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Doors for Two Seasons | First UMC of Ketchikan
The First United Methodist Church of Ketchikan, Alaska is located on Revillagigedo Island in a rainforest with a population of a little over 8,000. There has been a Methodist presence since 1901 when the town was a small mining and fishing village. It has the distinction of being the first completed church building in the first incorporated town in Alaska. Ketchikan is a town of two seasons. Even though there is only one main road 34 miles long, the differences between these seasons are extreme in population and activities. Between May and October the population walking its streets in a day can more than double its year round daily population. A tourist disembarking from one of the many cruise ships could easily encounter the missions of the church.

Since the church is located in the historic downtown section it is affected by both on and off-season activities. Three months of the year it hosts people from all over the world in its hostel. The hostel was begun in the 1960s to provide an affordable place to stay while touring the town. It is currently located in the second floor of the church. For $20 a night visitors arriving by plane and ferry can have a safe, clean place to sleep. The guests also have access to a full kitchen and showers. This year the hostel has also been home to several local people. While working seasonal jobs they have affordable housing and amenities. The hostel is staffed by volunteers assigned by the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM). These volunteers are “faces” for the hostel and their willingness to serve and witness are gifts to all the lives they touch. During the remainder of the year the hostel beds are used by visiting middle and high school students. Traveling teams or groups can stay in the church when competing against or performing with the local school teams and music groups.

CrossOver to Life! · Week 38
A Revelation Revelation
Rev. Jim Doepken
CrossOver reflection for  Week 38 • Beginning August 25, 2019

"Dan the Man" was a bus driver known to many kids at the United Methodist Junior High Camp I counseled at, many…many years ago in Indiana. His story was compelling. He had given his life to Christ after hitting rock-bottom with drugs and alcohol. He would dramatically show campers his stitched-up tongue; repaired after eating a light bulb in a drug trip gone wrong. He shared his story and told these impressionable kids (and counselors) that they didn't want to be "left behind" when Jesus came back. He would shout "Rapture Practice" in the mess hall, having all the kids raise their hands and scream in what I felt was a raucous and less-fun version of "The Wave."

I was young, but I still remember being uncomfortable every time he'd loosely quote from Revelation to add to his stories. It was just one part of my uneasy relationship with this book.

Alaska Conference Special Sunday
September 8, 2019
The Alaska United Methodist Conference is a Missionary Conference in the United Methodist Church and has relied upon the support of churches around the denomination as it has been in ministry with the people of “The Last Frontier.”

In continuing this tradition of partnership, September 8, 2019 is being celebrated as an Alaska Conference Special Sunday, with an offering to support the continuing work of the Alaska Conference. Your gifts will help our 28+ churches and ministries continue to bring the love of Christ in some challenging and wonderful environments–spread over 650,000 square miles.

Donate to Alaska Disaster Preparedness and Response fund!
As the fires burn throughout our state, and recovery from the Nov. 30 earthquake continues, please remember Conference Advance Number 310 for Disaster Preparedness and Response established this year at Annual Conference. If your congregation would like to help earthquake or fire recovery and response, monies collected with this number will help support our training, deployment, and undergirding work for our Early Response Teams, the Shower Trailer, and other direct assistance offered throughout the state. If you have any questions about what work is happening, please contact Conference Disaster Response Coordinator, Daniel Wilcox at either 907.414.7078, or danielpwilcox@gmail.com.
Help North Star celebrate 50 years!
North Star United Methodist Church is celebrating 50 years as a church and serving the community of Nikiski, Alaska! The celebration will be at the church on Sunday, September 8th, 2019. Communion will begin the celebration at 2pm and will conclude at 4 pm. Please consider joining them or sending them a note that can be shared at the event. You can send notes to Nora Ribbens.
Fall Rendezvous meeting
Please find this reminder that the Fall Rendezvous meetings are scheduled for October 3-5, 2019. If you are in an appointed position or are on a conference committee, please put these dates in your calendar and keep watching for registration information and a schedule.
Charge Conference paperwork
Our office is working on the 2019 Charge Conference paperwork. Once it is finished, it will be posted to the conference website. An email will be sent to all of the UM churches and Pastors. It is expected that all churches fill out ALL the paperwork completely.
Victorian High Tea | September 18
Women, at the turn of the 20th century, established vibrant societies to support mission. Each woman was a heroine who was willing to stand up and against what her culture—and sometimes even her church—expected of her. The early female leaders created what would become today’s United Methodist Women. Every woman who “stepped out of her place” to participate in mission societies was part of a movement that brought women into the forefront of Christian ministry.

