November 8th
Sunday, November 11
Worship at 10 am in the Sanctuary

Worship this Week: At the Table
As we continue our sermon series about what we learn at God's table, we read the words of institution and explore their original context in 1 Corinthians 11:17-26. How do we bring our cultural norms to God's table? Are there expectations God might be calling us to relinquish so that we can experience the promise of this holy feast that is offered to all God's children? Amy Starr Redwine's sermon is titled "A Whole New Table"and our lay worship leader is Matthew Garrett.

Music Notes
This morning's special musical offering, Solas , was commissioned by The Covenant Friends of Music in honor of the 100th anniversary of the WWI Armistice, the 50th anniversary of the McGaffin Carillon, and Dr. Jonathan Moyer's 10 years at Covenant. Scored for mixed chorus, strings, timpani, harp, carillon, and handbells, Solas incorporates texts from two WWI veterans: English poet Robert Graves, and Scottish poet Charles Hamilton Sorley, who was killed at the age of 20 in the Battle of Loos. Composer David Childs combines these English poetic texts with Latin texts drawn from the traditional mass and the Requiem mass.

Dr. Childs begins the work with a Prelude for carillon, "For the Fallen," an arrangement of a hymn written in 1918 in the trenches of France by Harry Farrar, an English-born Canadian soldier. Following this prelude, the orchestra begins a somber, slow procession leading to the chorus's pleading for mercy, "Kyrie eleison." A solo violin takes up the lament more urgently, propelling the chorus-using Grave's words from his poem "Recalling War," written two decades after WWI - to question the nature of war. A solo soprano shining as light eternal is interrupted by a remembrance of war with it's beating drum and unsettling fog. Peace emerges from this haze as Sorley's text calls us to view one another with "new eyes" as we grow "more loving, kind and warm." The work closes by weaving together familiar texts and melodies associated with funeral rites punctuated with the tolling of a bell: grant us peace as we mourn and peace as we live a new day.

Children, Youth, and Families
Igniters (Grades K-5) will leave, following the Time For Young Disciples, for Music and Ministry (10:15-11:15 am).  Dwellers and Sowers (Middle and High School Youth) are encouraged fully to participate in worship. Complete the worship reflection and turn it into Kevin for a prize. Dwellers (5th - 8th Grade) will meet in the Living Room following the service for food and fellowship (11:15 am - 12:30 pm). 

Covenant Commons, 11:30-12:30
This week we explore how musical expression can be a part of our spirituality. Dr. David Childs, the composer of Sunday's special music offering of Solas will talk about how the composition of the piece came together and his journey as a composer. 

World War I Armistice Centennial Commemoration, This Sunday November 11, 2018
Carillon Recital, 3:30 pm; Readings and Music, 4 pm
Tom Keys, Bob Ault, Nancy Matz, and Ron James will present poetry, letters, and diary entries from The Great War in a program combined with carillon and sanctuary music related to WWI. Carillon recital, including premiere will be at 3:30 pm. Readings and music in the sanctuary at 4 pm. A reception will follow. Organized by the Friends of the McGaffin Carillon in University Circle with support from the Ohio Arts Council. Free!

Faith Formation
Covenant Commons
Every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. we gather in the Dowd Commons to explore what it means to live as Christ's disciples through community, expression, action and reflection. All are welcome to this intergenerational exploration of faith, fellowship, and service.
Sunday, November 11, 2018

Faith in the Arts with Dr. David Childs
This week in our Covenant Commons Series we explore how musical expression can be part of our spirituality. Dr. David Childs, the composer of Sunday's special music offering,  Solas, will talk to us about how the composition of the new work came together and his journey as a composer. 

Please plan to join us in the Dowd Commons for this unique opportunity! 

For more information about our weekly Covenant Commons series, 
contact Kevin or Amy!


Tuesday Noon Organ Concerts
Tuesday, November 13th, 12:05-12:45 pm
This week:  Vincent Grappy, from the Blois Cathedral, France
Feel free to bring a lunch or enjoy one of our delicious cookies at the conclusion of the concert. 

