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W e welcome everyone. Our Unitarian Universalist community seeks truth and deeper meaning, pursues justice through inspired action, and cultivates compassion and love for all connected by the web of life .
Sunday Service 10:00 AM
February 2, "Radical, Transformational Welcome," Zr. Alex Kapitan

In today’s political climate, being a Welcoming Congregation requires more of us than simply opening our doors to LGBTQ people. We are called to the work of transformation: transformation of our selves and our awareness, transformation of our congregation and its culture, and transformation of our wider community and world. In this service guest speaker Zr. Alex Kapitan, a queer and transgender UU leader, will preach on what it will take to embody this sort of radical welcome—the kind of welcome that can ultimately transform us all.

Zr. Alex Kapitan is a lay community minister, educator, editor, consultant, anti-oppression activist, and transgender and queer lifelong Unitarian Universalist. Ze is co-founder of the Transforming Hearts Collective. Ze lives in western MA with partner Teddy and a menagerie of furry and feathered friends.

Music: Elena Karpoff, piano ; Randy Rosette, guest vocalist

NOTE : Alex will be giving the workshop, “Trans Inclusion & Radical Culture Shift,” beginning at 1:00 PM in Community Hall. All are welcome.

Hymn 188: Come, Come, Whoever You Are
Hymn 1023: Building Bridges
Hymn 123: Spirit of Life
Hymn 131: Love Will Guide Us

Here is a place  you might find the words to our hymns. Not all can be found here, but it's a nice resource.

10:00 am

February 9, “Living by Heart,” Rev. Lynn Gardner

How might practicing compassion and kindness help us cultivate resilience in difficult times? If we want to be more kind and more compassionate, how might we choose to live?

Rev. Lynn Gardner, whose pronouns are she/her or they/them, previously worked in childcare, and owned an in-home daycare program in Corvallis, Oregon. She has served as co-minister with Rev. Wendy Bartel, since 2010, and they have served in Schenectady since 2017.

Music: Albany UU Choir, Elena Karpoff , piano

February 16, “ Forgiveness – The Art of Letting Go,” Dan Miyake, Intern Minister

Forgiveness is often seen as something to be sought externally from God or others for some misdeed or sin we have committed, but we rarely consider how, by forgiving others, we liberate ourselves from the hot burning coals of anger, rage, resentment, and pain that we carry inside. Come and explore how we can begin to heal our wounds and release our anger through the practice of forgiveness.

Music: Albany UU Choir, Elena Karpoff , piano

February 23, “Spiritual Renewal From Mardi Gras through Lent and Beyond,” Rev. Trumbore and Matt Edwards

Appreciating the music from New Orleans with our former Music Director Matt Edwards and his band, we will learn about the season of Lent that begins with Ash Wednesday, February 26 and end on Maundy Thursday, April 9 right before Easter. Whether we are Christian or not, this is a good time for spiritual renewal.

To make this an enjoyable Sunday, please bring Mardi Gras masks and decorated umbrellas that are traditional for this holiday (the colors are green, gold and maroon), beads and a King Cake to share after the service.

Music: Matt Edwards with his band, Buck2Fifty


Getting to Know UU - CANCELLED
Our Saturday, Feb. 1 class has been CANCELLED . The next opportunity to Get to Know UU will be on Saturday, April 4, 8:45 am . Learn more here .

The Jacket Switch-a-Roo hasn't been switched back yet!
On Sunday, Dec. 29, if you picked up an Eddie Bauer size men's large, dark blue, stream-lined, down-filled jacket by mistake and may be missing the same color and style Michael Kors women's size medium...please  contact Winston Hagborg!

Publication deadlines
This is an important reminder that the news and article deadline for Windows Weekly is 9:00 AM on Monday and submissions to the OOS is 9:00 AM on Tuesday . The office has been pretty soft on holding folks to these deadlines. We need to tighten this up, making these deadlines more firm in order to be more effective in our work. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

All Side Considered Cancelled
The next two regularly-scheduled sessions of All Sides Considered, Thursdays, Feb. 6 and 20 will be cancelled . The next meeting will be on Thursday, March 5 at 1:00 pm . Hope to see you then.

“Get Connected!” Sunday was a great success!
Thanks to all of the people who sat at tables and shared their passions and interests for each group or committee that they represented. Everyone did a great job of making their table inviting and interesting. Without all of these people, this event would not have been a success.

