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An important update! One of our Coalition members recently spoke with John G. Trueschler of the Maryland Transit Administration. He provided some clarification regarding the width of the route corridor. The project team has previously stated that the route corridor will be 1000 feet wide.   All Coalition maps reflect that 1000 foot corridor along the proposed routes.   Mr. Trueschler clarified that eminent domain and property loss will be within a 100 foot range; however, the exact placement of the tracks may be anywhere within that 1000 foot swath. It is too early in the process to know the exact placement of the 100 foot property loss zone.  It is also possible the routes may shift as the project progresses through the Environmental Impact Study.  What is certain, though, is that the communities surrounding the route will experience a severe impact and the state will suffer a significant economic burden. No matter how wide the track’s footprint is, the Coalition will continue to fight it.      
Updates from the August 3rd Coalition Meeting 
Bowie City Council Meets with Governor Hogan. 
Michael Esteve, Bowie City Council member (District 1) summarized the City Council’s July 31 meeting with Governor Hogan.  According to Esteve, the City Council members spent the meeting stating their case against the SCMaglev project.  Governor Hogan shared that Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail (BWRR), a private company, has been driving the process. He reported his office has not been following the project closely. However, Council member Esteve reported that the Governor has made getting up to speed on the project a priority and is hearing the extent of the opposition.  The Governor stated that he was not comfortable with the project going through residential areas. Council member Esteve felt the Governor recognized that it did not offer much benefit to Maryland. The Governor also reported that he believes the 2019 timeline for a final decision, laid out by BWRR, is premature. Governor Hogan, however, did not commit that the project was off the table. Council member Esteve emphasized that people should not be panicking, but they should also not be overly optimistic.  He urged continued public pressure and stressed that the Coalition’s efforts are having an effect.  

From Scoping to Construction: The steps the project must follow before ground is broken. 
Joan Glenn, a Coalition member with 25 years of experience completing Environmental Impact Studies, reviewed the basic steps the project will go through as part of the National Environmental Policy Act . Visit the MTA’s Maglev Project website for a visual depiction of the steps.

  • The project has passed the Scoping stage (Read the Scoping Report ) and the Draft Environmental Impact Study is underway. 
  • MTA plans to issue an Alternatives Report in Fall 2017, which will provide more detail on routes. Open houses will be held. 
  • MTA anticipates the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be completed in Winter 2018, at which point public hearings will be held. There will be 45-day Public Review period during which comments are collected. 
  • MTA will then work to address comments they deem substantive and eventually issue the Final EIS.  MTA anticipates this will occur in Spring 2019. There is a 30 day review period, but no formal comment period. 
  • In the final step, the Federal Railroad Administration will issue a Record of Decision and final design and construction is allowed to proceed at this point.

Joan made two important points:

  • The Environmental Impact Study takes into account the human environment, not just the land, water, and air.  It should also consider impacts to the economy, home prices, historic properties, infrastructure, etc. However, the Coalition believes the scope of the study is limited because minimal public feedback was solicited as part of the Scoping Process.  
  • The Scoping Process involves the project team going out to the areas potentially affected and obtaining input from the public on what issues should be studied and considered during the Environmental Impact Study. A lot of public input should be involved at this step, but it was not.  The vast majority of citizens who would be directly impacted by the MAGLEV are only finding out about the project now.     
  What You Can Do Today
1.  Join the Maryland Transit Administration’s mailing list for the SCMaglev Project so you will be notified of any project-related meetings or news. 

2.  Submit a letter requesting the Scoping Process be reopened.  This would allow citizens to provide the input and ask the questions that we weren’t able to originally.  Letters should say:

  • You did not receive information on the scoping meetings
  • You have not been given the opportunity to comment on the scope of the EIS
  • You are formally requesting that the scoping period for the SCMAGLEV EIS be reopened.
  • The Coalition has developed a template letter. Please feel free to customize it to speak to your specific concerns.  Also, please copy your elected officials.
  • Find the names of your elected officials
  • Find the addresses of your elected officials on our Downloads and Resources page . Please note, we'll be adding addresses for Anne Arundel County officials soon.

Send Letters To:
c/o John G. Trueschler
Maryland Transit Administration
6 Saint Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Maryland Department of Transportation
Bradley Smith, Director of Office of Freight and Multimodalism
7201 Corporate Center Drive, Hanover, MD 21076

Office of Railroad Policy & Development
Federal Railroad Administration
1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20590
3.  Volunteer with the Coalition! We need you! If you are interested in joining one of our committees or contributing your energy and skills in another way, fill out our Volunteer Interest Form
  Additional Info and Upcoming Meetings

View Detailed Maps of the Proposed Routes

Maps of Impacted Areas Along Proposed Routes – We have several options for viewing detailed maps of the proposed routes on our website. Remember, the entire 1000 foot wide route corridor will not be taken in eminent domain, but we do not know where the 100 foot swath of property loss will occur.    

Upcoming Meetings

Next Coalition Meeting
August 17, 2017 7:30 p.m.
Kenhill Center  2614 Kenhill Drive, Room 101 Bowie MD  20715   ( Old Bowie City Hall)
We will be discussing the Coalition’s plan for the upcoming Bowie City Council Meeting. We will also be breaking into smaller groups to discuss specific coalition activities as well as separating into counties to focus on local activities. Please attend and share your ideas! 

Bowie City Council Meeting
MTA representative John Trueschler will brief attendees on the project
September 5, 2017 8 p.m. 
Bowie City Hall 15901 Excalibur Rd. Bowie MD  20716
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