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W e welcome everyone. Our Unitarian Universalist community seeks truth and deeper meaning, pursues justice through inspired action, and cultivates compassion and love for all connected by the web of life .
Sunday Service 10:00 AM
November 10 “The Cost of Homelessness,” Rev. Sam Trumbore

Housing insecurity has many costs. All of us as a society may be paying a much higher cost than we realize. The highest costs though can’t be measured in dollars. They are measured in costs to our moral and ethical principles, to the Beloved Community we seek to create here and now, and to the next generation of children mired in poverty.

Music: Choir, Ann Brandon, piano

Hymn 298:  Wake Now My Senses
Hymn 1:  May Nothing Evil Cross This Door
Hymn 97:  Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
Hymn 407:  We're Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table

Here is a place you might find the words to our hymns.

10:00 am

November 17, “Transgender Day of Remembrance,” Dan Miyake

This service is in recognition of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, or TDOR, which was first held in 1999. That initial observance was a vigil held in response to the tragic 1998 murder of Rita Hester, an outspoken transgender woman from Boston. It also commemorated all those who were killed due to anti-transgender violence and those transgender individuals who committed suicide that year. Now an annual observance, TDOR has become an international event, with services of remembrance happening around the globe.

Music: Choir, Ann Brandon, piano

November 24, “Thanksgiving and the Platinum Rule,” Dan Miyake, Rev. Sam Trumbore
What would have happened if the Pilgrims had been able to learn enough about the Wampanoag to treat them as they wished to be treated? The Pilgrims got a powerful lesson in hospitality and generosity from these indigenous folks as they celebrated that first harvest together. This is the special Sunday when Rev. Sam makes mini-corn muffins to share Sunday morning during the service.

Music: Helderberg Madrigals with Randy Rosette, piano



Unleash Your Creativity! 
Would you like to display your creative talents by donating a hand crafted item(s) to Albany UU’s Dec. 8 Holiday Bazaar? We are looking for items that would make great small gifts, stocking stuffers, tree ornaments, pet toys or whatever you enjoy making. For more information, please contact Sigrin Newell at 518-439-6705 or .

Christmas Cookie Sharing Reception needs a host!
Our traditional Christmas Eve Cookie Reception between the 6pm and 8pm Candlelight Services on Dec. 24 needs a host! If you, your family or your group would like to host this wonderful event, please contact the church office to find out more. It’s really pretty simple!

Albany UU Safety
Effective immediately, the West St. door will remain locked on Sunday mornings. The Washington Ave. lobby doors will be locked 15 minutes after service begins and reopened again from 11-noon. A Welcome Table or Greeter volunteer will remain in the Lobby for the duration of the morning to monitor doors. We appreciate your patience as we make this transition. If you have questions, please call the church office.

Thank you!
The children raised $137.28 for UNICEF from our generous congregation during last Sunday’s coffee hour!

Understudy Needed
If you like to observe and record during a fast-paced event, we have just the one night volunteer job for you! The Auction Committee needs a person willing to learn the task of recording bids during the live auction on next March 21st. You would learn the ropes from our expert recorder, Kathy Harris.
Please contact Chair Randy Rosette at  or 518-783-2637 for more details.

Warmth for the Homeless
It is time again to gather blankets, sleeping bags, warm coats, etc. for those experiencing homelessness. Please put them in the bin in the coatroom. Thanks you!

Planning for weather emergencies
In the event of severe weather, a decision to cancel Sunday morning RE classes will be publicized by 9:00 PM Saturday.

A decision to cancel Sunday meditation and the service will be publicized by 8:00 AM Sunday.

The cancellation of all other classes, programs and meetings depends on a decision by the chairperson. We hope to receive information enabling a cancellation announcement two hours before the event start time.

Notice of cancellations will be posted on our website and Facebook, by email sent through Constant Contact, and announced on local TV and radio stations through the “School Closing Network”.
Sunday Schedule

9:00 AM
- Mindfulness Meditation, Sanctuary

9:45 AM
- Nursery/Toddler Rooms open

10:00 AM
- Service, Community Hall
- Religious Exploration for Children and Youth

11:00 AM
- Coffee Hour, Channing Hall

11:45 AM
- Inclusivity and Intersectionality Team, Room B-7

Quick Links

Denominational Affairs Links

Helpful Local Links

Sign up for a class or event

- Send and email to:
- Sign up at the Sign Up Site in Channing Hall
- Call the church office, 518.463.7135
If childcare is offered for the event, please let us know you need it when you register, including names and ages of children.

