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CrossOver to Life! - Shift Happens
You know this, but I'll say it anyway. Culture is always emerging.

You get what that means, right? That the world and ways around you are always shifting - always innovating. The introduction of new things and new methods continues to happen every moment of every day, whether or not we are willing to embrace it. The larger question lies in how we choose to respond. Do we welcome the uncomfortableness of the new or do we double down with a comfortable existence in the world?

Regardless, shift happens.

Am I allowing this shift to happen in me? Always for the good? Always letting go of the old me in order to make room for the new, less comfortable me? I have to be honest with you for a moment: Every morning, I wake and have to check myself because it feels like the ground beneath my feet continues to shift. I feel compelled to regularly address the question: Who am I?

Around our country, overt hate and xenophobia have stepped out from behind a thin veil in a sprint to become the new norm. It's bolstered by unapologetic fearmongering and outright lies. And, it's insane. I refuse to allow it to gain a foothold among the space Christ calls me to steward in the world - a place of peace, hope, and justice. I simply refuse. Being a United Methodist demands that I "do no harm," "do good," and "stay in love with God."

How do I allow myself to be undone and recreated by the grace of God?

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Does your church need a work team next year?
It is time to start thinking about what UMVIM work teams are needed for Summer 2019.  Several teams have already indicated an interest in serving in Alaska next year!  If your church is looking to host a team, please contact Dan Wilcox, danielpwilcox@gmail.com with information about what your needs are, and what types of teams you might host.
Churches coping with California fires
Members of Paradise United Methodist Church were still unsure about the state of their homes or their church building as firefighters continued to battle widespread California wildfires. Nine families of Malibu United Methodist Church, near Los Angeles, have lost their homes to fire.

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Bishops strengthen ties with Episcopalians
Two Christian traditions with historic ties to John Wesley's Church of England are drawing closer. Heather Hahn reports on how the Council of Bishops has moved The United Methodist Church a step toward full communion with the Episcopal Church.

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Filipino bishops call for unity
In a pastoral letter, Filipino bishops called for connectional unity and warned that schism would be harmful to many of those who call The United Methodist Church their spiritual home. They urged United Methodists in the Philippines to continue in holy conversation and prayer leading up to the 2019 General Conference.

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Carter commends peace efforts for Korea
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who helped avert a crisis between North Korea and the United States in 1994, commended representatives of various Methodist denominations and ecumenical organizations for their longtime efforts toward peace and reunification. Carter gave the opening address at the 2018 Roundtable for Peace on the Korean Peninsula at the Carter Center.

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Building momentum for peace in Korea
Bishop: 'Let God do what God does best' at GC2019
Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton is episcopal leader of the New York Conference and also a member of the commission that plans the General Conference. As the special called 2019 conference approaches, Bickerton addressed some concerns he's heard and acknowledged that delegates have a lot of work to do in a very short time frame. Bickerton spoke with United Methodist News Service as part of "Seeing a Way Forward," a video series featuring different perspectives of church leaders on the work of the Commission on a Way Forward.

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Mourning, prayers after mass shooting
Bishop Grant Hagiya issued a pastoral letter as the community mourns the mass shooting at a local country music bar. "I'm sure God grieves even more than we do because it is God's own creation that is lost and taken by those who have turned their back on the goodness of God's longing for our world," he wrote. A planned prayer vigil at a United Methodist church was postponed because of fire and evacuation, but the Rev. Jim Powell, North District superintendent, asked people to hold vigils wherever they are at 7 p.m. on Nov. 9. One of those killed, Noel Sparks, grew up attending Westlake Village United Methodist.
Bishops: Don't villainize migrants
United Methodist bishops have joined other Methodist bishops in calling on their congregations "to be agents of God's mercy to migrants." The United Methodist Council of Bishops, meeting this week, joined with Methodist bishops in Mexico and El Salvador in responding to the caravans of people traveling from Honduras to seek asylum.
Leaders affirm move toward new U.S. structure
Denominational leaders unanimously approved a move toward forming a church decision-making body that deals exclusively with U.S. matters.

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Bishops sound alarm about surge in racism
United Methodist bishops decried the rise of racism in the U.S. and recommitted themselves to "exposing and dismantling racism in whatever forms and wherever it presents itself."

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#GivingTuesday | November 27, 2018
United Methodists will come together to support vital ministry projects and missionaries around the world on #GivingTuesday as they generously #GiveUMC. Giving through The Advance empowers hundreds of dedicated project leaders and missionaries to share the love of Christ in meaningful, life-saving ways. Find a project you are passionate about and make a donation! Further support #GivingTuesday by inspiring others to #GiveUMC!  Resources are available to build awareness of this day of generosity, such as social media graphics and a toolkit full of communication tips and fundraising ideas.
UMFCU quarterly newsletter
UMFCU Fall 2018 Newsletter from your United Methodist Federal Credit Union

Read about tips for avoiding phone scams, the best time to purchase a car, the promotional 1.71% certificate rate and more. 
A wealth of additional information on credit union products and services can be found at www.umfcu.orgTo receive a membership packet for yourself or your church call 800-245-0433.

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