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CO Rural Districts Achieve Lower Broadband Costs!
Colorado Education Broadband Coalition (CEBC) was founded through the collaborative efforts of rural districts--joining many smaller districts to achieve pricing closer to the larger urban districts. The CEBC achieved that and are close to being a 50GB broadband purchasing customer with member pricing at or better than urban peers. Founding members include Northeast and East Central BOCES along with Steamboat Springs School District. CEBC works closely with Colorado Department of Education, State of Colorado-OIT, Education SUPERHIGHWAY, Colorado BOCES Association, Rural Alliance, CASE-CALET and CASB as a Steering Committee.

There is no cost or obligation to join. Providing an LOA to the CEBC allows them to ask for a bid on your behalf. You can decide to use that bid or use your own!

Contact Arlene Salyards for more information or click  here to read testimonials from several BOCES and school districts across Colorado.

If you would like to join the conversation, please contact Kirk Banghart at  kbanghart@generationschools.org
CREC Job Board Reminder

The CREC offers the opportunity for job openings to be posted on our website's job board. Don't forget that any open position can be advertised there and once a month a job newsletter will go out to all our members giving your postings a wider audience! Alongside our job board listing open positions, teachers can submit resumes for superintendents and administrators to review. This is a great opportunity for all of our members to take advantage of and continue to bring future educators into the amazing rural communities of Colorado!

To view our job board, click here.

Upcoming Events

S-CAP Professional Development Opportunities! 
The Student-Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP) is actively looking for people to attend and participate as a Reviewer or Observer at the upcoming S-CAP System Site Review (SSR) events listed below!

January 23 - Akron SSR 
Register here.

February 11 - Monte Vista SSR (rescheduled)
Register here.

February 13 - Haxtun SSR 
Register here.

To view other upcoming events, click here.

To learn more about S-CAP, click here.

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Kirk Banghart, Chief Facilitator - Colorado Rural Education Collaborative

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