APRIL 26, 2019
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Building the community of choice in Tampa Bay is all about serving you. It’s about what we do and why we do it. So what’s Largo been up to lately? Check out a few of the highlights and visit  Largo.com/Connect  to learn more.
- Lauren Fatkin
Web & Marketing Specialist I 587-6740 I lfatkin@largo.com
The City of Largo is ranked 20th in the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation! Help us get to #1 by pledging to reduce your use of water today at MyWaterPledge.com, and be entered to win hundreds of prizes including cash, water saving fixtures or to have your utilities paid for a year. By committing to reduce your water and energy use, you can help make Largo the most “water-wise” city in the Country. Cities with the most votes can win. Visit OurFutureLargo.com for more information. 

- Laura Thomas
Sustainability Coordinator I 586-7424 I lthomas@largo.com
Should City Hall move to downtown Largo? The exciting possibilities of reconstructing City Hall as a mixed-use building in Downtown was unofficially supported by the City Commission at the 2019 Commission Retreat. 

City Hall is in need of major structural repairs, lacks meeting room space and availability, has technology challenges and is not sustainable in the event of a significant storm. At the April 9 City Commission Work Session, City Manager Schubert and project team leaders explained these recommendations for a move downtown, noting that a vibrant and active Downtown has also been identified as a community value and as a strategic initiative.

With a mixed-use building offering not only city services but also potentially providing private partnerships, such as retail or coffee shops to keep the lights on in Downtown at night, this initiative could be achieved.

With formal City Commission adoption of the 2020 budget, the project may kick-off, and we need your input so we can make plans for the future. Do you think City Hall should head Downtown? Share your feedback below or at LetUsKnowLargo.com. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates to come!

- Kate O'Connell Oyer
Communications & Marketing Manager I 586-7455 I koconnel@largo.com
A Neighborhood Information Meeting was held on April 17th in the Community Room at Largo City Hall for the redevelopment of unused area in the parking lot at 13600 Icot Blvd. for a golf driving range with retail/restaurant space per the Conditional Use approval granted by the Planning Board on November 1, 2018 (C2D18-004). All property owners and residents within 500 feet of the subject property were invited to attend the meeting. Robert Pergolizzi of Gulf Coast Consulting, Inc. and his team were present to discuss the project. Principal Planner Alicia Parinello and Planning Manager Rick Perez were also present to answer any questions from the public.

The meeting was attended by two (2) residents from the City of Largo. There were no concerns raised by attendees. Staff stated that any future submittals would be available to be viewed by any interested parties.

- Carol Stricklin
Community Development Department Director I 586-7490 I cstrickl@largo.com

The 2019 HOPE (Homeownership for People Everywhere) Expo provides informational workshops about the process to buy a home, programs available to assist with downpayment, how to qualify for a mortgage and other important steps to purchase a home.

Classes are offered in English and Spanish. Attendees will receive a certificate at the completion of the workshops at the Expo. This certificate fulfills one of the requirements for most downpayment assistance programs.

The FREE informational workshop and exhibit for potential homebuyers will be offered on May 18, 2019. This event is brought to the community by federal, state, local and community-based housing agencies, real estate professionals, lenders, and other housing-industry professionals.

Seating is limited.   Register online ! Lunch for $3/per person is available at the event. Prize drawings will be held throughout the day, including a grand prize of a 50" Smart TV.
Housing Finance Specialist I 586-7314 I jwhite@largo.com
Are you interested in helping to build the community of choice? There are great opportunities from interns to engineers. Largo provides outstanding benefits and a modern wellness program. Join us as we serve the community by providing superior services that inspire community pride. The City of Largo is a great place to work, naturally!