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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

From Rev. Brock Patterson

"Upside Down"

Remember hanging upside down on the monkey bars? All the blood rushes to our heads and we think it's fun. Then, after a while, we climb back into an upright position, only to realize that Upside Down isn't all that great.

Sometimes, life feels like it has turned Upside Down. One thing happens, then another, and another. Then, we spill our coffee and find a flat tire on our vehicle, all before 8 a.m. Yeah, sometimes I feel like I've been hanging Upside Down for much too long.

How do we remedy a day, month, or life that feels Upside Down?  Prayer is the best and easiest place to begin. If it doesn't work, the next-best step is to pray some more.  After that? Try it again and keep trying.

Sure, there are numerous other (healthy) solutions, such as a conversation with a family member (someone who loves us unconditionally), a meal with a trusted friend (who is not afraid of telling us when we're choosing to hang Upside Down), and a quick a trip to our physician (to make sure our bodies are behaving correctly).  Yes, all of this helps, but if we don't begin with prayer, then we could be telling God that we don't need Divine help.    

I know. That last line was a sucker punch. But it's kinda true. When I refuse to talk to the LORD about my Upside Down life, I'm taking matters into my own hands and ignoring the biggest (and most affordable) means of help.

Some things, like pineapple cake and tomato vines, are better Upside Down. Other things, like boats, unopened champagne bottles, and our lives, are not. The next time I feel my world turning Upside Down, I'm gonna remember to talk to God about it. Maybe the LORD can help me back up before all the blood rushes to my head.

Hang in there! Or, on second thought, stay on top of those monkey bars!




August 21, 2022

Sermon Title

"A Little Birdie Told Me

that Flies are in the Ointment"


 Ecclesiastes 10:1-20

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