Congratulations to the winners of the adult raffle: Leah Atkins won the first prize – two passes to the Mannings’ Local Food dinner for August 2020. Lee Newberg won the runner-up prize – a gift bag of Fair Trade “goodies” (coffee, cocoa and chocolate).

Congratulations to the winners of the kids’ raffle: Anya Belova, Theo Stanwicks and Allan Hoyt each won a “Mystery Bag” of goodies.

And lastly, thanks to all who visited various tables and learned a little about what the Albany UU congregation has to offer you. We hope this helps you “Get Connected!”

Be sure to scroll down for a couple of great photos from the fair - one of them featuring Zora Miller drawing the winning raffle tickets!

-Paula Moskowitz & Barb Manning, Co-Chairs 

Rev. Sam on Vacation
Rev. Sam will be away until Feb. 19 to New Zealand and Australia. Our intern, Dan Miyake will be covering most ministerial duties during that time.

Thank you!
Thank you for your donations to the FOCUS Food Pantry. You gave $968.00!

We’re sending out HUUGS
(Huge UU Greetings)
We're gathering donations for packages for our fledgling young adults. Whether they are now working or volunteering, serving in the military or in college, those who have recently left our youth group so appreciate a package with notes and goodies from us at Albany UU!
Please bring donations to the bin in the Work Room (where the photocopier is) by Sunday, Feb 9. Suggested items: packets of soup, noodles, dried fruit, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, candy, gum popcorn, granola bars, lip balm, a note with your good wishes.

Grant proposals sought
The Endowment Trust is seeking grant proposals for the Nigel Wright Peace Fund. A little more than $3,500 is available for projects and programs furthering world peace. Nigel was particularly interested in Middle East peace. In the past the fund has supported such peace promoting activities as lectures, workshops, training programs, and youth work -- not necessarily exclusively Albany UU initiatives. Proposals can be submitted to the Endowment Trust mail box in the in the workroom where the copier lives or by contacting Jon Newell, chair of ET, .

Plan now for GA in Providence in June 2020
Are you interested in serving as one of Albany UU’s 8 delegates to this annual meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association June 24-28? Or attending GA. for the first time, to see what it’s all about?
Learn more here .
Sunday Schedule

9:00 AM
- Mindfulness Meditation, Room B-8

9:45 AM
- Nursery/Toddler Rooms open

10:00 AM
- Service, Community Hall
- Family Chapel, Sanctuary
- Programs for Children and Youth

11:00 AM
- Coffee Hour, Channing Hall

11:45 AM
- Rite of Passage group meeting, Room B-8

1:00 AM
- Transgender Inclusion Workshop, Community Hall

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- Send and email to:
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- Call the church office, 518.463.7135
If childcare is offered for the event, please let us know you need it when you register, including names and ages of children.

Offering envelopes
We appreciate donations of cash during the offering that occurs as part of our Sunday service. If you would like to have cash contributions recorded and acknowledged in writing for tax purposes at the end of the calendar year, please use and write your name on one of the envelopes that are available on the table in the Community Hall lobby. Thank you very much for your generosity.

Albany UU Safety
A reminder that the West St. door will remain locked on Sunday mornings. Though it will be locked from the outside, the West St. door may still be used to exit the building at any time. The Washington Ave. lobby doors will be locked 15 minutes after service begins and reopened again from 11-noon. A Welcome Table or Greeter volunteer will remain in the Lobby for the duration of the morning to monitor doors. We continue to appreciate your patience as we make this transition. If you have questions, please call the church office .

Planning for Weather Emergencies
In the event of severe weather, a decision to cancel Sunday morning RE classes will be publicized by 9:00 PM Saturday.

A decision to cancel Sunday meditation and the service will be publicized by 8:00 AM Sunday.

The cancellation of all other classes, programs and meetings depends on a decision by the chairperson. We hope to receive information enabling a cancellation announcement two hours before the event start time.

Notice of all cancellations will be posted on our website and Facebook and by email sent through Constant Contact. Sunday service and programs will also be announced on local TV and radio stations through the “School Closing Network”.

