News from the City of Lake Elmo
February 23,  2018
Meetings next week:

Monday, February 26th: Environmental Committee Meeting 5:30 p.m.
Monday, February 26th: Planning Commission Meeting 7:00 p.m.

Links to the 2018 City Meetings, Agendas and Meeting Minutes: 


City Council Update

At their regular meeting on Tuesday, February 20, 2018, the Lake Elmo City Council:

  • Approved Request for Proposals for Lawn Maintenance
  • Approved Wyndham Village Subdivision Sketch Plan Review & Comprehensive Plan Amendment - Resolution 2018-006
  • Approved Legacy at North Star Preliminary Plat and PUD Plans - Resolution 2018-013
  • Approved Drug Testing and Drug Free Workplace Policies
  • Approved Service Agreements with Industrial Health Services Network (IHSN)
  • Tabled Chicken Ordinance - Ordinance No 08-196
  • Approved Lake Elmo Inn Parking Lot Conditional Use Permit - Resolution 2018-018
  • Approved 4564 Kimbro Avenue Minor Subdivision and Zoning Map Amendment - Resolution 2018-019; Ordinance 08-201
  • Approved Hammes 3rd Final Plat - Resolution 2018-016, 2018-017
  • Approved Northport Development Agreement Amendment - Resolution 2018-020
  • Approved Old Village Ph4 Street & Utility Improvements - Authorize Preparation of Plans and Specifications - Resolution 2018-021
  • Approved Hudson Boulevard Design Standards/Typical Section - Authorize Engineering Services
    On the consent agenda the Council:
    • Approved Payment of Disbursements and Payroll
    • Accepted January 2018 Assessor's Report
    • Accepted January 2018 Public Works Department Report
    • Accepted January 2018 Building Department Report
    • Accepted January 2018 Fire Department Report
    • Approved Step Increase, Planning Director
    • Approved Pay Request No. 2- I-94 Lift Station and Sanitary Sewer Improvements
    • Authorized Advertising and Hiring of Finance and GIS Interns
    • Authorized Advertising and Hiring of Seasonal Public Works Employee(s)
    • Approved Solar Ordinance - Ordinance 08-198; Resolution 2018-010
    Facility Needs Survey
    In order to address several issues with the City's current facilities, staff has partnered with the BKV Group to evaluate City facilities and propose updates to meet the City's needs.  Three specific proposals have been deemed most viable.  

    We would love to hear from Lake Elmo residents!  Please use the survey link below to provide your input on future City facilities.

    Now Hiring: Finance and GIS Interns and Public Works Seasonal

    3880 Laverne Avenue North, Lake Elmo, MN, 55042


    The Celebrated Lake Elmo Inn - Oldest Eating Establishment in Lake Elmo
    (Reprint of St. Paul Pioneer Press, Thursday, October 5, 1961)

    What we know today as the high rated Lake Elmo Inn first opened it's doors better than 135 years ago as a bar in 1881, about the same time as the town's name changed from Bass Lake to Lake Elmo. 

    During that time period, close to a dozen owners have served the community in a variety of ways, adding food and then additions to the establishment's services. 

    About the same time Prohibition became the law of the land, a main dining room was built in the 1920s. A backroom was added in the 1960s and the Kohler Room was built in the 1990s as he restaurant was connected with the home next door to the restaurant. In 2012, John Schiltz again remodeled the main dining room, also adding a glass-enclosed addition to the structure.

    Over the coming weeks, let's take a closer look to explore the history of this Lake Elmo business.

    Source: Memories of Lake Elmo, collected and authored by Gloria VanDemmeltraadt.

    This photo of the early structure on the Lake Elmo Inn property is likely the oldest picture of the building, with the duplex beside it, likely taken before 1900. There is a connected barber shop, though there is no sign on the window for advertising Ed Wendt as the proprietor.

    Washington County Library, Parks host snowshoe story stroll at Lake Elmo Park Reserve Feb. 24
    Use snowshoes during a story stroll at Lake Elmo Park Reserve Feb. 24.
    Join the Washington County Library and Washington County Parks for a snowshoe story stroll starting  at the Nordic Center at the Lake Elmo Park Reserve at 10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 24. Hot cocoa and s'mores will be served following this family friendly stroll.
    All ages are welcome. A limited number of snowshoes will be available. Participants are encouraged to bring their own snowshoes. RSVP to Sara Armstrong in Parks at 651-430-4325.
    A park permit is required, $7 daily or $30 annually.

    Lake Elmo Rotary's Kindness Campaign

    "Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day." 
    - Sally Koch
    Last month we looked for ways to be kind while shopping. We are happy to report that many people found opportunities to return someone's cart, hold open a door, let someone go in line ahead of them, acknowledge/converse with store staff and smile at strangers. We're off to a great start!
    Happy February! In the spirit of Valentine's Day, this month we embrace loving acts of random kindness. Join us by sending a Valentine's card to someone you haven't connected with in a while - it's sure to be a day brightener! Pass along a little unexpected love by paying for someone's purchase in the drive through line - this makes the drive through attendant's day special as well! Cards are available at City Hall so...Tag, you're it!

    Always remember...kindness is contagious!

    Winter Parking Ordinance Reminder: It's Not Just at Night

    The City of Lake Elmo Winter Parking Ordinance states: It shall be unlawful for any person to stop, stand or park any vehicle or trailer or permit the same to stand on any street or alley within the city between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. from November 1 until March 31 of the following  year. Parking is also restricted at any time that snow accumulation equals or exceeds 2" or more until the street is cleared of snow.

    The winter parking ordinance does not apply to private streets (marked with a blue street sign), only to public roadways.