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If there is one certainty in life, it's change. Waves are never idle. The moon phases nightly. Leaves color and fall. Children grow. New life sprouts. And it is within this constant flux that we learn to navigate the ebb and flow. What keeps us steady through the currents? The knowing that we are building a place of light and love just as our daughter would have wanted. I wrote more about this in my latest blog, "Seasons Change".

We have so much exciting news to share as we continue to restore the natural splendor of the Sanctuary property and invite the community for free workshops and gatherings. We've been fortunate to connect with so many kind hearted souls from across the world and we thank you all for taking this journey with us.

Jenny & Matt Hubbard
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Introducing "Sunday at the Sanctuary!" Once a month, FREE workshops for the entire family will be offered as well as an open invitation to visit the property, have a picnic lunch or just take a quiet walk through the trails. This month, we welcomed so many people to family yoga, a butterfly workshop and a stunning nature walk.
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Led by the University of Connecticut's Department of Invasive Plants, volunteers have been busy at work removing choking vines and invasive roots so that native plants, insects and animals can thrive at the Sanctuary. As a result, the first of seven new butterfly gardens have been planted and are in full bloom, providing a safe and ...
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Looking for that perfect gift while supporting a great cause? Check out the Sanctuary's new on-line shop! Greeting cards, t-shirts, charm bracelets - we've got it all!
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News & Events

Big news - the first dog in our Senior Paw Project, Wally (now Apollo), has been adopted! This special boy is now permanently out of the shelter and living his final years in comfort and happiness in his forever home. We'll be sharing two NEW Senior Paw Project animals up for adoption very soon. Stay tuned!

Upcoming FREE Workshops:

October 16th - Night Flight
Explore the world that awakens when we sleep. Workshops will focus on bats and owls and provide an understanding of their behavior. A night hike for those who dare will deconstruct the myths around the scariest of scary.

November 27th - Settle in the sanctuary

You're invited to help us button up the sanctuary for winter. Whether building bunny bungalows for our New England cotton tails, creating and hanging biodegradable feeders or scattering hay bales to help provide warmth for wildlife, participants will learn ways to support native wildlife in their own backyards.

Fall Cups of Kindness

Thank you to all the children and groups who hosted "Cups of Kindness” lemonade stands this summer! Did you know that "Cups of Kindness” also has a fall line for cider and hot chocolate? Keep warm with us and consider hosting a stand at your next event. Click here

"I was once a little red-haired girl who loved animals. I'm not so little or red-haired anymore, but I still love animals. The CVH Animal Sanctuary captured my heart from the beginning; I've had a few moments of vivid insight and clarity in my life, and backing the Sanctuary was one of those moments. I knew I had to support its mission and goals, spreading kindness and making a difference in the lives of animals. It has been a delight to be a part of this beautiful dream developing into a beautiful reality!"

- Rhonda Marple of Austin, TX - CVH donor

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