Warmth for the Homeless
Please gather blankets, sleeping bags, warm coats, etc. for those experiencing homelessness and put them in the bin in the coatroom. Thanks you!
Ibram X. Kendi, the  New York Times  bestselling author of  How to Be an Antiracist , will speak at RPI, Saturday, Feb. 1 at 1:45 PM . The author will discuss racial inequality and injustice in the concert hall at EMPAC. Learn more, including registration information here .

The Albany Institute of History & Art will host a special program entitled “Teaching Black History through Theater," Saturday, Feb. 1, 2:00 PM .  Local re-enactors will portray prominent local and national African Americans and provide insight into how theatrical performances and re-enactments help tell the often unknown stories of important historical figures.

The Black Theatre Troupe of Upstate New York presents The Meeting - an imaginary conversation between Martin Luther King and Malcom X Friday, Feb. 7 at 6:30 PM .  Performance at The Armory at Sage College, 130 New Scotland Ave, Albany

Opalka Gallery and Black Diamond Group Performance Ensemble present Black History Month 2020, Saturday, Feb. 8, 2:30 PM at Sage College, 140 New Scotland Ave, Albany ($10)

Healthy on Lark celebrates Black History Month, Friday, Feb. 21, sign-in 5:30, program 6:15 PM with a vegan happy hour, including Vegan Soul Food, Black poetry and music. 274 Lark St, Albany. 
In the last Windows Weekly, Dan shared thoughts about how welcomed he has felt by the congregation and how appreciative he is of the good work we are doing on inclusivity issues. He reminded us of the need to continue our work and mentioned the Welcoming Congregation Renewal Program. The Inclusivity Team decided last year to expand its focus beyond addressing racism and white supremacy culture, to include building on Albany UU’s past work to create a welcoming congregation for individuals who identify as LBGTQ+

Our goal is to work more specifically on transgender inclusion through the Welcoming Congregation Renewal Program, which requires very specific steps that congregations commit to each year:
·       Becoming/committing to remaining a Welcoming Congregation
·       Incorporating Welcoming Worship Services into the ordinary calendar of worship
·       Recognizing or celebrating Welcoming Days of Observance
·       Provide a Welcoming Congregation Module, including a seminar/workshop for the congregation or community
·       Support a Welcoming Project by proving resources to local or national efforts to uplift the dignity of LGBTQ+ individuals and communities

Albany UU’s Renewal Program is well underway. We hung and dedicated our Pride flag. We have included transgender welcoming in our worship services. Dan presented his “Coming Out” sermon in October and led the Transgender Day of Remembrance service in November. Sam and Dan have led the Transforming Hearts class, discussing the video presentations of Zr. Alex Kapitan and Rev. Mykal O’Neal Slack that focuses on how congregations can create a culture of radical welcome and inclusion for transgender people. Sam and Dan are building relationships with the Capital Pride Center and the Gender Equity of New York (GENY).

Additionally, Alex Kapitan will offer the sermon and will do a workshop on radical inclusion this Sunday, February 2. The workshop begins at 1:00 in Community Hall, and is sure to be an inspirational and powerful presentation. Everyone is encouraged to attend!
Finally, Albany UU will sponsor a “Transgender 101” workshop by GENY for the congregation and community on Tuesday, April 7 at 6:30. This workshop will be split into two parts. Part one will focus on the basic vocabulary and concepts – a “Transgender 101”, so to speak. The second half will feature a discussion panel comprised of transgender people of diverse identities who will field questions from the audience. This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn from those who know the topic best!

Traveling Sam and Philomena Checking In

Philomena and I are in the Cairnes, Australia Airport waiting for our flight to Melbourne then transferring to a flight to Christchurch, New Zealand. We’ve spent a little less than a week here in summer tropical weather. The two trips we took were out to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef and look for wildlife at the Daintree rainforest. We didn’t go swimming at the beach here – man eating 15 foot crocodiles and stinging jellyfish make that impossible. Still, a delightful place to stay, relax and eat too much.

We didn’t rent a car here because we could take the bus where we wanted to go. A good portion of the people we were riding with were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This stimulated my curiosity about them. When I explored what Australian television was like, I discovered an interesting television channel: National Indigenous Television (NITV). It was formed in 2007 and became part of the national broadcast system Channel 34 and is available to 95% of Australian homes.

