December, 2013 
Happy Holidays 2013
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Athlete's Oath


In the spirit of the Olympic Ideal, I pledge:

To abide by the rules of these Games,

To respect the officials that apply them,

To be humble in Victory and Gracious in Defeat,

I am proud to be a Senior Games Athlete.

Results! Results! Results!


Results are now posted for the following games:
Palm Desert
Bear Valley Winter Games
Bay Area Senior Games
Wine Country Games
Pasadena Senior Games
2013 Summer National Senior Games

San Diego Senior Games/State Championships coming by year end!
CSGA Board of Directors

Anne Warner Cribbs
Bay Area Senior Games

Cynthia Rosedale
Pasadena Senior Games


William Spain           


Amy Crabb
Wine Country Games

John Guislin
At Large

Brenda Nutcher
Palm Desert Senior Games

Karen Brookfield
San Diego Senior Games

Rosie Sundell
Bear Valley Winter Senior Games
Scott MacEachern
At Large



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Also looking for potential sponsors, funders, foundations and others interested in supporting senior health and fitness.




Dear Athletes and Friends:  


It is hard to believe the 2013 Holiday Season has arrived.  I hope for all of you that 2013 has been a good year.  Please join me in congratulating all the 500 plus California Senior Games athletes who headed to Cleveland to compete this summer. I was able to get the results for the California athletes and medal winners - and they are posted at


We have been working on the calendar for 2014 - many of you have called or emailed for dates. I appreciate your patience.  Lots of details go into the scheduling - dates for individual sport national championships, availability of venues, relationship to other regional games in California.


Listed below are the dates for the 2014 Games.  Check out the November Second Chance Games.



         February 6 -9         Palm Desert Senior Games                         


March 8 & 9          Bear Valley Winter Games (Cross Country

March 15 & 16      Bear Valley Winter Games (Downhill) 


May 4 - 18                 Bay Area Senior Games


May 30 - June 8         Wine Country Games


May 30 - June 29         Pasadena Senior Games


August 22 - September 28   San Diego Senior Games State Championships - qualifying competition for 2015 Summer National Senior Games in Minneapolis. 


November 8 - November 11    "Second Chance" State Championships in the Wine Country & Bay Area 


After a long (multi -year) discussion, the NSGA has approved a second qualifier for California - this in recognition of how big our state is and the distances that California athletes have to travel to qualify. Thus,
San Diego will be the State Championship qualifier and the Wine Country Games and the Bay Area Senior Games will work together to hold a "Second Chance Senior Games" qualifier in November.  We are delighted at the opportunity that will allow as many California athletes to qualify for 2015 Summer National Senior Games as possible. 


Happy training and Happy Holidays to all..



Anne Warner Cribbs

Chair, California Senior Games Association






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New Board Member 

Scott MacEachern

We are delighted to welcome Scott MacEachern to the California Senior Games Board of Directors.  Scott has been in the sports marketing business for the past seventeen plus years.  He is a Global Brand executive with broad experiences and a start-up mentality.


Scott has a proven ability to make BIG things happen with limited resources. He is uniquely able to make sense of chaos, identify opportunities and communicate effectively with a wide range of people, bringing them together to get IT done.


Scott is a builder of meaningful and lasting relationships/partnerships, believer in work/life balance and leading with a sense of humor.


As the creator of the once ubiquitous and now slightly polarizing Yellow Wristbands and Nike Livestrong Brand Specialties, Scott is a 

man of many talents, including General Management * Brand Creation & Management * Sports Marketing * Story Teller & Public Speaker * Marketing Strategy and Communications * Sponsorships * Contract Negotiator * High Profile Relations * Film and Video Producer * Philanthropic Innovator.  


Scott was responsible for NIKE's support of the 2009 Summer National Senior Games, including all tee shirts for athletes, volunteers, medical and environmental teams, soccer, basketballs and volleyballs.  He professes to be inspired by senior athletes who embrace life and competition to the fullest. He will be a valuable addition to our Board - and will join our sponsorship, visibility and public relations working group.