Friday Lunchtime Carillon Concerts
November 9th, 12:15-12:45 pm
This week: David Osburn, Guest Carillonneur
Includes music by Ravel, Ives, and WWI era songs

The Church of the Covenant and the CWRU Music Department presents a unique collaboration program this Friday November 9 , celebrating significant anniversaries: the 100th anniversary of the World War I Armistice, and the 50th anniversary of the McGaffin Carillon. A highlight of the concert will be the world premiere of a commissioned work by composer David Childs in honor of these anniversaries. Dr. Childs will be present for the first public performances of the work and will speak about his composition on Sunday, November 11 at The Church of the Covenant. The program, titled Consolation, features musical settings of texts intended to console those suffering or those mourning the loss of loved ones. Performing ensembles include Case Concert Choir, Church of the Covenant Chancel Choir, and the Consolation Chamber Orchestra.
Tickets for the 8 p.m. concert on November 9 may be purchased online here.

World War I Armistice Centennial Commemoration, November 11, 2018
Carillon Recital, 3:30 pm; Readings and Music, 4 pm

The Church of the Covenant's Reverend Dr. Alexander McGaffin, in July 1918, traded his vestments for a uniform, leaving his wife and daughter and congregation behind to join the YMCA's efforts to aid American troops in France. He wrote of the young men far from home: "They want to see their wives, little girls, and families as much as I do, but they know they may not ever again in this world. They feel it deeply, more deeply than they allow anyone to see. I feel that I am mighty small and of little account beside these fellows. I take my hat off to them and in my heart are tears for them and for those they've left behind, not merely for a few months, but maybe forever."
THIS SUNDAY AFTERNOON, poetry, letters home, and memoirs of World War I will be interspersed with flute, organ, and vocal music in a 4 p.m. observance of the Armistice Centenary . The 3:30 p.m. carillon recital by George Leggiero will begin with Jenny Conner's "McGaffin Flourish" and present three pieces written to dedicate war memorial carillons, including Elgar's only carillon piece and a new work written to dedicate a carillon that replaces a Belgian instrument destroyed in The War.
At 4 pm , Bob Ault (USAF), Ron James (former Asst Sec'y of the Army), Tom Keys (Naval Medical Officer), and Nancy Hribar Matz (USMC mother), will deliver writings from The War by John McCrae ("In Flanders Fields"), Rupert Brooke, Vera Brittain, Thomas Hardy, Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Douglas MacArthur, and German and Allied soldiers. 
Mezzo-soprano Merav Eldan, bass Michael Peters, flutist Alexa Still, and organists Matthew Dion and Diego de la Fuente Duran will offer music by composers whose lives intersected with the 20 th century's devastating wars, including Sigfrid Karg-Elert, Alan Hovhaness, Claude Debussy, Richard Strauss, and Marcel Dupré.

Cathy Miller is working on this weekend's chancel floral arrangement of poppies and on poppy decorations for "The World War" plaques in the McGaffin Tower entrance.
Come and stay for the catered reception to follow. All events are FREE, thanks to a grant from the Ohio Arts Council.

Presented by the Friends of the McGaffin Carillon in University Circle with support from the Ohio Arts Council.
Service and Outreach
 Volunteers Needed: Thanksgiving Meal
We are looking for volunteers for our annual Community T hanksgiving Meal on November 18th. If you are interested in helping we have a number of different ways to be involved in this community service event. Contact Barb Clint or Kevin Lowry for more details.
Welcome an International Student for Thanksgiving 
Cleveland Council of World Affrais is for local families to set an extra seat at their Thanksgiving table for an international student studying in the area. For more information, contact Katie Ferman at
In Our Church Family

We pray for 
Judy Bourne, David Brown (Kitty Jarjisian's cousin), Kim Bergman, Kristy Burrus, Sylvia Clapp (Sandy Ammon's mother), Akeya Clark (Marie Jones's niece), Marlene & Paul Dirksen, Rob Engel and Lynne Hoffman-Engel, Marlene & William Finkenthal (David Finkenthal's parents), Denise Horstman, Greg Madison, Barbara McGhee, Bette Posch, Jim Richardson, Carol Roe, Liam & Emilee Stewart (Mindy Stewart's nephew and sister), Jeanette Throne, and Gabriel (Jenny Conner's grand-nephew). We pray for those struggling with illness, convalescing, or homebound; patients, family, and staff in our surrounding hospitals; and those who have left prayer requests in our Carpenter's Box.

