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Church steps up after Alaska earthquake
Alaska's most powerful earthquake since 1964 caused major road and property damage. It also knocked out power and water at an Anchorage home for people who have struggled with chronic alcoholism and homelessness. St. John United Methodist Church became the 46 residents' temporary shelter, with volunteers quickly rounding up cots and serving donated food.

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CrossOver to Life! | Week One
We arrive at the first official week of our study with a post from Rev. Charles Brower, a pastor serving Community UMC in Nome, Alaska where the average high temperature this month is 16.8°F!

Below, Sage District Superintendent Rev. Karen Hernandez also shares resources for groups (and churches) to consider for Watchnight services to mark the crossing over into 2019.
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What can I believe?
By Rev. Charles D. Brower
CrossOver reflection for Week One · Beginning December 2, 2018

"His clothes were as white as snow. 
... And flames were all around its wheels. 
A river of fire was flowing. It was coming out in front of God. 
Thousands and thousands of angels served him."

Daniel 7:9b-10a (NIRV)

A worldwide flood with only two of each type of animal surviving?

A burning bush not consumed by flame?

A sea parting so a people can escape slavery?

Early missionaries to Alaska met a people used to hearing tales of feats by the shamans making these Bible stories easy to believe. The locals had heard of shamans' interstellar travels or of their experiences changing into spirit animals.

Ever wonder how the concept of a Promised Land might sound to an indigenous person hearing a missionary expound promises of a life eternal? Then to hear that same promise followed by an uncertainty of when that fulfillment might happen?

What might be our response today to stories we deem hard to believe? Do the stories in the Bible challenge our faith; do the stories seem impossible?

Rev. Charles Brower is an Inupiaq serving Nome's Community United Methodist Church. Social justice, homelessness, and high poverty challenge this mission church.

Photo Credit: "parting the red sea" by amboo who? , CC BY-SA 2.0.

CrossOver Resource - Wesleyan Traditions:
Watch Night & Covenant Renewal
By Rev. Karen Hernandez | Sage District Superintendent (OR-ID)

Methodist founder John Wesley brought the practice of a Watchnight service to the early Methodist Church from the Moravians whose faith and practice often inspired him. While Wesley encouraged the practice on a monthly basis, the service evolved into one more often used to mark the crossing over into a new year and a renewal of our covenant with God.

Sage District Superintendent Rev. Karen Hernandez shares with us several Watchnight worship resources (and some practical ideas) which can be used by local churches and/or CrossOver study groups to mark this occasion. We are sharing them now in hopes that people will have time to consider their usage as the new year arrives.

Apportionment report
Money Here is the November apportionment report for the Alaska conference.  We are in our last month of the year to have your church pay 100% of its apportionments!  Check out where your church is here.
You are invited to the UMW Brunch at St. John
Come enjoy a yearly tradition for the St. John UMW on Saturday, December 8th.  Their annual brunch this year will support Catholic Social Services.  Bring donated items for children (pajamas, underwear, diapers, formula).  There is a great menu and a musical program will be provided by the Spring Hill Elementary School choir.  Tickets to attend are $10.00 and are available for purchase through December 5th.  Contact the church office at 344-3025 or Linda Heim at 345-0204 for more information.
Bishops mourn death of President George H.W. Bush
The death of George H.W. Bush, the nation's 41st president, was mourned by the Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church in a letter to his son, 43rd President George W. Bush, and his wife, Laura. The elder Bush died on Nov. 30.

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Giving Tuesday donations net $624,868 for mission
More than 2,450 gifts from 11 countries - totaling $624,868.81 - were contributed for missionary support, mission projects and disaster relief as part of Giving Tuesday.

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Christmas greetings from Bishop Carter and the Council of Bishops
In a Christmas message to the people of The United Methodist Church on behalf of the Council of Bishops, Council president Bishop Kenneth H. Carter, Jr., encourages us, with a message from Isaiah 11, to be a sign of God's peaceable Kingdom.
Lambrecht says only Traditional Plan offers exit
The Rev. Tom Lambrecht says the Traditional Plan is the only petition that offers a way for those in disagreement to exit the denomination, which he feels is necessary at this crossroads in The United Methodist Church. Lambrecht, vice president and general manager of Good News and a member of the Wesleyan Covenant Association leadership council, spoke with UM News as part of "Seeing a Way Forward," a video series featuring different perspectives of church leaders on the work of the Commission on a Way Forward. 
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Reconsideration sought on Judicial Council decision
Poll shows church's shifting views of alcohol
A new survey by LifeWay Research shows perhaps the most dramatic evidence yet of how U.S. Methodists, once famous teetotalers, now are willing to take a drink from time to time.  

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6: Charge Conference - Kenai UMC & North Star UMC
9: Charge Conference - Anchorage Korean UMC
11-13: GNW Cabinet meeting - Carlo attending

6: Charge Conference - Turnagain UMC
7: Charge Conference - First UMC Anchorage/First Samoan UMC of Anchorage
13: Charge Conference - First UMC Fairbanks
15-17: GNW Cabinet meeting in Portland - Carlo attending
18-25: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
22: Charge Conference - St. John UMC
25: Charge Conference - Homer UMC
27: Charge Conference - Northern Light United Church

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