This Week in Largo
NOVEMBER 2, 2018
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Cooperative agreements and reimbursement grants with Pinellas County allow county government to pass-through funding to the County’s 24 towns and cities. This pass-through funding allows municipal governments to support a broad range of programs and projects which improve the quality of life for all community residents and visitors. The City of Largo recently requested reimbursements from Pinellas County Government for the following projects.

Interlocal Agreement Reimbursement Requested by Environmental Services/Engineering:

  • Pinellas County’s Flow Monitoring Equipment for the installation of 4 permanent flow monitors in the City’s sanitary conveyance system - $12,195

Grant Reimbursement Funds Received by Finance:

  • Pinellas County’s Municipal Recycling Reimbursement Grant - $60,124

- Cheryl Coller Reed
Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator I 586-7452 I
Mayor Woody Brown, Vice Mayor Michael Smith and Commissioner Donna Holck hosted students and visitors from Largo's sister city, Tosayamada, Japan (now known as Kami), at City Hall on October 31st. City staff from Fire, Public Works and Environmental Services provided vehicle and equipment demonstrations while speaking about the superior services they provide to our community. Always a crowd favorite, Largo Police Department introduced K9 Officer, Chase, to the students before they were led on a tour of Highland Recreation Complex and McGough Nature Park by Community Outreach Coordinator Brenda Clark and Recreation, Parks and Arts Director Joan Byrne. The City of Largo would like to thank the Largo Lions Club and Largo High School for their dedication and fostering of the sister city relationship since 1969.

-Kate O'Connell Oyer
Communications and Marketing Manager I 586-7455 I
The 14 th Avenue NW Sidewalk Infill Project is scheduled to begin construction in November 2018 and will last approximately 30 calendar days. The project includes the installation of new sidewalk, driveway aprons, and ADA enhancements along the north side of 14 th Avenue NW between 9 th Street NW and Clearwater Largo Road.

- Barry Westmark
Senior Engineer I 587-6713 I
The night ended too soon as Citizens' Academy participants asked for just a little more time to work on the budget exercise. At one point - chants of "budget, budget, budget" were made by participants. Prior to the exercise, the Office of Performance & Budget and the Finance Department answered questions and thoroughly explained how city funds are used. Attendees had a chance to visit with Commissioner Donna Holck and were assisted throughout the night by management analysts and staff from both departments.

- Diane Bruner
City Clerk I 587-6710 I
With stops at High Point, Raytheon and Ridgecrest, Parks Superintendent Phil Christman, Crime Prevention Officer Vu Tran, Economic Coordinator Isabella Nunez and Community Outreach Coordinator Brenda Clark shared information about city services with hundreds of community members at a series of events hosted around town on Halloween. Staff members got into the spirit by handing out candy and dressing up in addition to providing information.
- Brenda Clark
Community Outreach Coordinator I 587-6740 I
The Engineering Services Department is hosting an open house to share design plans with the community for Rosery Road Phase 1 Community Streets improvements. Rosery Road is an important part of the City’s Community Streets network. The goal of the project is to transform Rosery Road into a Community Street, which will provide safe and efficient routes from neighborhoods to local destinations and improve mobility for pedestrians and cyclists from the Pinellas Trail to Missouri Avenue. The project includes a shared use path from the Pinellas Trail to Missouri Avenue, a median with a mid-block crossing west of Missouri Avenue, improved sidewalks, and ADA improvements in addition to roadway reconstruction, drainage improvements, and improvement of subsurface utilities. Phase 2 of the project will ultimately create a connection from the Pinellas Trail to Eagle Lake Park.

The open house will include exhibits to share plan details with, and obtain feedback from, the public and a presentation at 6:30 pm. The open house will be at St. Paul United Methodist Church (northwest corner of Highland Avenue and Rosery Road) November 15th, from 6-8 pm.

- Barry Westmark
Senior Engineer I 587-6713 I