June 20, 2019
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June 20, 2019
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Church of the Covenant Celebrates 175th Birthday

On June 12, 1844, the Second Presbyterian Church was founded. It was the oldest of the three congregations that merged over the years to form the Church of the Covenant. Pictured is Second's building, which once stood at Sterling (30th) and Prospect.

Thank you to Deni Horstman, Covenant Archivist, for alerting us to this date, and to George Leggiero for sharing this postcard.

Want to know more? Click here to read "Church of the Covenant: An Historical Overview" written by Deni Horstman in 2013.
Worship this Sunday, June 23
10:00 am in the Sanctuary
The Reverend Susanne Carter preaching
We welcome the Reverend Susanne Carter to our pulpit this Sunday. Reverend Carter (pictured with her husband the Reverend Ken Jones) is a retired Presbyterian pastor, currently serving a Lutheran congregation part time, primarily by conducting quarterly worship services in her native German tongue. When not herself on duty, she and her husband, the Reverend Ken Jones, used to worship regularly at the Church of the Covenant until Susanne’s progressive hearing loss prevented her from meaningful participation in services. A cochlear implant scheduled for July 3 might, after appropriate rehab time, allow her renewed involvement in a variety of settings.

From early 2004 through 2006, Susanne and Ken were mission co-workers of the PC(USA) in South Africa, an assignment that changed them profoundly. Susanne’s sermon Sunday reflects back to some of those learnings. 
Surrounded by a culture that strives for all things bigger and better, discerning the meaning of God’s command to settle for what is enough challenges Christians on a daily basis. The Reverend Susanne Carter's sermon is titled, "Enough is Enough." Scriptures are  Mark 8:1-9 and  Exodus 16:2-5,16b-21 . Our Lay Worship Leaders are Christopher and Samuel Moyer.
Music Notes
This Sunday we celebrate the return of the Moyer family to Covenant! Please join us at the reception following worship to welcome them home. Musical selections in this week’s service come from various traditions around the world. The organ prelude features two chorale settings from the German Baroque tradition. Short chorale preludes such as these would customarily have been used as an introduction to hymn-singing. The postlude features an organ transcription of the 9th variation from Edward Elgar‘s famous  Enigma Variations  titled “Nimrod.” The name refers to the Old Testament patriarch who was described as “a mighty hunter before the Lord.” The movement’s title was a homage to Elgar’s dear friend Augustus J. Jaeger, whose last name is the German word for “hunter -  Jäger .” 20 th -century American composer Aaron Copland composed his setting of the Shaker song “Simple Gifts” in 1950 as part of a collection of  Old American Songs  for solo voice and piano. Copeland’s distinctive style of music perfectly captures the simplicity of the folk song idiom while subtly incorporating innovative compositional techniques.
 Tell us your favorite hymns!
Throughout the summer, you are invited to suggest a favorite hymn or two and share why they are special to you.
Please contact Matthew Garrett with your songs and stories: MGarrett@CovenantWeb.org ,
In Our Church Family
Judy Bourne, Akeya Clark (Marie Jones's niece), Barb Clint, Gretchen Drushel (who is preparing for the Peace Corp), Rolf (Crunch) and Marilyn Krotseng, Greg Madison, Shirley Roe-Stroup, and Gabriel (Jenny Conner's grand-nephew). We pray for those struggling with illness, convalescing, or homebound; patients, family, and staff in our surrounding hospitals; our Interim Pastor Search Committee, and those who left prayer requests in our Carpenter's Box. 

Melanie Marsh Baum is away through Thursday, June 27.
Summer office hours are weekdays from 9 am until 4 pm.
Tuesday Bible Study is taking a summer break.
Watch for more information in the fall!
 Please send prayer requests to  Melanie Marsh Baum .
Names are generally removed from the bulletin after four weeks unless there is a continuing need. Please let the church know if you or a loved one is in the hospital; HIPAA privacy regulations prevent hospitals from sharing this information.

Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
~ Galatians 6:2
Happy Hour
Wednesday Work Day

Thank you
to the Trustees for sponsoring
and everyone who worked!