The moment I landed on the channel, I heard a narrator describing the experience of being colonized and managed by a long sequence of colonizing entities. That first started by encouraging them to form councils that could represent them in dealing with the colonizing governors. Then the missionaries came to do cultural exchange. Some were willing to learn their language and teach reading and writing. At each step of colonization they were moved away from living on their land and into supervised living situations. The government was happy to give them a pension but built only one store they could use to spend their money. The government stocked the store with what it wanted to sell them. No alcohol of course but abundant junk food and soda.

The documentary talked about the problems that come from radically different cultural assumptions. Aboriginal culture has no concept of private property. Everything comes from the bush that a person might need. When you are done with what came from the bush, it just goes back and decomposes. That isn’t true for plastic and glass bottles that come from the store. Our society creates so much trash, that now there is a need for a place for it.

Money is a real problem. The idea of saving money is difficult for many. If someone needs money you give it to them just like sharing food and water for mutual survival. This makes it very hard to save up money for something big like a car. And if you do get a car, you share it with everyone until it is used up and ends up in the trash dump.

The documentary focused on two old men. They were quite talented artists who spoke five indigenous languages. Unfortunately the market for indigenous art is flooded right now which makes it pointless for them to work as they can’t afford the materials they need. Their skills with languages aren’t needed by the colonizers. So these wise souls go unappreciated by the larger society in which they are captive.

The contrast was striking as I channel surfed because it was “Australia Day,” the national holiday. I saw all the celebrations around the country and some protests by indigenous people.

We have the same conflict back in the United States between indigenous cultures in conflict with colonizers. Australians haven’t been quite as effective at killing them as Americans have been over the years. The Aboriginal presence is much stronger and the television channel amplifies their voice.

Stepping out of my culture and environment and exploring another helps me understand myself and our culture with a fresh perspective. There are parallels with problems back home but also struggles I’m glad we don’t have. If we go walking in the woods back home, we are unlikely to walk through what looks like a clearing and run into a spider the size of your hand. Also there are some incredibly dangerous plants here that can kill you. We are grateful to be leaving without getting bitten or stung – just a little bit of sunburn.

Thinking of Albany UU, though it is hard to monitor my email and think about budgets and meetings while we are away. We’ll try to bring as much as we can back … and I’m posting pictures on my Facebook account if you want to follow our adventures.

-Rev. Sam

Photo Credit: Rev. Sam Trumbore

More from our blogs:

Feeling antsy as the long cold winter drags on? Hoping Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t see his shadow? Take heart! Remember the official start of spring is only 7 weeks away! Make plans now to celebrate its arrival at the Springing in the Rain A uction ! The auction, Albany UU’s largest annual FUNdraiser, will be held on Saturday, March 21 . The fun begins at 6:15 PM.
What would enhance your life? A sailboat ride, a games night, a pool party and barbecue, a fondue party, a holiday hymn sing, decluttering help, a fall hike, a weekend away or tasty treats? Great items like these and many more will be up for bid. 
Of course, in addition to bidders, we also need donors.  Let your imagination go wild!! You can offer modestly priced items like canned jams, trail mix, to-go meals, and baked goods or more high-end offerings such as dinners, sing-alongs, or the use of a vacation home.  Co-hosting of events is encouraged to divide the work and double the fun!  We welcome all kinds of donations!
Donation forms can be found and completed online at and printed copies are available in the lobby and Channing Hall. Or, print one at home here . Please place completed forms in the auction basket.
The auction is a perfect way to welcome spring by thawing out your wallet and filling your calendar with unique spring, summer, fall and winter activities.  We greatly appreciate your support of the mission of our UU community.…whether you donate an item, attend the auction and/or purchase items. Note: You can bid on fixed-price items even if you cannot attend the auction. They will be posted in Channing Hall beginning February 23.
Inflation got you down? No worries! Auction attendance fees are the same as in years past…$5 in advance or $7 at the door. The fee is waived for first-time auction attendees. The auction includes a night of socializing and delicious hors d’oeuvres and wine. Parents: Make this a night out… Free child care will be offered.
To share your Joy or Sorrow with our Albany UU community, you may submit it on a yellow card during the service or by using our online form.  

Join us in keeping our members and friends in your thoughts as they share their joys and concerns.