Offering envelopes

We appreciate donations of cash during the offering that occurs as part of our Sunday service. If you would like to have cash contributions recorded and acknowledged in writing for tax purposes at the end of the calendar year, please use and write your name on one of the envelopes that are available on the table in the Community Hall lobby. Thank you very much for your generosity.
Union Thanksgiving Service
Tuesday, Nov. 26, 7:30 pm at Congregation Beth Emeth, 100 Academy Rd.
This joint service is a longstanding tradition that connects Congregation Beth Emeth, Trinity Methodist Church, The First UU Society of Albany and Westminster Presbyterian Church. It is our tradition to bring canned goods to donate to FOCUS food pantry.

Thanksgiving Dinner ... at Albany UU! Thursday, Nov. 28
Each year we have an open Thanksgiving Dinner in Channing Hall on Thanksgiving Day. If you and your family or friends would like to join Rev. Trumbore and his family at this dinner, please sign up in Channing Hall and let us know what you would like to bring. Set up for the dinner will begin at 1pm. Appetizers will be served at 2pm. Dinner will be served at 3pm. Games and entertainment for mutual amusement will follow the meal (bring your favorites!). Cleanup begins at 4pm.
Transforming Hearts: Transgender Inclusion in Congregations
Options for participating in the Transforming Hearts class.

The authors of the Transforming Hearts class invite everyone in our congregation to participate! Albany UU purchased the full congregation package and all the materials and lectures are available online to members and friends.

This course is for those who want to increase their knowledge and skills to help our congregation become fully inclusive and affirming of the full breadth of gender diversity Though the class that Rev. Sam and Dan are leading will have the opportunity for rich discussion and exchange that will be very valuable, we recognized that not everyone is able to attend when the class is being offered.

If you can’t attend the class in person on Tuesdays: 11/19, 12/3 & 17, 1/14 at 7:00 pm and would like to take it on your own, please call the church office for information on how to do that.
Mindfulness Meditation Workshop Schedule
November 8-9, 2019

It's not too late to sign up! Send an email to

This meditation training and practice workshop will be led by Rev. Trumbore, on Friday 6:00pm to 9:00pm, and Saturday 8:00am to 3:00pm. It gives the participants an opportunity to learn Buddhist mindfulness meditation techniques and/or refresh and deepen their meditation practice. All are welcome from first timers to experts. There will be a vegan potluck lunch on Saturday and all are encouraged to bring something to share. Please register with the office (call 463-7135) if you would like to participate. (A voluntary donation can be offered at the end)

Rev. Trumbore has practiced Buddhist Vipassana or insight meditation for over 35 years and is Past President of the Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship. This meditation technique is one of the best for Unitarian Universalists. It helps people train their minds to strengthen concentration and intensify moment-to-moment awareness. Regular practice of this technique quiets and sharpens the mind, opens the heart and can improve one's physical and mental health.
Bringing the Monthly Theme of Attention Home

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.
- Thich Nhat Hanh

At our last parent/caretaker support group I shared that much of the RE sessions this month are about learning and practicing mindfulness as a way of paying attention. I asked the parents/caretakers there if they had any mindfulness or meditation practices they used as a family at home. …crickets….no one had a response – at first.

We agreed that it’s hard to say to your children, “Time to meditate!”, because then the eyerolls start. 

I shared that I didn’t do much with mediation with my own children when they were young, but I did teach them some basics of non-violent communication I had learned. (Check out How to Talk So Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk) and that I did occasionally get a phone call from one of my grown children, while she was on a break from work requesting some coaching on NVC to deal with her boss and co-workers.

