Windows Weekly August 9, 2018
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W e welcome everyone. Our Unitarian Universalist community seeks truth and deeper meaning, pursues justice through inspired action, and cultivates compassion and love for all connected by the web of life .
Sunday Service 10:00 AM
August 12, "Reclaiming My Time," Rev. Kimberly Debus

Over the past year, we have seen women and more than a few men say "enough" to misogyny, sexual violence, and a culture that devalues half the population. What does it mean to not only have, but promote a new vision of a world that no longer needs #metoo?  

Rev. Debus works as a community minister; she inspires congregations to more artful and art-filled worship, congregational life, and public witness.  

Music: Randy Rosette

Summer Sundays

August 19, "What kind of person is a prophet," Joe Paparone

The prophetic tradition, transformation, justice, and Sanctuary.    

Joe Paparone earned a Master of Arts in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. He volunteers with New Sanctuary for Immigrants, ICE-Free Capital District, and Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration.

Music: Al DeSalvo

August 26, "I know something you don't know," Rev. Lynn Ashley

This singsong taunt that may haunt us from the playgrounds of our childhoods may serve to remind us of the power associated with knowing secrets. It may serve as well to remind us there could be a price associated with knowing those secrets. The lessons associated with price and power, connected with some of the most powerful secrets of our families and associations (some of them carried throughout the generations); and the sense of being ‘in’ or ‘out’ (depending), are likely to influence the course of our lives.  
Rev. Ashley is a longtime friend of Albany UU where she was ordained. Recently retired, she lives in Voorheesville with her husband and their cat. 

Music: Ann Brandon

September 2, "A Dark Night of the Soul - In Which You Take an Exquisite Risk," Diane Cameron

A new year begins at Labor Day, and we look around our lives and ask, “What comes next?” and “What should go?”, and we welcome the inevitable invitation to take a risk.

Diane is passionate about advocacy for people living in poverty and for family caregivers. She is a director at Unity House in Troy and is also a spiritual coach and retreat leader.

Music: Randy Rosette

Summer at Albany UU

Our summer services continue through September 2.
How is a summer Sunday at Albany UU different from other Sundays?
--The 9:00 am  Meditation  continues.
--We have  Service  at 10:00 am. Summer services are coordinated by Randy Rosette, with a delightful list of guests in the pulpit. 
--Rather than offering programming for children this summer, we are offering child care for children ages 7 and younger. One room will be for infants and toddlers, the other for ages 3 to 7. Children and youth ages 8 and up attend the service with their families.
-- Coffee Hour  becomes Iced Tea and Lemonade (in Community Hall Alcove.)
--The  people  you've enjoyed all year are still here, plus it's a time we often have visitors who are on their summer voyages from elsewhere.
--Contributions of  flowers from your garden  for the service are welcome!
-- If you can volunteer to help  on a Sunday, we have openings for Greeters and Ushers. Sign up  here  anytime! You can also call the office, 518-463-7135, or sign up at under Volunteer Opportunities.
--For more information about Summer Sundays, click  here.
--Note that office hours for August are: 9:00-1:00 M-Th.
Summer Sunday Schedule

9:00 AM
- Mindfulness Meditation
9:45 AM
- Childcare rooms open (ages 7 and younger)
10:00 AM
- Service, Community Hall
11:00 AM
- Fellowship Hour - Community Hall Alcove

Quick Links

Sign up for a class or event

- Send and email to:
- Sign up at the Sign Up Site in Channing Hall
- Call the church office, 518.463.7135
If childcare is offered for the event, please let us know you need it when you register, including names and ages of children.

Board of Trustees 2018-2019



Ex-officio Members
Sam Trumbore, Minister
Jim Hutchins, Chair, Religious
Education Council
Matt Lesniak, Chair, Social Responsibilities Council

Elected Officer (not on Board of Trustees)
Seth Edelman, Assistant Treasurer


Rev. Sam Trumbore,  

Church Administrator
Tammy Hathaway,

Director of Religious Education
Leah Purcell,

Music Director
Dr. Richard Porterfield,

Administrative Assistant
Sapphire Correa,

Religious Education Assistant
Elizabeth Baldes,

Izzy Wright
Developments in Religious Exploration: Three ways for us to do great things together

“You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.”  
-Mother Teresa

You may have already read that, at my request, I have moved from full time to three quarter time in my position at Albany UU so I can pursue some outside interests. While that may indicate to you that our families and our Religious Exploration program for children and youth will be served less, let me assure you that I’ve been working with Rev. Sam, Dick Dana, (Albany UU’s president) and the RE Council on plans to keep what we have now and to provide you with more.

