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April 2019

Lucky number 13 was the brand for our most recent clinic in Rogers Park and our third at the Willye B White Park Center.  Our heartfelt thanks to all of you that volunteered and made the effort possible. 

We're very pleased to report that 4 new dentists join us to provide care. More good news, they all said it was a positive experience they will look forward to repeating in the future. Also, we had two no-shows.

If you are, or know a dentist that may be interested in working with us, please encourage them to volunteer for a day of service . We would love to increase the number of clinics we do per year. 

Our next clinic date will be Oct 25 & 26 at the Niles Community Senior Center. It will be our first time in Niles. Milcah Baraona that helps Heather with registration, suggested the location and made the initial connections for us. The Village maintains a staff of social workers and has a ready population of folks without access to care.

Our Partners

Willye White Park Center, our clinic location, is part of the Chicago Park District . Our thanks to Director Irma Rizzo, Thomas, Marquis, and Corey for helping us make this great facility work for the clinic. 

A Just Harvest through David Crawford helped us recruit patients as in previous years. In addition this year we were assisted by CAPS (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy), and Howard Area Community Center. 

Others that helped get the word out to people of need in the area were: 
Sarah's  C ircle,  Goldie's Place,  Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare, Thresholds, The Salvation Army, Congregation KINS of West Rogers Park, Heartland Alliance, The Night Ministry, McGaw YMCA, and Levy Senior Center.

We partnered again with MidWest University Dental School and their Chapter of the American Student Dental Association. Tara Nath, association president, and Kourtney Kuyper managed triage and shot X-Rays for us. 

We also worked with Jan Salvadorini at Lake County College. Jan sent four of her hygienists in training to assist our licensed hygienists and fill in if neccessary with a dentist. 
New Sponsors supported our effort

Microcopy is a top manufacturer of diamond burrs. They donated a full assortment of  single use burrs. Kimbra and Spencer Bloom conncected DAD to Christy Wilkins, our area rep. Spencer worked over our burr inventory and reorganized it prior to the clinic.

This well know manufacturer of dental equipment, helped by donating 4 Cavitron inserts after our purchase of 4 (2 for 1). Lisa Schmidt, our Hygienist coordinator connected us to Nick Farstsveet, the local Hu-Friedy rep. What's a Cavitron? It is an ultrasonic scaler used to clean teeth faster, and makes debridement more comfortable, and effective. The Cavitron insert generates high frequency sound waves that vibrate (blast) dirt, tarter, and plaque off teeth (oral power washer)

Dolph Williams - a member of Glenview Community Church and good friend of Scott Decker (our equipment guy prior to Mike Lynch) made a cash contribution that helped us purchase s ix high speed, low speed, and surgical hand pieces. One set for each chair.

Lisa Schmidt and Heather McKinley worked with this well known toothbrush manufacturer to secure a donation of toothbrushes for all our patients. At the clinic we provide each patient with a "goodie bag" that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss, that together help the patient maintain the healthier condition of their mouth.

Lisa also worked with Listerine to supply small bottles of mouthwash.

Okay, not new, but always worth a mention. In addition to supplying all our composites and bonding agents for restorations, this cliniic Kulzer donated boxes of their new "Venus" toothpaste, hand delivered by Aundrea Hoffman. Aundrea also helped with sterilizing instruments both days of the clinic. She drives in and out from South Bend IN both days to help us. 

Midway Dental - Also not new but we need to mention them because David Yoakim, our rep, was making arrangements for us WHILE HE WAS ON VACATION IN JAPAN. Wow David, thanks so much for believing in what we do !

Special Thanks and Happenings

Kimbra Bloom did an amazing job this clinic updating and cataloging our inventory, reorganizing, and managing our instrument sterilizing. She is shown here  with Susie and Bill Bishop setting the pace in the sterilizing area.

Something that doesn't get mentioned often is the work done with patients prior to the dental work. In addition to registering, each person is put through a health screening process to make sure they are safe and sound for treatment. We have had a number of people sent to the emergency room and councilled for a variety of health concerns. Milcah Baraona and her cousin Jahlia manage registration. Jessica Kusinski, and Debby O'brien did our health screenings. Debby drove up and back from Danville IL to help out. 

Jean Andreas, as she has for many clinics, put in the effort needed to supply our meals and snacks.  She also does the math that totals our service numbers into a reportable form so we can show what we accomplish at  the clinic. 

Kaleb Hupp, Heather's favorite guy, and his Mother Marty Hupp, helped for the first time with station maintenance and sterilizing. 

Glenview Community Church Men's Ministry helped  again  by organizing the man-power for  meal staging and  move in and move out. Not all their guys are in the picture - missing are Peter Grant, Steve Lindal, Al Teronde, Bob Smith, and grand master of the group, Dave Aki.

One of our dentists that strongly supports DAD efforts, Dr. Grant Sims, had to leave the clinic Saturday because of a health issue. He wants you all to know he is fine now and there's no need to worry about him.

And I have to mention Mike Lynch for managing the engine room and keeping all things working. He's pictured here with Nancy Atia. Someone that volunteers consistently for both days. By the way, we would have very few pictures if it wasn't for Mike.

Spencer Bloom DDS provided these images as examples of some of the restorative work done:

Silver Diamine Fluoride - UPDATE

This was our 3rd clinic offering Silver Diamine Fluoride treatments to arrest tooth decay and reduce dental pain. A few of our dentists are using it regularly in their practice and really excited about its efficacy - Peter Neuhaus and George Warga both in Wilmette and Spencer Bloom Chicago and Northfield. "Amazing" and "Incredible" are words they used in their descriptions (Can't remember which one used which). They are especially impressed with its effectiveness with elderly patients.

Here is an image Spencer provided showing a restoration with an SDF base and filled with a Glass Ionomer. I don't know about you but the before makes me hurt just to look at it.

Also, at the MidWinter CDS tradeshow at McCormick Place in February, Heather and I got to meet Kevin Thomas, one of the founders of Elevate Oral Care and maker of Advantage Arrest, the SDF formulation we use. He told me a terrific story about the testing going on in New York and Michigan to compare their SDF against sealants, a well documented treatment the prevents decay. Already more than half way through the testing, if results are positive, the formulation will have formal approval as a treatment for dental caries. Here's a link to a new compendium on research that came out March 2019 
Our results

Next Clinic - October 25th & 26th 2019
               999 Civic Center Dr
                Niles, IL

Quite a few of our core providers have already committed to working. Please consider volunteering and encourage dental professionals you know to sign up.  

Helping one person may not change the world, 
but it may change the world for one person.

Heather and Bill McKinley

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