March 2017
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ASPHN 2017 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis
ASPHN Annual Awards: Nominate Your Colleague Today
New ASPHN Consultant: Michelle Futrell, MS, RDN, LDN
Get Involved: Fun with Fundraising
2017 Pediatric Obesity Mini CoIIN Adds 6 Teams
It Is Coming..ASPHN Strategic Planning
Resource: Protecting the Public Health Fund
Welcome New Members
ASPHN 2017 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis
Courtyard Marriott, Minneapolis
Save the date for the 2017 ASPHN Annual Meeting.

Maximizing Opportunities and Navigating Change in 
Public Health Nutrition
June 11 -13, 2017

Courtyard Marriott Minneapolis Downtown
1500 Washington Ave South, Minneapolis, MN

Agenda highlights include the launch of the "See It, Say It, Share It" Public Health Nutrition engagement campaign.

View the draft agenda on the ASPHN website.

Don't miss the inspiring and timely presentations that will equip you to thrive during change.

ASPHN Annual Awards:
Nominate Your Colleague Today!
Nominate your colleague for an ASPHN Annual Award. This is the time to honor the impact of Public Health Nutrition work done by advanced and early career professionals alike.

Annual Awards are chosen in 5 categories.
  • Outstanding Leadership for the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Nutrition Council 
  • Outstanding Leadership for the Nation Council of Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Coordinators
  • Excellence in Advocacy
  • Excellence in Practice
  • Excellence in Association Work

Check out the award descriptions posted on the ASPHN website or to submit, click here and scroll down to the nomination forms. 

Awards will be presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN. The n omination forms are available now through March 24th. Winners will be selected in early April. 

Interested in joining the award selection committee? It is fun and just takes a few hours. Contact Allison McGuigan with questions.

New ASPHN Consultant:
Michelle Futrell, MS, RDN, LDN
As a member of ASPHN, Michelle Futrell lead the Policy committee to excellent productivity while also serving on the board. 

Michelle is now the ASPHN Consultant that supports the work of the Policy Committee. before becoming a consultant she retired from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

Read Michelle's introductory interview.

Q1 : Michelle, why did you join the ASPHN consulting team?
Michelle: To support my passion for public health and nutrition advocacy at the national level.

Q2: Briefly describe what makes you an expert in your role at ASPHN?
Michelle: I've worked in various facets of community and public health nutrition for over twenty years.

Q3: Who is a hero of yours?
Michelle: Harriet Tubman

Send notes of congratulations and questions to Michelle Futrell.

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Get Involved: Fun With Fundraising 
crowdfunding.jpg Thank you to the ASPHN members who donated to our end of the year fundraising drive!

The Board is looking for volunteers to lead fundraising activities at the Annual Meeting. This is a great opportunity to enhance your fundraising skills and add to your resume.

Contact Karen Probert for more information.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation today! 
2017 Pediatric Obesity Mini CoIIN
Adds 6 Teams
ASPHN is excited to announced that 6  state teams will be joining the 2017 Pediatric Obesity Mini Collaborative Improvement & Innovation Network (CoIIN):

Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky,  Missouri,   Oklahoma,  Pennsylvania.

They will join the Arkansas, California, Louisiana, North Dakota, Ohio,  Oregon, and Wisconsin state teams to make a 13 member CoIIN.   

ASPHN will fund and manage 10 states and coordinate with Nemours on the other 3 state teams.  Nemours  will manage and fund the 3 states (IN, KY and MO) that also participate in  The National Early Care and Education Learning Collaborative  (ECELC).  ECELC is a CDC-funded effort implemented by Nemours and partners. 

All state teams will participate in the monthly conference calls  and the in-person meeting.

Please contact Sandy Perkins with questions or for more information.

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It Is Coming... ASPHN Strategic Planning
ASPHN is pleased to begin development of a new five-year strategic plan.  

Watch for an email from Cyndi Atterbury asking for your input.  Your comments help ASPHN deliver the services you need to lead with excellence.
Resource: Protecting the
Prevention and Public Health Fund
Due to the potential loss of the Prevention and Public Health Fund through repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the ASPHN Policy Committee encourages you to check out this new resource.

Trust for America's Health
Each state-specific link provides a description of the Public Health work accomplished through the Fund.

For information and ideas on how to put this resource to work, contact the policy committee through Michelle Furtell.

Welcome New Members
ASPHN welcomed 16 new members in March. 

Expanded Members:

-  Payal Acora, MS, RD, CLC in the New Jersey State Dept of Health

-  Kayla Brandt, MS, RD, LMNT in the Nebraska Dept of Health (Kayla is now Nebraska's F/V Nutrition Coordinator)

-  Beverly Brockington, MS, RD, LD, CLC in the South Carolina Dept of Health (Beverly is now SC's MCH Nutrition Council Liaison)

-  Lisa Caldwell, MS, RD, LD, IBCLC in the Wyoming WIC Program (Lisa is now Wyoming's MCH Nutrition Council Liaison)

-  Chris Fogelman, RD, MPH, LN, CLC in the Montana Dept of Health (Chris is now Montana's MCH Nutrition Council Liaison)

-  Vanessa Hodack, RDN in the Colorado Dept of Public Health & Environment

-  Michelle Locke, RD in the New York State Dept of Health

-  Kristin McCartney, MPH, RDN, LD in the WVU Extension (Kristin is now WV's F/V Nutrition Coordinator)

-  Lenora Phillips, RD in the Mississippi State Dept of Health

-  Lori Porter in the California Dept of Education

-  Tamika Trotman, MS, RD in the New Jersey State Dept of Health

-  Renee Wing, RD in the New York State Dept of Health

Associate Members:

-  Mary Beth Anderson, BA of Learning Zone Express

-  Maridet Castro Ibanez, RD with California Conference of Local Health Department Nutritionists

-  Melissa Prypuntniewicz of Community Action Partnership of Madison County

-  Lisa Richards, retired

The Association of State Public Health Nutritionists  (ASPHN) is a non-profit membership organization that develops leaders in public health nutrition who strengthen policy, programs and environments, making it possible for everyone to make healthy food choices and achieve healthy, active lifestyles.


Our vision is to create new environmental norms where healthy eating and active living are the easy and natural choices for all Americans.  We welcome your involvement in our growing organization.  Learn more about us at About ASPHN.