I have been talking to Rev. Sam and others in leadership positions in our congregation to really lift for them that families in our congregation are experiencing all the same forces of our society as everyone else. I see you parents and caretakers balancing what society demands of you to ensure that your children do well and grow to be successful, on the one hand; and resisting the demands which work against your values on the other. I see you struggling to foster compassion in a competitive world; to place value in meaning over materialism; in community over rugged, self-centered individualism; acceptance and celebration of differences in the face of hatred and ignorance.

And at the same time, of course, there is the real competition for time:
  • time to create at home life
  • time for your children to attend activities
  • time to participate a religious community that can help you

The leadership and I agree that the RE program and I could do better in supporting you in your balancing acts. So we have created two structures as ways to support you and I invite you to join in a third way.

1. My job title has changed to Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry.  Family Ministry means building strong connections between families and the congregation; and supporting parents and caregivers in being their children’s primary religious educators. That last bit may seem scary. I’ve heard parents/caretakers say that they don’t know about religious education; that’s what they count on Sunday school to do! And I hear you on that. I felt the same way when my kids were young. But I also think that I could have used some resources to help – just one suggestion at a time would have given me reassurance. Some of you attend the monthly Parent/Caretaker Support Group in person or in our Face Book group. That’s one example of Family Ministry. I’ll be talking to you and putting other things out there via my blog and email for your consideration and getting your feedback about them.

2. After a very competitive hiring process, Elizabeth Baldes was offered and has accepted the new role as part time RE Program Assistant.  Elizabeth is a long-time member and volunteer at Albany UU. She is a graduate of Empire State College and is also currently a preschool teacher at New Covenant Nursery School. Elizabeth will work 15 hours a week and she will take on some administrative and clerical tasks for the RE program and the routine support for the Sunday morning RE volunteers; promote events and resources for families; and work with me to plan events like training sessions. She will also substitute for me on Sunday morning once a month and make sure things run smoothly that morning in Sunday school. Elizabeth is motivated and has amazing organizational skills. So with her coming on board, our staff is better equipped to focus on needs of families.

3. Let’s focus and put less energy into measuring attendance and more into engagement.  I remain a big fan of frequent Sunday morning attendance. AND I know that there are other ways for you to fulfill our mission at Albany UU to seek truth, pursue justice, and cultivate compassion. More simply put, let’s work together to find what you need to equip you in fostering UU identity and our faith for your children. Different families could use different tools at different times to meet the same goals.
  • maybe your family makes a point of attending monthly Family Chapel
  • maybe you get to Albany UU for Sunday school or attend service together once a month or more
  • maybe you join in multigenerational events (like social events; social justice witness events; service events at Albany UU and other places with fellow congregants)
  • maybe you read books at home together that promote UU values; discuss movies and shows you watch together in light of UU values
  • maybe you do UU spiritual practices together at home
  • and I encourage all parents and caretakers talk to their children at home about your values, why you do what you do.

Because, let’s face it, Sunday school attendance alone, even frequent attendance, never did a terrific job of transmitting our religious identity, faith and values to our children and youth.

Your engagement with your children’s religious exploration fuels their sense of what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist and a passion for our faith.

I love how the old Lowe's slogan, “You can do it; we can help!” also applies to supporting parents and caretakers. There is the "you" AND the "we". Everyone is part of developing our multigenerational, “we” culture at Albany UU. So whatever tools you're using in your family, your engagement with our faith community is also part of your parenting as a Unitarian Universalist. Now is the perfect time for you to consider serving our congregation in whatever way you can – become part of a Meaning Matters small group; bring a friend on a Sunday morning or to an event; volunteer; and give generously, however that looks for you.

We’re all in this together - and as religious people, we join together in love.

Warmly in faith,

Leah Purcell, Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry, Credentialed Religious Educator

Check out the RE Newsletter as we look ahead to fall and the line up for children and youth. Save the date for a Parent/Caretaker Orientation Sept 30!
Our Social Responsibilities Council is asking for your help with a clothing drive for the Asylum Seekers detained in the Albany County Jail.

The following items are being requested and are desperately needed in size medium, large and/or extra large: 
-Men’s and Women’s white socks 
-Men’s and Women’s white underwear  
-Men’s white t-shirts
-Women’s white pullover sports bras - no hooks or underwire

Per jail requirements, these items must be in their new, original packages and must be white
Please place your donations in the blue bin in the coatroom. Members of SRC will then deliver all items to The Legal Project. For questions, contact Robyn Ringler: 518-963-7654

The Asylum Seekers entered America legally asking for refuge from violence in their own countries. They were flown from America’s southern borders to Albany with no personal belongings. There are approximately 330 Asylum Seekers at the jail, which include 55 women, 17 of whom have been separated from their children. Thus, no children’s clothes are needed.
September 9
Bring water (real or virtual) gathered during your summer (at home or away) to symbolize the regathering of our community.