Ready to go to work . . .
And relaxing after their labors!

The Church of the Covenant has approximately ten 8 foot long tables in fairly good condition. These are available to the congregation for FREE. First come first serve. 
Contact Willie Howard at WHoward@CovenantWeb.org with questions.

An Update from the June 9 Annual Meeting
On Sunday, June 9, we gathered in Dowd Commons for our Annual Meeting
and to share a meal. Thank you to everyone who made our Community Meal possible!
Below are the reports shared at the meeting.

  • Nominating Committee: Kitty Jarjisian, Moderator
Kate Williams and Susan Klein elected Deacon, two-year term (Class of 2021)
Clint Fowler (nominated from a motion from the floor) elected Elder
for a three-year term (Class of 2022)

You are invited to a Journey of Faith this summer.

Skilled interim ministers fill the in-between time not with a space holder, but an intentional space filler. 

Wonder what an Interim Pastor does? What to expect?
Click here to read "The in-between time: Interim ministry as sacred space"
published in the June 4, 2019 edition of The Presbyterian Outlook.

You are Invited!
The Ministry of Faith Formation is holding a brainstorming session
Next Tuesday , June 25 | 7 pm | Office Area

T he Ministry of Faith Formation (MoFF) invites and encourages members of our Covenant Family to get involved in the process of shaping our faith formation. MoFF is an umbrella ministry that includes many facets of faith participation and practice: weekly and special worship services; musical offerings connected to worship events; educational opportunities for children, youth and adults; church-sponsored lectures; and small group gatherings, just to name a few.

MoFF will host a brainstorming session on Tuesday, June 25th at 7pm in the church office area to help generate ideas for small groups to “dig in” and “think big” for the 2019-2020 program year. Some of our former committees and groups that are a vital, functioning part of MoFF include: Worship and Music, Adult Education, Family Ministries, The African-American History Task Force, Youth Sunday, and Pageant Task Forces.

Join us! Learn more about short-term and long-term involvement with MoFF committee or task force. Look for Matthew Garrett on Sunday or contact him at MGarrett@CovenantWeb.org. .
Covenant Cache
Resale Shop
Tuesdays 10 am-4 pm
Summer is coming!
Shop for great bargains on clothes, and find a good read while you're there.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Wednesdays 5:30 pm
Weekly Open Meetings Beckwith Hall
Enter through the tower door and go up the stairs.
Free parking
Carillon Concerts  & Tower Tours | Fridays | 12:15 – 12:45 pm
Free parking in the Covenant lot
Tower tour after the concert.
Program at  ucbells.org  
George Leggiero
Covenant and University Circle Carillonneur
This Friday at 12:15 pm hear a Sinfonia for the Carillons by Handel, a charming music box piece to show off the sweet treble bells of the McGaffin Carillon, an Appalachian Spiritual, and several 20th century works written for the carillon, all performed by George Leggiero.

On Tuesday evening, June 25, at 7:30 pm , George will also be giving a talk at Judson Manor. The talk will be about the history of carillons in general and about University Circle’s Singing Tower, The McGaffin Carillon. 
Summer Theology on Tap
It is our tradition to gather once per month during June, July, and August. We hope you will be able to join on these summer dates as we share our favorite beverages and engage in conversation around how we live our faith in the world.  All are welcome!

Chautauqua Day Trip | Thursday, July 25
Please let Melanie Marsh Baum at   MBaum@CovenantWeb.org  know if you plan to attend July 25th, so we can plan with our resident host, Kitty Jarjisian. 

Gold Horn Brewery | Thursday, August 1, 5:30 pm
1361 E. 55th Street, Cleveland, 44103
You are invited to j oin the Presbytery of the Western Reserve
Ministry Advocating for Homeless Persons and the City Mission
in Public Square on June 29
The City Mission is taking over Public Square on June 29 to call attention to the 3,000 homeless children in Cleveland at any given time.

11205 Euclid Avenue | Cleveland, OH 44106
Wheelchair accessible

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