New Member Spotlight:

The Collaborative Welcomes Plainview!

Plainview Schools (Kiowa RE-2) is a small rural school located in Southeast Colorado close to the Kansas state line.  Plainview Schools consists of a full day preschool and Kindergarten through 12th grade. The current enrollment count is 63 students. The staff consists of 19 people. Plainview offers housing for all of the teachers. Plainview is known for its community support and involvement.
  • Offers high school sports including football, volleyball, boys and girls basketball, and track.
  • 1 to 1 Chromebooks for 6th - 12th grades.
  • Offers block study class that consists of integrated STEM and skills in budgeting, cooking, meal planning, survival, outdoor living and safety, rocketry, health and nutrition, basic car care, crypto-zoology, technology, research, sonar, night vision, and life skills.
  • More individualized instruction and assistance offered to students with more personalized goals and steps to reach them to make our students more productive citizens.
  • Offers a large selection of distance learning and concurrent enrollment classes comparable to a large school district.
  • Has community members who can speak and provide instruction on a wide range of subjects beneficial to the students.
New Member Spotlight:

The Collaborative Welcomes Stratton!

Stratton School District (R-4) is located in Eastern Colorado, about 150 miles east of Denver, right off the I-70 Corridor. Stratton School District is 660 square miles and the current enrollment is 210 students including preschool for all 3- and 4-year olds. There is also full-day kindergarten.
  • Total staff of 38 with 20 full-time teachers
  • After graduation, 100% of students attend post-secondary schooling and/or Military Service
NCAR Opportunity in Boulder

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is a National Science Foundation-sponsored research center devoted to service, research and education in the atmospheric and related sciences. 

Are you interested in being a part of an NSF grant proposal that NCAR is submitting this year? For a summary, click here. If funded, this could be a great opportunity for teachers and students to connect with our scientists and educators in a manner that aligns well with your STEM goals for 21st century learning.
If you are interested, please use the contact information below. The proposal due date is in the end of March and we would be happy to talk through what this might involve.
Teresa A. Eastburn
UCAR Center for Science Education
UCARConnect & Digital Learning Lead
303.497.1152 (work)
303.808.3422 (cell) &

Rural Summit Survey Results

Thank you for participating in the Rural Summit Survey! See below for the results:
  • 100% are interested in attending a Rural Summit sponsored by the CREC, CO Rural Alliance, and other partner organizations
  • 50% said Early Summer (June) would be the best time to host a Rural Summit
  • 75% prefer the Rural Summit to be held in one central location
  • 55% said Professional Learning is the most important to them while attending a Rural Summit
If you would like to view more detailed results, please click here

Genesis Groups Update!

The CREC Genesis Groups are off and running, discussing, sharing, and working toward finding solutions to challenges around teacher recruitment and retention, social emotional learning, teacher and leader efficacy, student centered accountability, college and career readiness, and STEM. Our groups are very diverse and are made up of district, school, and BOCES leadership, partners, and people from across the state and country who are interested in supporting rural initiatives. Each group's focus is to prioritize and come together around 1-2 priority areas. So far, the meetings have been conveniently held by phone, but we are working toward coming together as a larger group this summer. Stay tuned! 

If you are interested in joining the conversation, please contact
To learn more about Genesis Groups, click here.
Upcoming Grants:

On behalf of the districts in the CREC who have unanimously expressed a desire to better serve at-risk and disconnected learners and also provide career pathways for their students, GSN and BFK will be submitting an Education Innovation and Research (EIR) grant on April 13 that your district/school can choose to be a part of. The grant will provide three things for your high needs MS and HS students: 
  • Scheduling support, PD, curriculum, coaching, data tracking tools and systems, community partners guide, etc. to support a daily Advisory aka Advocacy block to focus on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) - personal and professional skill building, positive and safe peer group and adult relationship, barrier identification and community referrals and ICAP planning and exposure experiences (your school gets PD, curriculum, coaching, data tracking tools and systems, community partners guide, etc.)
  • A STEM coach that will help provide exposure experiences to students during school, after school, on Fridays, during the summer, etc. to introduce through hands-on experiences to STEM career opportunities, especially those in high demand in the medical field - goal is 100 hours of STEM exposure per year
  • Provision of an assessment that helps students assess and monitor their workforce readiness
If you are interested in being included in the grant, please send an email to Denille and let her know. 

Upcoming Events:

March 21, 6 - 8:30pm
Protective Services and Military Career Exploration Workshop at Columbine High School 
GSN will host a Protective Services and Military Exploration Workshop for high school students and their parents from 5 Jefferson County Schools: Columbine, Dakota Ridge, Chatfield, Conifer and Bear Creek to explore a future in the armed or protective services (i.e. military, police, fire, EMT). Students and parents will hear from current and former protective service personnel about why they served, how to pursue a career in the different branches, and what the options are in terms of a pathway to becoming a police/fire/EMT professional, enlisting, joining ROTC, attending a military academy, or pursuing a medical pathway via the military. Students will also be able to participate in military mock interviews and explore post-secondary education options. 
For more information, please contact  Kathryn Allison
March 28, 8:00am
Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents - Partnering Rural Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Local School Systems - Pueblo West, CO
This eight-hour awareness-level course for school administrators and emergency responders will educate rural law enforcement personnel as well as school administrators and staff to effectively respond to an emergency involving a school building or an entire school system. 
The training will provide representatives of rural law enforcement departments with a foundation of knowledge and skills that will enable them to progressively establish a school-based emergency response plan and crisis management team through information sharing and training.
To ensure your spot in the course, click here

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