We are sad to announce that a long-time member George Allen died on January 24. A memorial service will be announced at a later time. Cards may be sent to Jane Allen at 40 Autumn Drive, Apt. 111, Slingerlands, NY 12159

We are also sad to announce that long-time member Ruth Salter died on January 26. A memorial service will be announced at a later time. Cards may be sent to Susan Thompson at 67 Glendale Ave., Albany, NY 12208

Member, Jean Poppei shares a joy that the First Presbyterian Church of Albany has joined our Coalition of Sanctuary Congregations. We are now six congregations strong!

Need to Talk? Albany UU Pastoral Care Associates are here to listen!
Our Pastoral Care Associates have been trained in compassionate listening skills and are available to all members and friends of our congregation. To contact a Pastoral Care Associate, email: , contact Rev. Sam Trumbore , the Albany UU office at 518.463.7135, or one of them personally. They are: Sharon Babala, Chuck Manning, Donna Meixner, Dan Miyake, Phil Rich, Randy Rosette, Dee VanRiper and Erik F. vonHausen.

Albany UU Caring Network
The Caring Network (CN) reflects the words of the Albany UU chalice lighting - “to sustain a vital and nurturing religious community.” The CN provide encouragement and short term support to Albany UU members who, due to hospitalization, sickness, loss, or isolation, need assistance. Services typically include transportation to medical appointments, meals and shopping during recovery, and friendly visits and “check in’s” from Caring Network members. Please reach out to the Caring Network if you need.
Getting to Know UU - CANCELLED
Our Saturday, Feb. 1 class has been CANCELLED . The next opportunity to Get to Know UU will be on Saturday, April 4, 8:45 am. Learn more here .

Trans Inclusion & Radical Culture Shift Workshop
This interactive workshop, provided by Alex Kapitan of the Transforming Heats Collective, will follow his service on Sunday, Feb. 2, from 1:00 - 4:00 pm and will level up our practice of radical welcome. Learn more here.

Multigenerational Pot Luck and Game Night
Sponsored by the RE Council on Friday, Feb. 7. Bring your favorite game and bring a friend! Dinner starts at 6:00 pm, games 6:30. Learn more here .

Elegant Italian Dinner
Come support the Rite of Passage participants on Saturday, Feb. 8 in their quest to General Assembly in June. 6:30 pm in Channing Hall, Tickets: $25 per person. Learn more here .

First Unitarian Universalist Society of Syracuse to host the fourth annual Building Beloved Community Beyond the Binary conference  
The conference will be held on Saturday, Feb. 8. Learn more here

Artist Reception
Come to Channing Hall for an artist reception celebrating w atercolors by students of Kevin Kuhne on Sunday, Feb. 9 during Coffee Hour . There will be treats!

Walker Book Group
Join the Walker Book Group for a potluck and discussion on Sunday, Feb. 9 at 5:30 pm in Channing Hall. We will discuss  Chances Are…,  a   novel by Richard Russo. Learn more here.

Got too much stuff???
Join us Tuesday, Feb. 11, 7:00-8:00 PM in Room B-8 to discuss "possession consciousness”. We hope to help you with questions such as: Where do I start? How do I keep going? Learn more here.

Youth Con help needed!
Our youth group is hosting up to 60 UU youth and advisors from Upstate NY to stay in our building on the weekend of Feb. 28-Mar. 1 . We need adult volunteers from Albany UU! Learn more here.

Save the date for Wine and Cheese!
It's the 15th Annual Wine and Cheese tasting event on  Saturday, March 7, 7:00 pm . Raffle tickets will be sold during Coffee Hour starting Sunday, Feb. 2. Found out more here .
-Leah Purcell, Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry (DREFM),

For the Faith Development of children and youth this Sunday

The Nursery/Toddler Room opens at 9:45.

Children in Pre-k and 2nd - 6th grade  start the morning with Children’s Chapel in the Sanctuary at 10:00. The story in the service this week is Richard Wright and the Library Card by William Miller. After the story (at about 10:20) the children leave for their Sunday school groups. Parents/caretakers are welcome to escort them to their rooms and also to visit the groups.

K/1 OWL Orientation starts at 10:00 and ends by 12:30. Childcare for siblings (with extra snack) in the Nursery/Toddler Room staring at 11:20.

7th/8th Grade OWL  starts at 10:00 in their room (B-3/4).