Pray for those affected by gun violence  
Since a gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, killing 26 people, 20 of them children; 1,052 people in Cuyahoga County have been killed by guns. Since last month, 14 more individuals have died by gun violence in Cuyahoga County. The names of those at least 18 years of age are: William Brimage, Shanee Janice Crawford, Donald Albert Horning, David S. Malcolm, Larry Joseph Harris, Tierra Laniece East, Eric Davis, Stephen L. Schurlacher, Derico Everett Simmons, Timothy Lenell Steele, Resean L. Payne, Henry Reed Jr, and Khalil Andron Woods. Four of those who died were by suicide and one victim was under eighteen.

Believing God calls us to be peacemakers, by Session action, we include in the Prayer of Thanksgiving, Intercession and Petition each month specific concern for people affected by gun violence and addressing the evil of gun violence in our nation, marked by the tolling of the tower bell. Join us, in this time of increased concern over deadly gun violence in our county, our country, and the world, in remembering and praying that God will show us the way to a new commitment to Peace on Earth. The Church of the Covenant partners with God Before Guns, a multi-faith coalition of individuals and faith communities created in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary

Out of the Office: Melanie Marsh Baum is on maternity leave through December 8th.

Please send prayer requests to Amy Starr Redwine. Names are generally removed from the bulletin after four weeks unless there is a continuing need. Please let the church know if you or a loved one is in the hospital; HIPAA privacy regulations prevent hospitals from sharing this information.

Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. ~Galatians 6:2
Church Happenings

CHRISTMAS BOUTIQUE on Sunday, December 2, 11:00 - 2:00
  • If you have gently-used Christmas things (decorations, gift items, festive attire, etc.) as well as large shopping bags to donate for resale, please bring them in by November 20.
  • We need volunteers to work at the Christmas Boutique, as well as to help out on Tuesdays.  Join the fun by becoming a Cache volunteer! Please contact Marilyn Langmack (216-321-4923), Ann Williams (216-381-3734), or the church office if you are interested.
November World Peace Day : Weds November 14 at 7:30 pm, people all over the world will be praying and sending Reiki for peace on Earth in their own time zones.  The idea is to create a wave of healing energy that surrounds the planet, and gains strength as it goes.  Please take a minute to pray for peace at this time, or join the healing group in the sanctuary to do this in community, if  you are available.  For more information contact Sandy Ammon at .   

Notes from the Communications Manager - I'm looking for volunteers to take photos or video for special events at the church. I'm also looking for people who would like to be highlighted for Monday Member Spotlight. If you are interested in either, please contact Aisha Newton.

If you have any information regarding congregation members please email the communication manager,  Aisha Newton
 She would love to highlight them in the enewsletter or social media.
Community Events

Sponsors: The arts of thanksgiving success relies on sponsorships! Sponsors are recognized in our publicity, names/organizations are listed on the evening's program and sponsors receive a table at the event. Sponsors are encouraged to provide performers for the evening's program as well. Congregational and house of worship sponsorships are $150 and sponsorship for nonprofit organizations is $300. 
V olunteers: Volunteers help drive the event. Prior to the arts of thanksgiving, we need volunteers to help us promote the event by distributing fliers and posters. They can also assist with tracking sponsorships and reaching out to our community for performers/ artists. On the day of the event, volunteers will help set-up, meet the performers & artists, oversee the logistics of the evening, help greet & welcome everyone and also clean-up. We are looking for many volunteers to help with this. 
Performers: We are looking for all types of performers that can bring their cultures and faiths together through music, art, dance and more. This could include your church choir, a dance troupe to reading poetry. We want to offer a wide variety of talents highlighting the diversity and uniqueness of Cleveland.
Artists for our boutique portion of the night: Tables will be available during the evening for you to promote your Congregation/ house of worship or organization. You are welcome to sell merchandise at your tables, but due to our dietary laws and food allergies, food will not be allowed to be sold.
Please contact Shani Kadis if you are passionate about being involved on any level and more importantly, spread the word!
11205 Euclid Avenue  Cleveland, OH 44106
Wheelchair accessible

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