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We hope the start of your 2018-2019 school year is going well and that you have had a fantastic beginning with your staff and students. The CREC has been very busy during the summer months -- moving the Genesis groups forward and applying for additional funding to support the work. 

For those of you who were unable to attend our summer gathering at CASE, we had a great gathering following the CASE Rural pre-conference. We highlighted the accomplishments of the CREC over the past year and solicited input on our direction for the upcoming year. 

If you were unable to attend and have ideas for new areas CREC should support, please feel free to reach out to Kirk Banghart. If you have any questions or concerns around the Genesis groups and your current involvement in any of the groups, please don't hesitate to call Kirk Banghart at (719)207-3858. 

New Member Spotlight!
The CREC welcomes Weld Re-3J!

Weld Re-3J serves 2,478 students, of which 28% qualify for free or reduced lunch, 45% are minority students, and 26% are English Language Learners. Weld Central Middle School and Weld Central High School are located in the town of Keenesburg, CO, along the growing I-76 corridor and within close proximity to the following small towns: Hudson and Lochbuie. These two towns host elementary schools that feed into the middle and high school. Recently, both the middle and high school have been focused on efforts to provide support and services for students struggling to find success.
Upcoming Grant Opportunities

The Colorado Department of Education has announcedthat the Bullying Prevention Grant and the ESSA related grants will be posted in September. Colorado Healthy Schools Planning Grants are due October 15. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Kirk Banghart for grant-writing support.

Genesis Groups - Connecting our Efforts Across the State

Teacher Recruitment & Retention
The CREC, on behalf of its member districts and BOCES, supported two applications for Plan Into Action Grants:
  • One in partnership with the University of Denver and the Santa Fe Trail and Southeast BOCES geared towards increasing the number of mental health supports in rural districts to support teacher retention.
  • The other application with the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs and the South Central BOCES would support the recruitment and retention of math teachers by preparing mentor teachers and providing support through math PLCs and a summer institute.

Student-Centered Accountability Program
We would like to welcome the following districts that are joining the S-CAP family for the 2018-2019 school year: Akron, Haxtun, Las Animas, East Otero, and Holyoke. If you are interested in learning more about S-CAP or becoming a member, please visit the S-CAP website and plan on attending one of our School Site Reviews (SSR) this coming year. 

Social Emotional Learning and Student Engagement
The CREC is very excited to be kicking-off our 15-district expansion project for Social Emotional Learning! The districts participating in this Genesis group  started  out the year with training on the importance of SEL learning in  schools  and its effect on acad emics, behavior, and credit acquisition. Schools also received professional development, implementation support, and curriculum. All of the expansion districts will implement the Indigo assessment for the 6-12 grade levels and DESSA for grades K-5. The data from these assessments will help districts employ a continuous improvement cycle as they seek to intentionally help students build their SEL skills.

Teacher and Leader Efficacy
In partnership with the South Central BOCES, the CREC was able to prepare and certify a new principal induction program for South Central BOCES. Olivia Bachicha, former principal from Trinidad, will be heading up this program. If any member is interested in this hybrid-online and in-person principal induction program, please contact Kirk Banghart for more information. 

STEM Integration
St. Vrain School District has generously offered to help rural districts who are interested in partnering with them to start a Vex robotics program. If you want to learn more, please contact Axel Reitzig.  

Interested in a series on professional development to integrate STEM across the curriculum? This series was created for San Luis Valley Districts. 

The CREC hopes everyone is having a great start to their school year!

If you would like to join the conversation, please contact Kirk Banghart at kbanghart@generationschools.org
Save the Date: National Forum to Advance Rural Education!

If you're looking to engage with national experts, leading researchers, K-12 and higher education practitioners, policymakers, and philanthropic leaders to advance conversations and ideas around innovative rural leadership, practice, research, and policy, this is THE event for you!

If you share our passion for advancing rural education, we hope you will join us and help unite and inspire people to action! 

To learn more, click  here!

Upcoming Events

FREE In-Person K-12 Next In Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
Workshops: Successfully Transition to the NEW Colorado Science  Standards 
What does a NGSS classroom look and feel like? What do students experience and how does  teaching, content, lab, and assessment get approached differently?  

During each workshop, participants will collaboratively engage in hands-on, inquiry-based, experiential activities to explore the instructional shifts required by NGSS. 
Learn more here

Contact Liz Rowoldt at (630)208-5899 with questions and to plan your workshop. 

S-CAP Professional Development Opportunities!

The Student-Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP) is actively looking for people to attend and participate as a Reviewer or Observer. 
  • Buena Vista S-CAP SSR, for more information, click here!
  • La Veta S-CAP SSR, for more information, click here!
  • Monte Vista S-CAP SSR, for more information, click here!
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