Send a couple photos by Sept. 1 of your summer activities for inclusion in the slideshow to: .

Plan on lunch after the service! Everyone is invited to a light lunch in Channing hall right after the service. Please bring a “finger food” to share (no utensils and no heating up needed!): sandwiches (cut in half), raw veggies, fruit, cheese and crackers, deviled eggs, or other appetizers. Drop off your contribution that morning in the kitchen. This is a nice time to catch up with friends and meet some new people after the summer’s activities. See you then!
Sign up for Meaning Matters

Coordinated by Rev. Sam Trumbore
A great way to get connected through a small group at Albany UU is through Meaning Matters. Meaning Matters focuses on sharing personal experiences, questions and insights centered on the theme of the month. The groups use a packet of material distributed by email in the beginning of the month. It includes a couple of short essays, deepening exercises, a list of questions, a couple of pages of quotes, links to articles, videos, books and movies on the theme that can be used as a source of reflection to prepare for the meeting. Do as much or as little as you have time for that month. The meetings are directed toward exploring the theme as a source for seeking truth and deeper meaning and facilitates connections between group members.

Meaning Matters is open to everyone. Please contact the office (518-463-7135) or Rev. Trumbore or visit our member web site for registration information.

Update on the New Sound System

From Rev. Trumbore

Many people have complained about the new sound system installed in Community Hall. Both Jon Newell and I have been working on fixing the problems but we have not been able to resolve them all. That is because neither of us are sound engineers nor understand all the fine tuning issues that must be addressed.

One issue has been that the installer hasn't been available to fix those problems. At my instance he did come last Sunday and heard the problems you have been reporting. He reprogrammed the software that controls the new speakers and did some tuning on it afterwards. To my ear, it sounds much better. I'll be doing more tuning this week. Our installer will be back to finish the job next week.

My deep apologies to people who have been frustrated with this new system and the delay in the fine tuning process. Each person's hearing is a little different so it is challenging to make the adjustments that work for everyone. My goal is to have all the problems resolved by the end of August.

We will not stop working on the system until we get it right and our installer is committed to our satisfaction with it. Please keep me informed on your satisfaction with the progress. Some of you might also consider using the hearing assist system which I have fixed and is working better than it was before installing the new system.

Memorial Service - Stephen Dolben
A memorial service will be held for Stephen Dolben, Linda Way's son, on Sunday, August 19 at 1:30 pm in the Sanctuary , followed by a reception in Channing Hall. Contributions of finger foods for the reception are welcomed and encouraged. We have permission to park in the UAlbany Hawley Lot for this event.

Walker Book Club
Get ready for the September 9, 5:30 pm discussion of the Walker Book Group by reading the longer, summer book, Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. This book was selected as one of The New York Times Book Review’s 10 Best Books of 2017. Bring your favorite dish to share and a small contribution to cover beverages. Find more information here !

Albany UU Photo Directory – Connecting Our Congregation!
Be part of the Albany UU photo directory, coming this fall! Help us build a tool that will enable all of us to put names with faces. Bring your family to a photo session at Albany UU, and you will receive a complimentary 8x10 photograph as well as the opportunity to purchase additional photos, if you choose. Every family will receive a printed and mobile Albany UU photo directory. Find more information here !

Get your Nature Fix at UU Weekend at Silver Bay
Silver Bay is a wonderful place to commune with nature.
-Michaela Pochily

Take in the view from Sunrise Mountain! Go on a nature trail! Canoe on the lake! Join us for a bird walk! Opportunities for nature lovers abound. 

Please join us for UU Weekend at Silver Bay from October 12-14, 2018 . Find more information here !
Job opening at Albany UU
We are accepting applications for a Lead Youth Adviser. Complete information can be found at
Sunday Volunteers
Would you like to be involved in the Sunday service in a more meaningful way?
Visit Sunday Hospitality Sign Up to find out about the ways you can volunteer on Sunday morning. We thank you and could not do what we do without YOU!

Gardening Volunteers
Do you have two hours to contribute to maintaining the gardens surrounding Albany UU? The Gardening Committee welcomes you to sign up here , where you can select which week(s) you'd like to help. Volunteers often work in pairs. No experience necessary. For more information or to receive e-mail updates, please contact Donna Meixne r or 518/439-5947.

