November 15th
Sunday, November 18
Worship at 10 am in the Sanctuary

Worship this Week: At the Table
As we continue our sermon series about what we learn at God's table, we remember the story that Jesus and his disciples commemorated in their last meal together, which was a Passover meal. How does the story of the Exodus inform our understanding of the Lord's Supper? How does the act of remembering the stories of our faith inspire us in our daily lives? Scriptures are Exodus 12:1-4 and Mark 14:12-16. Amy Starr Redwine's sermon is titled "Remember,"and our lay worship leader is Lucy Matz.

Music Notes
This Sunday, we welcome the voices of the children's choir and the resonant tones of the Beckwith Handbell choir.

Children, Youth, and Families
During Worship:  Igniters (Grades K-5) will leave, following the Time For Young Disciples, for Christmas Pageant Rehearsal (10:15-11:15 am). During Worship  Dwellers and Sowers (Middle and High School Youth) are encouraged fully to participate in worship. Complete the worship reflection and turn it into Kevin for a prize. 
Following Worship: Sowers and Dwellers (5th - 12th Grade) are invited to stay and help with the Thanksgiving Meal, See Kevin for details (11:15 am - 12:30 pm). 

Covenant Commons: Community Thanksgiving Meal, 11:30-1:00
Each year we come together with our greater University Circle neighborhood to break bread, share our stories, and be in community! Come for all the trimmings of a traditional thanksgiving meal. Gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan and options available. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!  

Faith Formation
Covenant Commons
Every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. we gather in the Dowd Commons to explore what it means to live as Christ's disciples through community, expression, action and reflection. All are welcome to this intergenerational exploration of faith, fellowship, and service.
Sunday, November 14, 2018
As Thanksgiving approaches, we put or Christian faith into action by breaking bread with our neighbors.  Come and be part of the larger neighborhood in which CotC is embedded, meet our neighbors, hear their stories, and express Christ's compassion as we gather together as one community. 

For more information about our weekly Covenant Commons series, 
contact Kevin or Amy!

Service and Outreach
There is still time to volunteer for
the Thanksgiving Meal!!
 We are looking for volunteers for our annual Community T hanksgiving Meal on November 18th. If you are interested in helping we have a number of different ways to be involved in this community partnership event.
  Last year we served about 250 people from all over the greater University Circle neighborhood. 
We are looking for congregation members, like you, to choose at least one of the following ways to participate in this CotC "away game."

Here's how you can help:
1) Roast a Turkey (or two) - we provide you with the uncooked bird and a foil pan. You cook and carve the bird at home and return it to Covenant on Saturday between 12 and 5 pm or Sunday by 9:30 am. There are still a few to roast. Contact Kevin at 330-988-0490!

2) Give your time - We are looking for people to sign up for a volunteer shift either Saturday or Sunday. We need people to welcome people, help in the kitchen, serve food, wash dishes, setup the Dowd Commons, peak & mash potatoes and make stuffing.
Here are the volunteer shifts we are looking for..
Saturday 11/17 - 12:00-5:00, Meal Prep and Dining Hall setup.
Sunday 8-10, 11-1, & 12:30-3

3) Make a Financial Contribution - we are looking for individuals and families to make contributions that will off set the cost to the church. We are able to provide this hot meal for our neighbors for under $4 per plate. For every $20 you contribute we can feed 5 community members.

4) Bring a Side, Salad, or Dessert - we are asking members of the Covenant Community to bring their favorite Thanksgiving side dish, Salad or Dessert to share with our neighbors. We are looking for these items to serve 8-10 people. If it is a hot dish please either bring it warm on Sunday or in its own crock-pot.

For more information or to sign up please contact  Kevin Lowry, directly at 330-988-0490 or 
Welcome an International Student for Thanksgiving 
Cleveland Council of World Affairs
 is for local families to set an extra seat at their Thanksgiving table for an international student studying in the area. For more information, contact Katie Ferman at
Advent 2018
For more information regarding advent events click here for Advent Newsletter 2018.

Circle Winter Fest Carol Sing

10:00 am Worship Service
11:00 am-2:00 pm Cache Christmas Boutique
If you have gently-used Christmas things (decorations, gift items, festive attire, etc.) as well as large shopping bags to donate for resale, please bring them in by November 20.
We need volunteers to work at the Christmas Boutique, as well as to help out on Tuesdays.  Join the fun by becoming a Cache volunteer! Please contact Marilyn Langmack (216-321-4923), Ann Williams (216-381-3734), or the church office if you are interested.

