SETG Update: Energising the Unit

The Southern Electric Traction Group has a new blog update ...

Minions Darren, Trousers, Potter, Lynn and Maggie were in attendance at Strawberry Hill on Saturday for the first work day of 2019, where they made significant progress towards completing the interior restoration of Driving Trailer No. 76262. 

After the first order of the day was completed (tea and biscuits, folks – very important) Darren, Trousers and Potter set to the work. The first task of the day was energising the unit; making working conditions for several Minions much more acceptable. 

It’s always a special thing to have the lights on, MG running and to hear the shed periodically filled with the distractive sound of the compressor thumping away to itself. As Darren puts it, “it reminds us of what we’re working towards" .... MORE