January 2023
Canadian Forest Owners (CFO) represents 450,000 forest landowners, large and small, who are committed to long-term sustainable forest management for a healthy climate and thriving communities.
The Way It Was
2022 was a year of challenges on the forest policy front that saw great change and steady progress for Canadian Forest Owners. We brought industry veteran Jean-Pierre Martel on board as our executive director to lead us through our new strategic plan, which took us to Ottawa for our AGM in June with a slight name change and renewed purpose. At a time when climate change took centre stage around the world, we introduced Canadian Forest Owners to more than 25 government officials on the Hill as stewards of Local Forests for a Healthy Climate.

Pressing for PSSIP
Canadian Forest Owners has been strongly pressing the federal government to invest in the future of private forests in Canada by creating a Personal Silvicultural Savings and Investment Plan in the 2023 Federal Budget and has encouraged you to do the same by drafting letters to the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Natural Resources Canada. It is also recommended that members approach their Minister of Parliament with our Call to Action and ask for their support.

COP15 in Montreal
Canadian Forest Owners director Vincent Miville joined about 2,000 delegates from 200 countries in December at COP15 in Montreal to participate in finding common solutions to the global ecological crisis. 

Canada Invests 34.1 Million to Protect Species at Risk
Canadian Forest Owners recognize protecting species at risk and their habitat by working in collaboration with government, Indigenous peoples, and other partners, is critical to reverse the situation and recover Canada's biodiversity.

In November, the Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, announced up to $34.1 million in funding as part of the Enhanced Nature Legacy initiative.

Migratory Birds Regulations Raise Concerns
Canadian Forest Owners and a group of like-minded natural resources organizations, (Forest Products Association of Canada, Electricity Canada, WaterPower Canada, Canadian Cattle Association, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, etc.) have been working together to raise concerns about the inclusion of Pileated Woodpeckers in Schedule 1 of the Migratory Birds Regulations.

OWA Receives $1.2M from Nature Smart Climate Solutions Program
In August the Honourable Anthony Rota, Member of Parliament for Nipissing-Timiskaming, revealed the details of a $1.2 million investment over five years to support the Ontario Woodlot Association. The project is called Enhancing Carbon Capture and Biodiversity in Ontario’s Privately Owned Forests using Best Management Practices Informed by High Resolution Inventory.

“Investments to conserve, restore and enhance these vital ecosystems in northern Ontario and increase their resilience will support progress toward the Government of Canada’s targets to address climate change,” says Rota. “They also contribute to Canada’s efforts to transition to a net-zero economy by 2050, help stem biodiversity loss and create jobs in the green economy.”

Image: John Pineau, Executive Director, Ontario Woodlot Association

First Recipients Awarded $10,000 from Peter deMarsh
Memorial Bursary
Canadian Forest Owners proudly announced the first recipients of the Peter deMarsh Memorial Bursary for research this fall. Master of Fine Arts student Lara Felsing is attending Emily Carr University of Art & Design and Maxime Saulnier is completing a Master's degree in forestry at Laval University in Québec City. Each have been awarded $10,000 to support the final stage of their studies.

“Both these young people are using their talents to help solve social, economic or environmental problems,” explains Domenico Iannidinardo, Chair, Canadian Forest Owners. “This bursary is a natural extension of Peter deMarsh’s achievements, a man who worked to convince tens of millions of forest owners around the world to act collectively within local, regional, national and international organizations to create better policy to support sustainable forests.”

Images Top: Maxime Saulnier with Laval Dean of Forestry Nancy Gélinas and CFO Executive Director Jean-Pierre Martel
Bottom: Lara Felsing
First Recipient of Christopher Lee Scholarship Researching Link Between Contemporary Issues and Forestry Media Coverage
Canadian Forest Owners also proudly granted the first Christopher Lee Memorial Scholarship award to University of British Columbia Master of Forestry’s student Diego Corry, based on his MSc thesis which addresses a timely question related to private forest lands in Canada. Namely, how do forest companies and landowners respond to the growing amount of environmental activism that occurs through social media?

“This research stands to yield actionable insights for forest industry professionals and marks an original contribution to the academic literatures on corporate social responsibility, environmental governance, and social movements,” emphasizes Dr. Hamish van der Ven, Assistant Professor, Sustainable Business Management of Natural Resources, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia.

Canadian Forest Owners is interested in Corry’s research which could help determine how expectations for responsible business conduct expressed through platforms like Facebook and Twitter effect the policies and practices of organizations in the Canadian forest sector.

Image: Diego Corry with CFO Chair Domenico Iannidinardo
Membership Fee Increase Effective January 2023
Valued Members:

Please be advised to continue the progress we have made, CFO has consulted with its members about an increase in membership dues, which will come into effect in January. Your CFO membership dues invoice will be distributed via QuickBooks this month.

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