11:30 am Community Meal: Soup and Bread
4:00 pm Carol Sing

Performing ensembles include Case/University Circle Symphony Orchestra, Church of the Covenant Chancel, Children's and Handbell Choirs, Case Concert Choir, Case Men's Glee Club, and University Chorale, and Cleveland Guitar Orchestra.

Reserved Seating:
As you make plans to join us for the University Circle Winter Fest Carol Sing on Sunday, December 2 at 4 pm, remember to take advantage of RESERVED SEATS for Covenant Members and their guests! We offer reserved seats in our East gallery (near the lectern) so you can avoid the rush of patrons who typically attend this popular event. For additional information or to secure a reserved seat, please contact a member of the music staff or email Matthew Garrett (

Greeters and Ushers needed:
Are you planning to join us for University Circle Winter Fest Carol Sing on Sunday, December 2nd? We are looking for church members to volunteer as greeters and ushers for this event. Please contact Matthew Garrett if you are able and willing to help from 3-5 pm that afternoon (

In Our Church Family
We pray for  Kim Bergman, Judy Bourne, David Brown (Kitty Jarjisian's cousin),  Raymond Brown, Sylvia Clapp (Sandy Ammon's mother), Akeya Clark (Marie Jones's niece), Marlene & Paul Dirksen, Rob Engel and Lynne Hoffman-Engel, Marlene & William Finkenthal (David Finkenthal's parents), Denise Horstman, Rolf (Crunch) and Marilyn Krotseng, Greg Madison, Barbara McGhee, Bette Posch, Jim Richardson, Carol Roe, Liam & Emilee Stewart (Mindy Stewart's nephew and sister), Jeanette Throne, and Gabriel (Jenny Conner's grand-nephew). We pray for those struggling with illness, convalescing, or homebound; patients, family, and staff in our surrounding hospitals; and those who have left prayer requests in our Carpenter's Box.

Out of the Office:  Melanie Marsh Baum is on maternity leave through December 8th.Kevin Lowry is out of the office November 19. Willie Howard and Amy Starr Redwine will be on vacation from N ovember 19 to 21. The office is closed Thursday, November 22 and Friday, November 23.

Please send prayer requests to Amy Starr Redwine. Names are generally removed from the bulletin after four weeks unless there is a continuing need. Please let the church know if you or a loved one is in the hospital; HIPAA privacy regulations prevent hospitals from sharing this information.

Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. ~Galatians 6:2

Tuesday Noon Organ Concerts
Tuesday, November 20th, 12:05-12:45 pm
This week: Matt Bickett playing the complete Symphonie Passion by Marcel Dupré.
Feel free to bring a lunch or enjoy one of our delicious cookies at the conclusion of the concert. 

Friday Lunchtime Carillon Concerts
November 16th, 12:15-12:45 pm
This week:George Leggiero, University Circle Carillonneur
This is the last concert in our fall series of Friday concerts.The program includes the world premier of Zenith Point written by Ryan Charles Ramer for George Leggiero and the McGaffin Carillon. Also music by Jennifer Conner, Bryan Barker, and Geert D'hollander.
Community Events

Sponsors: The arts of thanksgiving success relies on sponsorships! Sponsors are recognized in our publicity, names/organizations are listed on the evening's program and sponsors receive a table at the event. Sponsors are encouraged to provide performers for the evening's program as well. Congregational and house of worship sponsorships are $150 and sponsorship for nonprofit organizations is $300. 
V olunteers: Volunteers help drive the event. Prior to the arts of thanksgiving, we need volunteers to help us promote the event by distributing fliers and posters. They can also assist with tracking sponsorships and reaching out to our community for performers/ artists. On the day of the event, volunteers will help set-up, meet the performers & artists, oversee the logistics of the evening, help greet & welcome everyone and also clean-up. We are looking for many volunteers to help with this. 
Performers: We are looking for all types of performers that can bring their cultures and faiths together through music, art, dance and more. This could include your church choir, a dance troupe to reading poetry. We want to offer a wide variety of talents highlighting the diversity and uniqueness of Cleveland.
Artists for our boutique portion of the night: Tables will be available during the evening for you to promote your Congregation/ house of worship or organization. You are welcome to sell merchandise at your tables, but due to our dietary laws and food allergies, food will not be allowed to be sold.
Please contact Shani Kadis if you are passionate about being involved on any level and more importantly, spread the word!
11205 Euclid Avenue  Cleveland, OH 44106
Wheelchair accessible

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