Then others in the group reflected and realized that they actually do have meditative strategies to help their children pause and take a breath. And they began to share. One uses the Calm and Insight Timer apps for meditations for children at bedtime. Someone models taking a few deep breaths before starting the car, because she is so breathless after rushing to get everyone out the door and she wants take a moment to center herself so she can drive safely. Others talked about how they urge their children, even toddlers (especially toddlers), to simply take a few deep breaths when they are upset. The group appreciated hearing that you can explain to your children that they are not their thoughts. Everyone can choose their thoughts. One way to do that is to think of your thoughts as pieces of cloth on a clothesline. And you can choose for yourself which ones you want to take down and which you want to leave hanging. Someone else said that they put up a white board in their child’s room and to the parent’s surprise, their child wrote thoughtful reflections. Many of us pause before dinner to offer thanks or to share a “thorn” (sad or disappointing event) and a “rose” (happy, successful event) of their day. Several among us are learning about “tapping therapy” to connect with the body and emotions. Parents/caretakers may be interested in a Buddhist Sangha which is planning to meet at Albany UU; they plan to have activities for children as well as adults. Their website is under construction, but you can follow their progress on Facebook . Many Albany UU parent/caretakers have been using the Soulful Home monthly packets on the theme of the month. These packets give UU families thoughtful activities for different contact times of the day including dinner, bed time, and drive times. You can find printed packets at the RE Office and on the shelves on the second floor and basement hallways; electronic copies are at the members site of Albany UU. Contact the office for instructions to get to this site Each month I also create a one-page publication called The Monthly Messenger that gives a summary of the service and story each week, and a focus question and practice for adults and families to reflect on and embody the weekly message. You can also find these in the RE Office Window and shelves on the second floor and basement hallways.

Those of us at the parent/caretaker support group agreed that there are many ways to help children be mindful. I hope you join us on our journey on Attention this month and enjoy exploring new ways to pay attention to what is before us: attention to our inner self; attention to needs beyond our own; attention to the now; and attention to beauty around us.

In joyful service,


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To share your Joy or Sorrow with our Albany UU community, you may submit it on a yellow card during the service or by using our online form.  

Join us in celebrating these events in our members' lives.

Sigrin Newell's uncle, Don Rustad died a week ago, Only a year ago, at age 92, Don made fused glass chalice plaques for us to sell in our Holiday Bazaar. Sam has one of these chalices in his office and is pictured here!

Need to Talk? Albany UU Pastoral Care Associates are here to listen!
Our Pastoral Care Associates have been trained in compassionate listening skills and are available to all members and friends of our congregation. To contact a Pastoral Care Associate, email: , contact Rev. Sam Trumbore , the Albany UU office at 518.463.7135, or one of them personally. They are: Sharon Babala, Chuck Manning, Donna Meixner, Dan Miyake, Phil Rich, Randy Rosette, Dee VanRiper and Erick F. vonHausen.

Albany UU Caring Network
The Caring Network (CN) reflects the words of the Albany UU chalice lighting - “to sustain a vital and nurturing religious community.” The CN provide encouragement and short term support to Albany UU members who, due to hospitalization, sickness, loss, or isolation, need assistance. Services typically include transportation to medical appointments, meals and shopping during recovery, and friendly visits and “check in’s” from Caring Network members. Please reach out to the Caring Network if you need.
Poinsettia Sale to start this Sunday
A benefit for the Rite of Passage trip next spring. Brighten your home for the holidays and help send our youth and mentors on their UU heritage trip! Learn more here .

Walker Book Group 
Join the Walker Book Group for a potluck and discussion this Sunday, Nov. 10 at 5:30 pm in Channing Hall. We will discuss A Woman is No Man by Etaf Rum. Learn more here .

Call to Action
Albany UU will again be collecting for Day of Simple Giving sponsored by Grassroot Givers. This year, we're being asked to provide dish washing detergent . Learn more here .

Getting to Know UU
Join us on Saturday, Dec. 7 at 8:45 AM if you're thinking of membership, or wondering just what Unitarian Universalism can bring to your life. Learn more here.

Delicious Homemade Pie and Soup Sale!
Don’t miss the annual homemade soup and pie sale following the service on Sunday, November 24 in Channing Hall. Learn more here .

Join us for the Holiday Music Jam!
The annual Albany UU Holiday Music Jam will take place on Sunday, Dec. 22 during coffee hour. Learn more here .
-Leah Purcell, Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry (DREFM),

For the Faith Development of children and youth this Sunday

This is a UU’s in Action Sunday when we combine some groups for service and learn about social justice. The children in Pre-K through 4th grade will be exploring how mindfulness can help us be attentive to the needs of others. The story in the service is The Lion on the Path.

Nursery/Toddler Room opens at 9:45

Children in grades Pre-K through 6th grade will start in the service in Community Hall with their families and go to Sunday school after the story.

The Pre-K group; the Dragons (K/1) and Rainbow Duckies (2/3) will meet together in Room 24/25.

The 4th grade and 5th/6th grade Groups will meet together in Room B-1.

Youth 7th/8th grade OWL and YoUUth group meet for their groups starting at 10:00.

