News from the Mesa County Libraries 970West Studio
February 2019
970West Studio begins dual-bookings
to accommodate more users
In an effort to maximize the use of the 970West Studio for our patrons, the studio now can be reserved as two separate spaces or as both spaces combined.

The reservation process has changed slightly. When you view the calendar to reserve 970West Studio time , you will now see two calendars: one each for the “Control Room/Isolation Booth” and the “Live Room.” You can reserve either room, or both rooms, depending on your specific needs.

The Control Room will be mainly specific to audio. Vocals can be recorded there, as well as any other direct-input type of instruments. The Control Room also will remain as the audio mixing room.
Currently, the Live Room -- when reserved independently -- will focus predominantly on video/photography endeavors.

If you need to record drums, larger ensembles, acoustic instruments, or create podcasts, both rooms will need to be available for your desired time. In the near future, we will be acquiring additional equipment to facilitate audio reservations in both the Control Room and the Live Room. 

Stay tuned for those updates! As always, you can call 970-243-4442 or email for more information. 
Studio classes in February
Are you ready to learn how to use the 970West Studio?

The studio offers a wide variety of audio and video classes each month to help you make your studio project the best it can be! Classes in February include the basic Studio Orientation (which is a prerequisite for any other studio classes), Video Editing, Audio Recording, Green Screen & Chroma Key, Digital Photography, and more!

Check out the full schedule here , and register for classes online. See you at the studio!
970West Studio Tips
Caring for your camera in cold weather
Now that snow is on the ground and temperatures have dropped, you might notice your camera equipment performing a little differently. There are several things to consider when taking photos in cold temperatures. 

The first thing to note is batteries drain a lot faster in cold temperatures. We recommend packing a couple of spares when going out into the field. The batteries should regain power once warmed up, so it’s helpful to keep your spares in your pocket, close to your body, or put a hand warmer in your camera bag.

Some LED screens also have trouble performing in low temperatures and can be dim or black, but will return to normal at room temperature.

You will also want to pay attention to drastic temperature changes. These can create condensation not only on the camera but inside the camera as well. When entering a warm room from the cold, you can put your camera inside a sealed plastic bag, which will help reduce condensation while your camera adjusts to the warmer temperature.

It’s important not to use the camera when there is condensation because it can cause permanent damage or camera malfunction. 

Your camera’s user manual will specify the working temperature range for your camera. For example, Mesa County Libraries offer Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR cameras for patrons to use, and those cameras have a working temperature range of 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity range of 85 percent or less. 

So before you head out to capture those beautiful winter wonderlands, bundle up and protect your equipment.
970West Studio gains statewide exposure with local musician interview
An exciting new collaboration between the Mesa County Libraries 970West Studio and Rocky Mountain PBS premiered Jan. 10 with the statewide broadcast of a studio-produced interview featuring local singer/songwriter Shaun Ray.

The segment , which includes an interview with Ray and samples of his music, aired throughout Colorado as part of RMPBS's " Arts District ," a weekly 30-minute program that showcases local and national artists pursuing their passions in creative and thought-provoking ways. The segment about Shaun Ray was recorded and produced at the library's 970West Studio .

Last year, while looking for more local content to include on "Arts District," RMPBS asked the library if it could provide any. The library's studio staff had previously worked with Ray through the 970West Studio Lounge series and thought he would make a great subject for a short interview. Ray agreed to the interview and talked with studio staff about his music, his inspirations, and his thoughts on western Colorado. 

The collaboration on the Shaun Ray segment worked so well that the 970West Studio looks forward to partnering with RMPBS to contribute more material for "Arts District." This project will provide an opportunity to showcase some of the amazingly talented Mesa County residents who use the 970West Studio as well as other influential artists in our community.

Ray's 970West Studio Lounge performances can be found in the Mesa County Libraries catalog , on the Mesa County Libraries YouTube channel , and on Facebook pages for Mesa County Libraries and the 970West Studio .
Julia March Crocetto is new
970West Artist in Residence
Julia March Crocetto, the new Mesa County Libraries 970West Artist in Residence, blends printmaking, painting, and stitching to create intricate and unique interpretations of the Western landscape.

Crocetto will host a variety of workshops for adults and teens during her 970West residency and also will host weekly studio hours where the public can drop in and visit with her about her artwork. Her residency at the Mesa County Libraries 970West Studio, 502 Ouray Ave., began Jan. 14 and lasts through April 22, 2019.

Crocetto hosts open studio hours from 2-4 p.m. each Tuesday through April 22 at the 970West Studio, across from the Central Library. 

970West Studio Lounge launches
second season with Wave 11
Kicking off season two of the Mesa County Libraries 970West Studio Lounge series is local band Wave 11. This reggae and R&B jam-oriented duo recorded two tracks during their session, " Two Worlds ," and " Goin' Up ." 

"Two Worlds" recently was named 2018 Song of the Year by Grand Valley Live readers, a well-deserved honor for one of Grand Junction's most infectious bands. 

Both videos showcase Zack Couron's nimble guitar moves. Using a loop station, Zack is able to loop bass and guitar riffs to create a big sound. In all, he plays four different guitars during the recording, including a ripping solo on the studio's own olympic white Fender Stratocaster. 

Charles Walker adds looped harmonies and witty freestyle verses to the mix, along with a steady dose of cajon hand-drumming. Together the two deliver an energetic and melodic performance that will get anyone out of their seat and dancing.