See also - volunteer opportunity under the SRC heading below.
-Leah Purcell, Director of Religious Education,

Keep up with what's happening for children and families and other events by checking out   Leah's e-News .
On Sunday, the childcare rooms open starting at 9:45 AM (ages 7 and under)
Summer calendar at a glance:

- The Nursery/Toddler Room  is open each week from 9:45 to 11:20
- Summer Session of Religious Services and Childcare through Sept. 2:
   *Childcare for infants through age 7 will be in the Nursery and in Room 24/25
   *Children and youth ages 8 and up will attend the service with their families
- September 9  - Multigenerational Homecoming and Water Ceremony Service
- September 16  - Sunday School Resumes

Summer Meet Up in Washington Park Sunday, Aug. 19
Join families and other adults from Albany UU to picnic and play in Washington Park after the service (around 11:30). Bring your own lunch, chairs, blanket and your favorite lawn games. We’ll meet near the playground. Bring a friend! It's a great time to invite families you know who are interested in our community!

RE Volunteers – mark your calendars for a development session on Saturday, Sept 8, 9:00-noon
This is an important meeting for those of you volunteering in RE this fall – Sunday morning group leaders, nursery/toddler volunteers, and youth advisers – to get a refresher on our safety policy and learn signs of child abuse and neglect. You’ll get some pointers on how to use the curriculum to meet the needs of your group and ways to make your Sunday morning sessions run more smoothly.

Now is the time to register your child for 2018- 19 RE!  
Avoid the rush and register your child for RE today  on line  and pay the registration fee  on line  too! You can also pick up a paper copy in the RE Office or ask the office to mail one to you. Make your check out to Albany UU and put RE Registration in the memo line or pay in cash. Call the office at 463-7135 or email Leah at with questions.
-Matt Lesniak, SRC Chair, email

Kateri Tekakwitha Peace Conference - August 17 & 18, 2018

Events on Friday, August 17 from 1:00 - 6:00 PM will be at Albany UU.
Afternoon events and workshops will be followed by a potluck.

Find more information here about Friday's events , Saturday's events or visit the Peace Conference website.

Volunteers requested 
PAUSE (People of Albany United for Safe Energy) has partnered with the city of Albany to turn the Albany Jazz Festival into a zero waste event. On  Saturday, Sept. 8, 1:00-9:00 pm  they will attempt to redirect vendors and the public alike from throwing their food waste into the trash. They will provide compostable buckets and bags for the refuse instead.  

PAUSE is asking for help.

Please see the  flyer   for details. The most important thing you can do is to let Sandy Steubing know that you can help on Sept. 8 by devoting an hour or two of your time. 
Sandy Steubing 518-268-7045 or

See also SRC's CALL TO ACTION above.

The August 2 Weekly Windows incorrectly listed the names of our current Pastoral Care Associates. They are now listed correctly below, under our "JOYS and CARING CORNER" heading. Apologies the confusion.
To share your Joy or Sorrow with our Albany UU community, you may submit it on a yellow card during the service or by using our online form.

Need to Talk? Albany UU Pastoral Care Associates are here to listen!
Our Pastoral Care Associates have been trained in compassionate listening skills and are available to all members and friends of our congregation. To contact a Pastoral Care Associate, email: , contact Rev. Sam Trumbore , the Albany UU office at 518.463.7135, or one of them personally. They are: Chuck Manning, Phil Rich, Randy Rosette, Sandy Stone, Lisa Barron, Donna Meixner and Dee VanRiper.
Regular events and meetings
Exceptions: It’s summer! Many of the “regular" activities listed below don’t take place in the summer. Call the church office if you want to find out if an event or meeting will take place.
Check Windows Weekly for changes to date, time and location. 

5:30 PM       Walker Book Group (2nd)
11:45 AM      Green Sanctuary Committee (1st)
11:45 AM      Social Responsibilities Council (3rd)
6:15 PM        Religious Education Council (1st)
10:00 AM      Philosophy Discussion (weekly)
1:00 PM        Bridge (weekly)
7:00 PM        UU Humanists (3rd)
10:00 AM      Projects & Quilts (weekly)
7:00 PM        Choir Rehearsal (almost weekly)
1:00 PM        All Sides Considered (1st & 3rd)
7:00 PM       Program Coordinating Council (2nd)
7:00 PM       Board of Trustees (3rd)
Going to miss a Sunday?

You can listen to the entire Albany UU Sunday service at home or on your mobile device. The two most recent services are available as MP3 files on the Albany UU member resource website. Here is how to access:

username: fuusan, password: Emerson405.

Our sermon archive (select Ministry/Sermon Archive on the left website menu) has pdf files of sermons texts (when available) and audio files of sermons. You can also request the office put a service on a CD.
First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany
Parking: Parking is available on the street. On Sundays (and for some special events) Albany UU has permission to use the University at Albany’s Hawley Parking Lot on Robin Street at Washington Avenue.

Office hours
September-June: Monday-Friday, 9:00-3:00
July-August: Monday–Thursday 9:00-1:00


Building use
To reserve a room for an Albany UU activity or to rent a hall or classroom space , for a personal or non-Albany UU activity, contact Administrative Assistant Sapphire Correa (518.463.7135 or ).
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