air possible at all firing rates to reduce fuel consumption.

In addition to expensive fuel, Puerto Rico has some of the most expensive electricity rates in the U.S. according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Industrial users in Puerto Rico currently pay an average of 14.6 cents/kW-hr compared to the national average of 6.54 cents/kW-hr.

Rate hikes averaging 26%BurnerMate Universal have been announced effective in 2017 for the island. With the new Preferred BMU controller, the forced draft fan VSD speed was kept under 30 Hz from low fire to mid-fire, resulting in electricity savings of over 85% compared to 60 Hz operation.

For more information on the BMU Boiler Control System, click here.
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