December 2016
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Start the New Year with New Tools!
Get Results: Join the Pediatric Obesity Mini CoIIN
Resources for Healthy Workplace Makeovers
Save the Date: Promoting Healthy Weight March 24
New Year, New Job?
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Welcome New Members
Start the New Year with New Tools for Success!
Leaders like you are finding new resources to advance health strategies in policy and programs through ASPHN!

This newsletter is packed with tools and educational opportunities to take your initiative to the next level.  Read on and gather up the tools you can use to increase your effectiveness.
Get Results:
Join the Pediatric Obesity Mini CoIIN
ASPHN is excited to announce the Pediatric Obesity mini CoIIN is expanding from 7 to 10 State Teams and funding will be extended until December 2017.   Check the ASPHN home page in mid-December 2016  for application instructions .

What is a CoIIN?
CoIIN is described as a team of self-motivated people with a collective vision who share ideas, information, and work.  CoIINs are known to achieve results quickly in response to complex health problems.

ASPHN has supported the Pediatric Obesity mini Collaborative Improvement and Innovative Networks (CoIIN) for the past 3 years.  The focus of the mini CoIIN is to help states embed policies and practices that support healthy weight behaviors in early care and education systems. 
In 2015, ASPHN and several partners launched the mini CoIIN with 4 State Teams.  In 2016 the mini CoIIN was expanded to include 7 State Teams and soon there will be 10 State Teams.  Watch the ASPHN home page for application instructions in mid-December 2016. Contact  Sandy Perkins for more information.
Resources for Healthy Workplace Makeovers!
Fruits and Vegies
You can model healthy lifestyle choices for your teams.  Meetings, conferences and parties at work are perfect targets for workplace wellness makeovers.  

The CDC has a treasure-trove of resources to guide your workplace toward policies for healthy eating and exercise. 

Read   Tips for Healthier Options and Physical Activity at Workplace Meetings and Events  for easy-to-follow policy recommendations.  Implement them in the meetings that are under your control and encourage others to do the same. 

Also checkout CDC's larger collection of resources for Healthy Food Service Guidelines. Share this valuable link with your colleagues.

Save the Date: Promoting Healthy Weight March 24
phone-laptop-man.jpg Plan now to attend the Promoting Healthy Weight Colloquium 2.0 via webcast or in-person at the University of Tennessee on March 24th.
Attendees will gain valuable  insight and up-to-date information about food security, hunger, and promoting a healthy weight.

Watch this newsletter and the ASPHN website for registration information coming soon.

New Year, New Job?
Considering a step forward in your career? Don't miss these great opportunities. 

Click to find your next job on the ASPHN Job Openings page.

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Dues are Due in January
digital_envelope_hand.jpg Dues to ASPHN are due January 1 each year.  A letter from the Treasurer and an invoice was sent to each of the State Designees and all Associate members the week of October 31st.

Contact Cyndi Atterbury
 with questions about dues payment. Also, contact  Allison McGuigan with questions about membership.
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Based on member requests and feedback, the Association of State Public Health Nutritionists (ASPHN) provides relevant and timely support for the career success of you, our members, and the nutrition programs you lead. 

ASPHN is a nonprofit organization supporting communication, training, resource sharing and professional development for our state public health nutrition workers.
We have many activities which used to be grant funded but, are not covered by current grant funding.

Please consider a financial gift to ASPHN for the continuity of our collaborative and supportive work. 

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Welcome New Members
ASPHN welcomes new members from across the nation, adding new talents and perspective. Here are the new members for November!

Heather Harrison-Catledge, BS, LDN, CLC from the Massachusetts Dept of Public Health -Heather is now the MA MCH Nutrition Council Liaison.

Sheneda Jackson, RD, LDN, CLC from the Louisiana Dept of Health -Sheneda is participating in the ASPHN Leadership Program.

Cheri Kiefer, RN, BSN, RDN, LD from the North Dakota Dept of Health 

Emily Purves, RDN from the Michigan Dept of Education

Jessica Webb, RD, LD from the New Hampshire Dept of Health

Sylvia Blyth, RD, LD, CLC from the South Carolina Dept of Health

Jacqueline Doss-Cola, student and intern with the Arkansas Dept of Health

Rhoda Castillo, RDN, CLC,  from the Hawaii Dept of Health

Carolyn Donohoe Mather, MS, RDN, LD, IBCLC,  from the Hawaii Dept of Health

Sher Pollack, RDN,  from the Hawaii Dept of Health

Lorilyn Salamanca, RDN, from the Hawaii Dept of Health
The Association of State Public Health Nutritionists  (ASPHN) is a non-profit membership organization that develops leaders in public health nutrition who strengthen policy, programs and environments, making it possible for everyone to make healthy food choices and achieve healthy, active lifestyles.


Our vision is to create new environmental norms where healthy eating and active living are the easy and natural choices for all Americans.  We welcome your involvement in our growing organization.  Learn more about us at About ASPHN.