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Stress Management & Anxiety

Dear Parents & Guardians,

As Fairview Park staff adjusts to supporting students using a 'remote learning' approach, we are certain this has been a significant adjustment in your homes, as well. These adjustments  undoubtedly create stress for not only you, but your children as well. Now more than ever safety and active calming have become mission-critical for families everywhere. Regardless of how many years we've been developing our own social emotional toolset, it's difficult to help a child co-regulate when we feel anxious ourselves! It's important to remember:
  • Our calm increases children's calm.
  • You are the most important Safe Place for your child.
  • The brain requires safety and connection. Be intentional about cultivating both.
  • Create a "new normal" together using routines and play.
  • Provide helpful ways for children to contribute every day.
  • Consciously choose to see the best in others and circumstances.

High School Counselors:
Nora Walsh (
Jen Parente ( )

Middle School Counselor:
Mary Cory ( )

Elementary School Counselors:
Meredith Schulte ( )
Robin Schlesinger (
Erin Monnot - School Counselor Intern (
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