From the Desk of Mayor Daniel L. Bell
Fall  2017
City of Taylor Mill

The City of Taylor Mill is continuing to celebrate 60 years of incorporation and, in honor of the momentous occasion, will be holding a Party in Pride Park on Friday, October 20th.  The event begins at 5 pm and culminates at 10 pm with a display of fireworks.  Please see the event flyer below for more information about the upcoming celebration.
Additionally, construction season is continuing in Taylor Mill and we have several road repairs that are ongoing and/or preparing to commence.  These street projects involve major reconstruction, paving/patching, and shoring up and will be taking place on Mason Road, Old Taylor Mill Road, Blue Lake, Rockwood, and several streets in the North end of the City adjacent to and including Church Street.  Several other streets are in the pipeline to do work on next construction season also.  We also have, this year and next year, general pothole patching and repairs that will be undertaken.  Please make sure to report potholes and necessary road repairs to us by calling 859.581.3234 or emailing us at
City streets are evaluated annually and ranked for repairs using funds received from the Commonwealth of Kentucky's distribution of Municipal Road Aid (Gasoline Tax) Revenues in addition to funds allocated towards street projects from the City's General Fund.  Unfortunately funding is limited though. Each year the City has about $100,000 of MRA Funds combined with $100,000 of General Revenue Funds allocated towards road repair efforts on 112 streets throughout the Taylor Mill Community. 
The City of Taylor Mill funds street repairs and all of our operations on a pay as we go philosophy, meaning we are a debt free community.  A rarity in local government. 
Currently, Cities in Northern Kentucky fund street repairs via one of four various methods.
1.    Combine MRA and General Fund Receipts to pay for individual projects as they are constructed.  This is the City Commission's preferred method of doing street projects in Taylor Mill; and
2.  Issue a Government Bond to finance the completion of many streets all at one time, but often times the Bonds are 20 years and the infrastructure begins to deteriorate before you complete the payments due.  This leads to bad debt and streets that are still in need of repair over the long term; and
3.   A Citywide Street Levy in which every business and resident in Taylor Mill is taxed based upon the value of their home, similarly to the property tax process. or a predetermined annual flat fee.  This method must be approved by a majority of the voting population via a special ballot; and
4.  Street Assessments that are billed directly to the property owner based upon the total project cost equally divided or on the frontage of property owners have adjacent to the street begin repaired.  Currently, the City has two Assessment Projects being paid for by adjacent Commercial Property Owners. 
As of this publication, the City Commission has no plans to change the method in which we currently are funding and paying for streets repairs.  We ask that you report any concerns in regards to street repairs to us and that you remain patient in our efforts to get the necessary work completed.  We have many projects that are on our list of projects to complete.   
The City Commission, myself and staff are working hard to promote and expand our commercial development opportunities in our Downtown Taylor Mill Business District, all while still being committed to keeping taxes low, and our services of the highest quality.  Taylor Mill is truly a great place to live, work, and play!
In the event you need any assistance please contact any of your local elected officials or City Administrator Jill Cain  Bailey at 859.581.3234 or email us at
Warmest Regards, 

Daniel L. Bell, Mayor
City of Taylor Mill




Looking for more information about local government issues, operations or just in need of assistance please contact any of your locally elected officials or City Administrator Jill Cain Bailey at or  859.581.3234.

You can also connect with us at   or via the various department/staff members below.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Jill Cain Bailey, City Administrative Officer
Steve Knauf, Asst CAO/Chief of Police
John Stager, Fire/EMS Chief
Marc Roden, Maintenance Director

City Administrative Offices         859.581.3234
Police Dept - Non Emergency    859.581.1192
Fire/EMS Dept - Non Emergency    859.581.6565
EMERGENCY - Police/Fire        911
Maintenance Department           859.581.3359

General Info Email   -
In This Issue
Upcoming Events

SHS Homecoming Parade
Friday, Sept 29th
Approx - 6:00 pm
TM Family Camp Out
Pride Park
Saturday, Oct. 7
Reservations Required.

TM Commission Mtg
Wednesday, Oct 11
7:00 pm

TM History Presentation
Thursday, Oct 12
Park Place
Reservations Required

Party at Pride Park
TM 60th Anniversary
Friday, Oct 20th
5:00 pm to 10:30 pm
Fireworks at 10 pm

Anti Heroin Info Walk
Saturday, Nov 11th
9:30 am to 11:30 am
Meet at Park Place
Volunteers Needed!

For more information visit us at or call 859.581.3234 

LoveLock LoveScape
Community Art
at Pride Park  
This Community Art Project officially opened last year and is located in the very back of Pride Park adjacent to our main walking trail.  Individuals interested in being part of the project are encouraged to place a colorful and uniquely engraved LoveLock of their own choosing on the fence within the LoveScape (Garden) area, pictured above.  After placing your lock on the fence within the LoveScape make a wish and deposit your LoveLock Key in the key depository provided. 
This unique Community Art Project is the first of its kind in the region and we look forward to sharing it with the residents of our community and those visiting Pride Park.  
Pride Park is located at 5614 Taylor Mill Road, Taylor Mill, KY. 
To learn more about the LoveLock LoveScape Project please click here.
Selfies at the site with your lock and of your special love locking moment can be shared with us, and may be posted on the City of Taylor Mill Facebook or Twitter Account, by sending them via email to us at
Passports Anyone?
Don't forget the City of Taylor Mill can take care of your passport needs.
Forms are available at the City Building for first time applicants, as well as, forms for renewing your passport.
Current processing times for both first time applicants and renewals are approximately 4 to 6 weeks.  So please plan in advance of your trip.
Residents are encouraged to contact the Administration Department at 859.581.3234 for specific document requirements, additional questions, and before coming into to process their passport applications to make sure a passport agent is available to assist them. 
Now Hiring!
Part-Time Firefighter/Paramedics
Deadline extended to:
September 29th
For more info:
Contact TM Fire/EMS Dept. at 859.581.6565
Fun Factoids


The City of Taylor Mill was formed by the merger or annexation of three cities.  They were Forest Hills, Sunny Acres, and Winston Park.  The merger of these cities occured between 1957 and 1960.




Kenton County was once a part of a larger Campbell County which consisted in 1794 of what is now Kenton, Pendleton, Boone, Grant, and Bracken Counties.