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Welcome to the August edition of  iListen . Although we picture the lazy hazy days of summer, July and August have been very busy at the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association. From submitting various funding proposals, standards and accessibility committees and wrapping up the national conference, there have been lots of activities happening to ensure that your voice is being heard!

Feedback tells us that the 2019 Montreal Educational Conference and Trade Show was very successful. We thought we would share some of the comments with you:
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, meeting people from other provinces, exchanging experiences.
  • Great job, great venue, great conference!!
  • The panel was awesome the comedy night was awesome! I took home more info regarding prevention, accessibility, Bill C-81… and socializing with wonderful people from all across the globe!
  • Of all the CHHA conferences I’ve been to this was the best one. I enjoyed all the workshops, presentations, banquet, meeting other hard of hearing people etc. The trade exhibits were good and hopefully next conference will see more hearing aid companies involved….

Thank you to everyone who attended and provided valuable feedback. We are examining all comments submitted, as they will play an important part in the development of the next national conference.

In addition, we have been actively working with Elections Canada, through what we call, Canada Votes 2019 to ensure all hard of hearing Canadians have resources to be engaged in the election process and have access to vote. If you missed our most recent webinar on Inspire Democracy: Get Involved in the 2019 Federal Election , you can view it on our website .

The strategic planning sessions for the national board are being planned for November 2019. Lots of work is going into data/information collection and preparation for these meetings. You will be consulted throughout the process to ensure your organization is meeting the needs of our networks and members from coast to coast to coast.

This edition of iListen is packed with information on hearing loss. In the upcoming editions, we will be introducing some new regular columns. The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association is your organization and we want to hear from you. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed, please send them to  communications@chha.ca

Enjoy the rest of your summer, we look forward to communicating with you!


Christopher T. Sutton                                                         
National Executive Director 

Recipient: Laura Harris
From: North Vancouver, British Columbia 
School: University of Ottawa
Program of Study: Nursing

Personal adversity and social awareness have inspired both my volunteer and vocational aspirations,” Laura Harris

Recipient: Jamie Sassi
From: Oakville, Ontario
School: McMaster University
Program of Study: Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery

“I am bold and confident in my approach to teaching others about hearing loss, and I am always excited to share my personal experiences as an effort to further increase knowledge and empathy towards those with hearing loss,” Jamie Sassi.
2019 Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Scholarship Program
We are pleased to announce the 2019 Scholarship Recipients. These four individuals were selected from a group of many worthy applicants and succeeded against tough competition.

Thank you to all who applied and please feel free to apply again in the Fall.  
Recipient: Aidan Medinic
From: Ottawa, Ontario
School: University of Ottawa
Program of Study: Honours Bachelor of Science with specialization in Human Kinetics - Emphasis on biophysical sciences

“I love a challenge. What I love even more is helping others - to educate, motivate, and discipline,” Aidan Medinic.

Recipient: Julianna Vieveen
From: Beaverton, Ontario
School: Nipissing University
Program of Study: Concurrent Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education with a major in Child and Family Studies

“I have used my voice to bring out change within my school and my community,” Julianna Vieveen.
Living with Hearing Loss Webinar Series
Inspire Democracy: Get Involved in the 2019 Federal Election

In case you missed the webinar, visit our website to access our webinar series.

Elections Canada
Help make the upcoming federal election happen! You can work for Elections Canada in many different positions. To find out information on how to do this and apply online, go to the following link.
Young Adults Network Corner

The top benefits to hiring deaf and hard of hearing people

By Keegan Noxell

It is a well-published fact that deaf and hard of hearing people often face challenges such as, discriminatory hiring practices, misconceptions on the employers’ part and barriers to job advancement opportunities while entering and remaining in the workforce. According to Statistics Canada, in 2016 the employment rate of working-age adults with a hearing loss is 47.9% - much lower than the employment rate for adults without a disability (73.6%)....
Hearing Loss Technology: Got it? Flaunt it!
By Gael Hannan

Hearing aids have yet to reach the same level of high fashion as eyeglasses. But they’ve come a long, long way and so has public attitude towards them. ...

Photos: Hearing aids by Starkey, Zenith and Oticon. Kanso and safety line by Cochlear.

Quick facts
  • Approximately one in five Canadians, or about 6.2 million people aged 15 and over, report having a disability that limits them in their daily activities.

  • The Accessible Canada Act was developed following the most inclusive and accessible consultations with the disability community in our country’s history.
  • More than 6,000 Canadians and 100 accessibility organizations shared their views and ideas about an accessible Canada.

Canada’s first federal accessibility legislation comes into force
T he Department of Employment and Social Development Canada announced on July 11, 2019 Canada’s first federal accessibility legislation will be coming into force. This act will establish a framework to create a barrier-free Canada through the proactive identification, removal and prevention of accessibility barriers.
In The News...

We’ve come a long, long way,” Joan Miler.

Recognizing and celebrating Joan Miller…

For a long time, many people thought hard of hearing was synonymous with deaf. Joan Miller made a difference in her role as inaugural president of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s Hamilton and area branch, a dedicated volunteer through the years.

In 2013, the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association created the Joan Miller Award of Merit...

Hearing Loss ImpactsYour Family Too

Hearing loss does not happen to you alone. It impacts those closest to you too, especially your family .
Should You Include Family In Your Next Audiologist Visit?  

The power of including your family in your hearing loss journey can’t be overstated. This was on clear display at a recent HLAA panel discussion on family relationships and hearing loss . ..

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