Come celebrate United Methodist Women’s legacy with a Victorian High Tea at Anchor Park UMC September 18 th , at 5:30 to 6:30pm. The event will include fun foods, games, and a sharing by Shannon Priddy, United Methodist Women National President and Kenya Roberts, from UMW national office. Hear about what UMW is currently doing and ways to assure the mission work continues 150 years into the future. Bring your favorite teacup. Email your reservation to smwilliams@gci.net . If you have questions, contact Susan Williams at 317-0406.
Mission u coming to you!
Mission u events take place across every United Methodist Conference and are organized by conference United Methodist Women leadership. At our Mission u events in Alaska we will grow in our understanding of the mission of the church in the current world context. Events include worship, singing, interest groups around current issues, audio visual presentations, food and fellowship! Please join in embracing the opportunity to grow, share and advocate for others!

Aldersgate UMC: October 4-5
Soldotna UMC: November 1-2
UMC of Chugiak: November 22-23

Annual Gathering registration open! September 20-22 - Solid Rock Bible Camp
“League of Extraordinary Women” is
our theme this year and the weekend will be
bursting with leadership development
activities, sharing time for local units, worship,
opportunities to engage in social action
activities, and best of all, we will be celebrating
our history and 150th Birthday! Rally the women
you know who are interested in bettering the
community and bring them with you for a
weekend of fellowship and discovery of the
resources United Methodist Women have to
offer. We will begin with our evening meal
together at 6 PM on Friday and end at noon on
Sunday. Check in will open at 4 PM.

National News
UMM pledge continued ministry
No matter what actions the 2020 General Conference takes, the Commission on United Methodist Men issued a statement that its ministry to men and young people will continue. At the commission's August board meeting, Mississippi Bishop James Swanson Sr. also talked about the church's response to ICE raids, and the board approved proposed revisions to the United Methodist Book of Resolutions.

As Hong Kong protests continue, so do prayers
As protests in Hong Kong have stretched through the summer, Christians are reacting in two different ways, says Ben Ho, a Methodist theological student. Churches are providing spaces where protesters can rest and offering spiritual counseling. Christians also are organizing prayer assemblies and gatherings outside the government house.

Bossey Scholarship
The Ecumenical Institute was founded by The World Council of Churches in Switzerland in 1946 as an “ecumenical laboratory,” bringing together students of ecumenism from across the Christian community. The Council of Bishops (COB) is pleased to offer an annual scholarship to one student to participate in the “Complementary Certificate in Ecumenical Studies”(CC) through Bossey in conjunction with the University of Geneva.

A total amount of $10,000 US will be sent to Bossey on behalf of the chosen student. Applicants for this scholarship must be active members of The United Methodist Church, be between the ages of 22 and 30, be preparing through an approved seminary for vocational ministry in The UMC, and be accepted by Bossey into this program. The deadline to receive application to Bossey is in November 2019, so completed applications for this scholarship must be received by the Council of Bishops’ office no later than September 13, 2019. Notification will be given to the scholarship recipient no later than September 30, 2019 so the recipient can complete his or her application to Bossey in time. For more information about the CC in Ecumenical Studies, go to  www.institute.oikoumene.org .
What to expect at General Conference 2020
Organizers used 20/20 hindsight in planning the 2020 General Conference. Among the changes coming are stricter credential requirements for delegates and some proposed rule changes.

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Mission Statement:
The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Held and supported by the transforming relationship with God through Christ, we of the Alaska United Methodist Conference seek to be a community that creates a home for all peoples, finds our hope through grace and journeys together in God's preferred future.