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Welcome to the July edition of  iListen . The summer is finally upon us and I hope you are finding time to enjoy some relaxation. This edition of iListen will bring you up to date on some of the important work that we have been doing on your behalf to ensure that all people with hearing loss live in a barrier free society.

The past months have been extremely busy for CHHA National. We recently wrapped up the very successful 2019 Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Educational Conference and Trade Show that took place in Montreal, Quebec. We were very fortunate to have the Honourable Carla Qualtrough join us for the opening ceremonies. This was an auspicious day for us as the passage of Bill C-81: An Accessible Canada Act was passed by parliament earlier in the day and the Minister was with us to make this historical announcement. It was a very exciting evening. Your feedback on the conference has been excellent from all accounts and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who joined us in Montreal.

The work now continues as we need to ensure that Canadians with hearing loss are represented in An Accessible Canada Act. We are also preparing for the upcoming Federal Election. We are working on resources for our networks across the country to use and engage with candidates on issues that are important to us and to educate the need for a National Hearing Health Care Strategy. Stay tuned for more information from Elections Canada, including a webinar on July 18, 2019 to talk about employment during a federal election.

In addition to all of this we are examining how we want to move the association forward.The board of directors are now preparing for our upcoming strategic plan to ensure that we are able to build a sustainable and vibrant organization that will be here for generations to come. More news on this will be coming in future editions of  iListen .

I hope you enjoy this edition of  iListen , and I wish you all a restful and enjoyable summer!


Christopher T. Sutton                                                         
National Executive Director 
2019 Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Educational Conference and Trade Show
Thank you to our sponsors, presenters and everyone who attended CHHA's Educational Conference and Trade show held in Montreal .

It was an informative, insightful and memorable time for all involved. It was an opportunity for new and old friends to meet and learn new things.

Follow us on Facebook to see a few photos from the conference.
Living with Hearing Loss Webinar Series
Inspire Democracy: Get Involved in the 2019 Federal Election
Thursday July 18, 2019 at 3 pm EDT

Speaker, Juan Melara-Pineda.

Juan Melara-Pineda holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Ottawa and has worked in electoral administration since 2013. His doctoral thesis focused on political participation of ethnic minorities.

A Federal Election is being planned for Autumn 2019. Elections Canada is recruiting and you can be involved and even work on the election. Elections Canada has launched an initiative to better inform electors, about voting, and the different ways to take part in the democratic process for the next federal election.

Elections Canada will hire over 280,000 people to make sure the next general election runs smoothly. Working at an election is an opportunity to play an important role in the democratic process. The fixed date for the next federal election is on October 21, 2019. This webinar will explain more on the federal election, how you can participate and how you can apply to work at the election

Register now and join us as we learn more about how you can participate and get the most for you from our federal elections system during the 2019 election.

This is a webinar you do not want to miss!

Bill C-81. We now have an accessible Canada act!
"Today marks a major milestone in the history of disability rights. I am so proud to share that the Accessible Canada Act has now come into force and is a reality. This important achievement would not have been possible without the dedication and engagement of the disability community and I thank them for their hard work. Now more than ever, we can say: Nothing without us!”

Quote from Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility on July 11, 2019
Young Adults Network Corner

Hearing to Hearing Loss

By Sophie-Marie Hazen

My 20’s we probably the decade where I experienced the most change in my life, asked the most questions, and learned the most about myself. One of those areas of life was my hearing. When I was in my early 20’s, I noticed some symptoms that were related to hearing loss. So, I decided to do the right thing and go to my family doctor, and then to an audiologist for an audiogram. You’d think this is the point where I tell you that is when I discovered my hearing loss, but it is not ...
For those with hearing loss restaurant noise isn't just an irritation. It's discrimination
I t was supposed to be a joyful family gathering.
Last spring, Kim Powers-Brown took an overnight train from her home in eastern Washington state to join her relatives at a restaurant near Seattle.

Because of her hearing difficulties — she cannot understand speech amid background noise — the group of four requested a quieter spot.

“The waitress said no, that side of the restaurant was closed and she was the only waitress on duty — it would be too much trouble,” Powers-Brown said...
In The News...
" If only adults were as direct as kids and asked what was on their minds…!" Rebecca-Anne Withey

Rebecca-Anne Withey: What happened when a group of hearing children questioned me about deafness…
I was recently interviewed by six and eight year old children. The school they attend are welcoming a deaf child this September and so I was invited to host a session where they could “ask me anything” in relation to deafness.

The children had never met a deaf person before and the questions they asked me were refreshingly blunt and brilliant. They took my deafness in their stride and let their curiosity lead the conversation...
Cause For Miscommunication:

Most modern companies understand that employees who are happy and feel valued are good for business.
Understanding Hearing Health in the workplace

Hearing loss is a prevalent issue in the U.S., with around  37.5 million  aged 18 and over reporting trouble hearing. As a professional who works with hearing loss solutions, I have seen the effects these conditions can have on employees who are affected.

While these issues aren’t uncommon, most business owners never stop to consider how their own hearing loss or the hearing issues of their employees could be affecting their company. 

Fortunately, there are also steps you can take to identify whether this is an issue affecting your workplace, and take action accordingly...

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