High School YoUUth Group  starts at 10:00 in Room B-8. Youth are invited to play games in preparation for their con Feb 28-March 1 or attend the service, “Radical, Transformational Welcome," led by Zr. Alex Kapitan.  

Children and youth are always welcome to attend the service with their families instead of RE groups.

Rite of Passage February meeting - noon to 2:00 in Room B-8

Parent/Caretaker Support Group meets from 10:30 to 11:15 in Room 23 (second floor). Grab a cup of coffee from Channing Hall on your way up and join a discussion on the theme of Resilience and parenting as a Unitarian Universalist, let by Leah Purcell. All parents/caretakers with children and youth at home are welcome. 

Coming up soon!

Friday, Feb. 7 – Multigenerational Pot Luck and Game Night, sponsored by the RE Council. Learn more here .

Saturday, Feb. 8 – Elegant Pasta Dinner to support the Rite of Passage spring trip. Learn more here .

Friday, Feb. 28 - Sun, March 1 Youth Con . Adult help needed! Learn more here .
-Matt Lesniak, SRC Chair, email

SRC and Peace Team Recommend:

February is Black History Month 
Showing Up for Racial Justice's monthly meeting, with Race Talks, Saturday, Feb. 1, 1-4 PM , YWCA of the Greater Capital Region, 21 First St., Troy. Capital Region Folks who are interested in learning about (and fighting for) racial justice: CD-SURJ (Capital District Showing Up for Racial Justice) is starting up monthly 1 hour meetings that will take place every first Saturday of the month in Troy. Check out their FB event here .

Whitewashed: the racism project. Highly recommended by UUs who have seen it. It's brilliantly created and performed. Archie, of Albany UU, will be performing. Saturday, Feb. 1 at 7:30 pm : Opalka Gallery, 140 New Scotland Ave, Albany 12208. Cost: $12.00.

GSC-sponsored forum: Community Choice Aggregation 
Tonight! Thursday, Jan. 30, 6:30pm, Channing Hall. CCA is a new bulk electricity buying program that Capital Area municipalities are exploring, to provide better electric rates and access to 100% "green" electricity for their residences and small businesses. Learn more here .

Compassion and Choices’ 2020 campaign to pass the Medical Aid in Dying Act will be the strongest ever.   But, it can only succeed with your help. To volunteer or get more information, contact Nancy Willie-Schiff at .

Phone banking from your home.  You can make 25 phone calls to supporters of the Medical Aid in Dying Act from comfort of home on your own schedule. You will receive a list of the names and phone numbers of supporters and a script. The goal is to get supportive constituents to make a phone call to their lawmaker.

Contact your lawmakers and the Governor.  Even if you have done it before, do it again. A phone call is easy; an office visit is the most effective.  You can thank Assembly Member Phil Steck for being a co-sponsor, and let other capital region lawmakers know you want to see the Medical Aid in Dying Act enacted in 2020. In the Assembly, local members are Jake Ashby (R), a key member who is on Health Committee; John MacDonald (D); Pat Fahy (D); and Angelo Santabarbara (D). In the Senate, they are Daphne Jordan (R); Neil Breslin (D); Betty Little (R); and George Amedore (R).
Do you have a disability?  Compassion and Choices is seeking individuals with disabilities who support medical aid in dying to join their advocacy campaign. 

Join us at 10:00 am on Sunday, Feb. 23 for, “Spiritual Renewal From Mardi Gras through Lent and Beyond” with Rev. Trumbore and Matt Edwards!

Appreciating the music from New Orleans with our former Music Director Matt Edwards and his band, we will learn about the season of Lent that begins with Ash Wednesday, February 26 and end on Maundy Thursday, April 9 right before Easter. Whether we are Christian or not, this is a good time for spiritual renewal. 
To make this an enjoyable Sunday, please bring Mardi Gras masks and decorated umbrellas that are traditional for this holiday (the colors are green, gold and maroon), beads and a King Cake to share after the service.
Sunday Volunteers
Would you like to be involved in the Sunday service in a more meaningful way?
Visit Sunday Hospitality Sign Up to find out about the ways you can volunteer on Sunday morning. We thank you and could not do what we do without YOU!

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9:00 AM      Community Breakfast (3rd)
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