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The City of Largo would like to remind you that all City facilities will be closed on Monday, May 27 in honor of Memorial Day. Trash and recycling will not be collected on May 27. View the  Collection Schedule to find your pick-up day.
Largo Public Library received the Maria Chavez-Hernandez "Libraries Change Peoples’ Lives" award at the Florida Library Association Annual Conference in May for the Welcoming Week Refugee Basket Drive, an exemplary initiative that is just one of many offerings provided through the English Language Learning (ELL) program. ELL services began 11 years ago with one on one small group English tutoring and was expanded over the years through partnerships with other libraries, local non-profits, Pinellas County Schools and the State Library of Florida.

The Library also received the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council 27th Future of the Region Award in the Community Service category for the Library in Your Neighborhood Bookmobile program. Judges were impressed with the library's commitment to provide outreach to Largo's under-served populations and with the community involvement which resulted in over $650,000 in donations to the Greater Largo Library Foundation to purchase the vehicle and provide five years of operating costs.

- Casey McPhee
Library Director I 587-6715 I cmcphee@largo.com
T he 28th annual HOPE (Homeownership for People Everywhere) Expo was held on May 18, 2019 at Raymond James Financial Center. The event provides informational workshops about the process to buy a home, programs available to assist with down payment, how to qualify for a mortgage and other important steps to purchase a home. The City of Largo participated as a gold sponsor. The event had over 300 attendees, our largest group ever! Classes were offered in English and Spanish. Attendees received a certificate at the completion of the workshops at the Expo. This certificate fulfills one of the requirements needed for most down payment assistance programs. This event is brought to the community by federal, state, local and community-based housing agencies, real estate professionals, lenders, and other housing-industry professionals.

- Carol Stricklin
Community Development Department Director I 586-7490 I cstrickl@largo.com
The Pinellas County Fertilizer Ban is in effect from June 1 through August 30, strictly prohibiting the sale or use of most lawn and landscape fertilizers as they contain Nitrogen and Phosphorous. These nutrients can wash from our yards into the Gulf or Bay when it rains, harming local wildlife and plants. Over 70% of Pinellas County waters contain excess amounts of these nutrients, leading to harmful algae blooms that can even lead to fish kills. 

To ensure the health and quality of our waters, follow these tips during the ban:

·Do not fertilize your lawn from June 1 through September 30.
·Immediately clean up fertilizer spills on your driveway, sidewalk or street.
·Never allow fertilizer, grass clippings, oil or pet waste to be washed into your stormdrains.
·Use Florida-friendly yard products that contain iron and other micronutrients to ensure you have a healthy lawn and community.

For more information please contact  stormwater@largo.com  or visit Largo.com/Stormwater .

- Laura Thomas
Sustainability Coordinator I 586-7424 I lthomas@largo.com
The Recreation, Parks and Arts Department recently applied for the following grant in order to seek funding for an exciting, proposed recreation program; the Department is awaiting a decision from the funder:

  • National Recreation and Parks Association’s Disney Play Spaces Grant
The Rec-on-the-Run Program proposes to provide mobile recreation events several times/year in under served communities seeking to become more healthy - $30,000

- Cheryl Coller Reed
Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator I 586-7424 I lthomas@largo.com
Join the City of Largo in honoring those who have lost their lives while fighting for our country. The 2019 Memorial Day ceremony will be held on May 27 at 7pm, in Largo Central Park's Military Court of Honor. This event will include a color guard presentation, a wreath presentation in remembrance of our fallen soldiers and our Keynote Speaker, Rev. Robert “Bob” Swick.

Special Events Coordinator I 587-6720 I kpiehl@largo.com
Are you interested in helping to build the community of choice? There are great opportunities from interns to engineers. Largo provides outstanding benefits and a modern wellness program. Join us as we serve the community by providing superior services that inspire community pride. The City of Largo is a great place to work, naturally!
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