Sunday school ends at 11:20. At that time children in grades 3 and younger are to be picked up by parents/caretakers or an older sibling; older children and youth are dismissed at 11:20 to find their families.
Infants, children and youth are always welcome in the service with their families.

Updated info for the coming weeks and for the year are at the Our Learning Community for Children and Youth page,
-Matt Lesniak, SRC Chair, email

SRC Recommends:

Engineering the Anthropocene 
Please join us for a community-centered discussion about how our society interacts with food systems and about reimagining those systems in the face of a changing climate. The discussion will feature a panel of experts on food and environmental justice, food-human systems, urban farming, and the science of agricultural systems and climate change mitigation. Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 6-7:30pm in Community Hall. Sponsored by the Green Sanctuary Committee. Learn more here .  
Ushers needed
Are you looking for a way to be more involved in what happens on Sunday mornings? Now is your chance! We are looking to deepen our Usher pool and would love for YOU to join. It’s a very simple but very necessary volunteer opportunity. If you’re interested in learning more about being an Usher on Sunday mornings, please contact Dawn Dana: . Thank you!

Sunday Volunteers
Would you like to be involved in the Sunday service in a more meaningful way?
Visit Sunday Hospitality Sign Up to find out about the ways you can volunteer on Sunday morning. We thank you and could not do what we do without YOU!

YOU can make a difference!
We at Albany UU are making an effort to increase our visibility and connectivity online. YOU can help, and it's quick and easy! Simply like, follow and share pages and posts on any of our social media platforms, or leave a positive Facebook or Google review. Google Albany UU or find us here:
Interested in books? Want to help choose them for Joy Library?
The Joy Library Committee could use another member or two. No meetings. All you need to do is vote on new book purchases. Twice a year, once in early fall, once in winter, we'll send you by e-mail a list of a few dozen titles, with links to descriptions or reviews, and give you about a month to respond by marking “Yes” on the books you think best for us to buy. That's it. If you're interested, please contact us at .

New books in the Joy Library

These books will be in the New Books rack for a while, and afterward will be found at the indicated call numbers.

When One Religion Isn't Enough: The Lives of Spiritually Fluid People , by Duane R. Bidwell (2019) call number 261.2 BID

Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate , by Matthew Soerens & Jenny Yang (2018) call number 261.836 SOE

Unapologetic : a Black, Queer, and Feminist Mandate for our Movement, by Charlene A. Carruthers.
(2019) call number 305.48 CAR

Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice , by Rebecca Todd Peters (2019) call number 362 PET

The War on Neighborhoods: Policing, Prison, and Punishment in a Divided City , by Ryan Lugalia-Hollon & Daniel Cooper (2019) call number 363.2 LUG

In Jerusalem: Three Generations of an Israeli Family and a Palestinian Family , by Lis Harris.
(2019) call number 956.94 HAR
Check out our Election Day pie makers!
Thank you so much to all who came out to peel and assemble apple pies!

A HUGE thank you to Sandy Stone and Dorry Campano, and their helpers for making the crusts and to Eileen Hoffman for getting the apples.

Not pictured but definitely there to help on Election Day:
Barb Manning, Sandy Stone, Betsey Miller, Ellen Chernoff, Carol Butt and Barb Spink
Regular events and meetings
Many of these events and meetings take a hiatus in the summer, check with the church office before coming in.

11:45 AM      Inclusivity Team (2nd)
5:30 PM       Walker Book Group (2nd)
11:45 AM      Social Responsibilities Council (3rd)
11:45 AM      Green Sanctuary Committee (4th)
6:15 PM        Religious Education Council
                               (1st, Nov., Feb., May)
10:00 AM      Philosophy Discussion (weekly)
1:00 PM        Bridge (weekly)
10:00 AM      Projects & Quilts (weekly)
7:00 PM        Choir Rehearsal (almost weekly)
1:00 PM       All Sides Considered (1st & 3rd)
6:30 PM       Board of Trustees (4th)
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You can listen to the entire Albany UU Sunday service at home or on your mobile device. The two most recent services are available as MP3 files on the Albany UU member resource website. Here is how to access:

username: AlbanyUU
password: EEthelredBrown405

Our sermon archive (select Ministry/Sermon Archive on the left website menu) has pdf files of sermons texts (when available) and audio files of sermons. You can also request the office put a service on a CD.
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To reserve a room for an Albany UU activity or to rent a hall or classroom space , for a personal or non-Albany UU activity, contact Administrative Assistant Sapphire Correa (518.463.7135 or ).

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