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In February, the City Commission authorized the City Manager to execute grant agreements and amendments with the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) that allow the City to be reimbursed in excess of $2 Million for Hurricane Irma expenditures. Since February, the City Manager has executed four amendments in order for the City to be reimbursed and a fifth amendment is pending.

In order to receive reimbursement, the City’s Finance Department is required to document, and the State audits, each expenditure. Although the City’s grant agreement is with FDEM, most of the reimbursement monies come from U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

  • To date, the City has received $885,228.83 in reimbursement from both FEMA and FDEM;
  • The City is anticipating receipt of a reimbursement in the amount of $247,282.73 in the next 30 to 45 days; and
  • Once the $247,282 reimbursement is received, there will be $1,300,000 in remaining reimbursable expense to be finalized, approved and disbursed by FEMA/FDEM.

In April, Governor DeSantis instituted new policies which will deliver FDEM reimbursements for hurricane recovery to Florida’s local governments faster than in the recent past by postponing some of the audit requirements. Communities hit hard by Hurricane Michael in October of 2018 are the first communities to benefit from the new state policies.
- Cheryl Coller Reed
Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator I 586-7452 I creed@largo.com
County property owners have until July 31, 2019 to contest proposed changes in Pinellas County’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) with updated scientific and technical data. Preferred-risk flood insurance policies should be purchased before the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issues Letters of Final Determination and the updated FIRM becomes effective. To help explain the changes and what actions property owners may need to take, Pinellas County is holding a final open house-style meeting on Tuesday, June 25, in the Oldsmar City Council Chambers, located at 101 State St. W., in Oldsmar. The meeting will take place from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The meeting will provide valuable information to property owners that may be affected by proposed changes to Pinellas County’s FIRM. Home and business owners, renters, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, surveyors and insurance agents are encouraged to attend. The same information will be provided at all three meetings. There will be no formal presentation.

The community meeting will be held in an open house format to allow citizens to talk to insurance specialists and technical specialists about the preliminary maps. Representatives from Pinellas County, the city of Oldsmar and the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) will also be in attendance. A customer service representative will be available to answer basic questions in Spanish.

Property owners can view their current flood zone and potential map change at www.pinellascounty.org/flooding/fema_firm.htm.

Although it is not required, property owners are advised to bring their elevation certificates if they have one. In some cases, the certificates may be downloaded from www.pinellascounty.org/flooding/elevation.htm for properties in the unincorporated county or obtained from the cities in which the property is located.

For more information about flooding in Pinellas County and flood insurance, visit www.pinellascounty.org/flooding.

- Robert Hatton
Building Official I 586-7488 I rhatton@largo.com
Just in time for the 2019 hurricane season, Largo Fire Rescue has successfully distributed 16,500 "Surviving the Storm" hurricane safety and evacuation educational door hangers to all of our mobile home park residents. In the event of a significant storm, all mobile home park residents will be required to evacuate. This door hanger educates citizens on where and how to evacuate during a storm, how to register for special needs shelters, and how to sign up for our emergency notification system, Alert Pinellas. This project involved a partnership between all Pinellas County Fire Districts and Pinellas County Emergency Management, with Largo Fire Rescue housing the most mobile home residents out of all 18 fire districts.
- Summer Mahr
Public Education Specialist I 587-6740 x2014 I smahr@largo.com
On June 6, 2019 at their Annual Awards Ceremony, the Sun Coast Section of the American Planning Association’s Florida Chapter recognized outstanding individuals, studies, projects, and plans within our region. The City of Largo’s Community Development Department was awarded in two of the seven categories!
• The Best Plan, Report, or Study Award recognizes a plan that advances the science and art of planning. The City of Largo Comprehensive Plan: Forwarding Our Future 2040 was selected for this award. In a shift from the traditional, long-winded comprehensive plans, Forwarding Our Future 2040 takes on an illustrative, user-friendly, creative design that encompasses innovative solution based goals, objectives and policies. Its tagline, “Forwarding Our Future 2040”, signifies the plan’s vision for the city, prioritizing place-making and inclusiveness, mixed-use and activity centers, partnership and collaboration, accessibility and connectivity, sustainability and resiliency. This plan was adopted in the fall of 2018.
• The Adaptive Reuse or Redevelopment Award recognizes outstanding projects or plans that use planning principles to repurpose, redevelop, and redesign vacant or underutilized spaces/places. Rosery Apartments was selected for this award and is an eight-acre redevelopment project replacing a partially vacant and blighted 121 unit mobile home park with 224 modern apartments where 20% of the units will be designated for workforce housing. The site is located in the Clearwater-Largo Road Community Redevelopment District (CLR-CRD) and DMAC district and has immediate access to the Pinellas Trail. The project is an excellent example of an innovative approach to transforming a constrained, blighted and difficult site into a successful project. It is on schedule for completion in the fall of 2020.
- Carol Stricklin
Community Development Department Director I 586-7490 I cstrickl@largo.com
June 7, 2019, an Approval Memo was issued to allow for a 2,200 square foot addition as part of an expansion to an existing building currently used by Bluewater Media, located at 14325 Myerlake Circle.
Community Development Department Director I 586-7490 I cstrickl@largo.com
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- Lauren Fatkin
Web & Marketing Specialist I 587-6740 I lfatkin@largo.com
Building the Community of Choice in Tampa Bay means creating a welcoming, equitable and compassionate Largo. Efforts to promote an inclusive city directly support our long-term focus on community pride and sustainability by enhancing the vitality of our community. We are proud to join our neighbors, including the City of Gulfport and the City of St. Petersburg, in raising the Pride Flag recognizing Pride Month. City Commission voted to raise the flag at the June 11, 2019 City Commission Meeting and the online community is actively supporting our leaders' decision. The Facebook announcement performed four times better than an average post and generated 85% positive engagement. Comments included praise and thanks to our leaders including posts saying:

"Way to go, City of Largo! Proud to have my home and business here!"
"Thank you Largo. Great to have a city run by intelligent people looking out for all citizens. Keep up the good work!"
"We will not hesitate to let others know about your inclusivity, nor will we hesitate to bring our money to your town and local businesses."

The City of Largo welcomes the community to join us as we raise the Pride Flag on June 18, at 4:45pm, in celebration of the unique attributes and perspectives of all individuals that make up our diversity community.

- Kate O'Connell Oyer
Communications & Marketing Manager I 586-7455 I koyer@largo.com
Hurricane season is quickly approaching. Are you prepared? Attend Largo Fire Rescue's 5th Annual Hurricane Preparedness Expo to view educational presentations from an expert panel, and connect with local businesses and emergency preparedness agencies in our surrounding area. REGISTER NOW
- Summer Mahr
Public Education Specialist I 587-6740 x2014 I smahr@largo.com

To celebrate the reopening of Trotter Road this July, the City of Largo is partnering with St. Patrick Catholic School for a Grand Reopening Block Party! On Saturday, July 20 from 5:30-9pm, enjoy entertainment, free food and more hosted by SPCS. Stay tuned for more details about the event. VIEW PROJECT UPDATES
- Lauren Fatkin
Web & Marketing Specialist I 587-6740 x5015 I lfatkin@largo.com

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