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Dear Parents and Guardians,

While school is closed in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the district is regularly updating information. Click here  to follow Fairview Park City School updates regarding the closures, cancellations and resources available. While school is closed, school counselors are available to check in with students and parents via email, and will also be sending out weekly resources. Please do not hesitate to reach out to school counselors as needed; they will regularly be checking their school email (below) and want to help you navigate this unprecedented time!

High School Counselors:
Nora Walsh (
Jen Parente ( )

Middle School Counselor:
Mary Cory ( )

Elementary School Counselors:
Meredith Schulte ( )
Robin Schlesinger (
Erin Monnot - School Counselor Intern (
Family Resources
Your children may respond differently to an outbreak depending on their age. Below are some reactions according to age group and the best ways you can respond:

Structured Days to Promote Learning

In order to continue to promote learning and lessen the disruption school closures are having on our children, we can reinforce expectations by setting a daily schedule, limit unstructured screen time, and promote activities that limit stress. Below, please find an example of what a structured day can look like.
You can also download this blank template and create your own. 

Additional information here: Making the Most of COVID-19 School Closures 

Ideas for structured screen time in addition to resources shared by classroom teachers:

Practicing mindfulness is a well-researched method to combat anxiety for both kids and adults. Some of our students are already familiar with this practice. Regardless, it's easy to try! Here are some helpful resources:

Quick Tips for Managing Fear and the Unknown
  • Your feelings are valid. This important fact cannot be overstated!
  • Get fresh air
  • Reduce the amount of time you are spending on social media and news sites/apps
  • Be kind!


Managing Anxiety at Home:

Working through uncomfortable feelings (example- mindful breathing) and resolving conflicts are two school counseling classroom lessons students have been taught and have been reinforced in their classroom and PRIDE House. These lessons provide students with resources and life skills to persevere in difficult moments. These topics are great to reinforce at home during the extended school cancellation or if your child is having difficulty coping with the attention around COVID-19. Conscious Discipline breathing strategies below are frequently reinforced at Gilles-Sweet and students can be encouraged to utilize when they're experiencing uncomfortable feelings. In addition, some students have practiced mindful breathing with the help of apps. The Problem-Solving Wheel is another great resource kids are familiar with and can be used to encourage students to resolve conflict they may be experiencing (e.g. arguments with siblings, disagreements with parents, anger/anxiety around COVID-19)

Available resources related to covered classroom lesson topics:
  • Problem Solving Wheel for conflict resolution strategies
  • Coping Strategies the students are familiar with:

  • Additional coping strategies for students:
      • Practice positive self-talk ( ex. "I can do this,"  "I am safe," " I am okay")
      • Practice mindful breathing: Breathing techniques from Conscious Discipline (see below) and guided practice through apps such as Calm, Settle Your Glitter and Stop, Breathe and Think 
  • Breathing Techniques from Conscious Discipline

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