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W e welcome everyone. Our Unitarian Universalist community seeks truth and deeper meaning, pursues justice through inspired action, and cultivates compassion and love for all connected by the web of life .
Sunday Service 10:00 AM
July 21 “To Heal or To Heel – THAT is the Question! Where Do We Find Our Truth?” Rabbi Norman Mendel

Standing at a conveyor belt of fact and fiction. Our task is to sort out one from the other- HOW?

Rabbi Mendel is presently serving as part-time Rabbi at Temple Beth El in Glens Falls after fifty years of rabbinic service in the United States and abroad. He has focused on the importance of interfaith dialog and has taught collegiate –level Judaism, World Religions, Biomedical Ethics and Social/Political Philosophy.

Music: Alyssa Yeager

Sunday Services
10:00 am

Welcome to summer at Albany UU!

Summer at Albany UU
Our summer services continue through Sunday, September 1.

How is a summer Sunday at Albany UU different from other Sundays?

--The 9:00 AM Meditation continues.
--We have Service at 10:00 AM . Summer services are coordinated by Randy Rosette, with a delightful list of guests in the pulpit.
-- Children are invited to meet for activities in Room 24/25, youth are invited to help or attend service. The nursery/toddler room will still be open at 9:45 with paid childcare staff.
-- Coffee Hour becomes Iced Tea and Lemonade (in Community Hall Alcove.)
-- The people you’ve enjoyed all year are still here, plus it’s a time we often have visitors who are on their summer voyages from elsewhere.
-- Contributions of flowers from your garden, a florist or a crack in the sidewalk for the service are welcome!
-- If you can volunteer to help on a Sunday, we have openings for Greeters and Ushers. Call the office, 518-463-7135, or sign up here !

July 28 “Transforming Play,” Eileen Casey-Campbell

Let's explore how play can be a spiritual discipline for us, and the playful perspective of a child might help us envision a new path into our own whole and creative selves. Perhaps play can even transform a hurting world.

Eileen Casey-Campbell is a candidate for UU ministry and the contract minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Canandaigua. Her heart is pulled by the ways we are called to work, play and love together to build up a world that is healed and whole. After an internship at Albany UU in 2017-18, she is filled with joy to return for this Sunday.

Music: Elena Karpoff


Summer Office Hours Schedule
A reminder that the Albany UU summer office hours have officially begun. They are 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, Monday - Thursday until Monday, Sept. 2. To clarify, this does not mean that your office staff work only those hours for July and August. Tammy still works 40 hours/week or uses vacation time and Sapphire still works 20 hours/week or uses vacation time. Summer office hours means someone should be in the church office Mon-Thurs, 9-1PM, unless otherwise posted. These more flexible hours simply make it a little easier for staff to take time off in the summer, when it's a slightly less busy, if they choose.

Church Administrator, Tammy Hathaway is on vacation until Sunday, July 21. She will be back in the office at 9:00 AM on Monday, July 22. Our Administrative Assistant, Sapphire Correa will be in the office to answer any questions you might have.

Community Breakfast
Our next community breakfast is coming up July 20, 9 to 11. Please sign up on the sheets in Channing Hall to help produce a friendly, nourishing breakfast. We need people interested in shopping on Thursday, setting up on Friday and helping with the breakfast itself on Saturday. We will have a representative from the League of Women Voters this time to offer voter registration. There is a supply of posters in a pocket near the sign up board. If you can take some to post, that would be a big help. Thanks, Carol Butt
Sunday Schedule

9:00 AM
- Mindfulness Meditation, Sanctuary

9:45 AM
- Nursery/Toddler Rooms open

10:00 AM
- Summer Service, Community Hall

11:00 AM
- Fellowship, Community Hall Alcove

Quick Links

Denominational Affairs Links

Sign up for a class or event

- Send and email to:
- Sign up at the Sign Up Site in Channing Hall
- Call the church office, 518.463.7135
If childcare is offered for the event, please let us know you need it when you register, including names and ages of children.

Offering envelopes

We appreciate donations of cash during the offering that occurs as part of our Sunday service. If you would like to have cash contributions recorded and acknowledged in writing for tax purposes at the end of the calendar year, please use and write your name on one of the envelopes that are available on the table in the Community Hall lobby. Thank you very much for your generosity.

From our Blogs
Showing Up with Our Voices and Our Values

“Our voice, our values, our ability to show up, these matter right now.”
-         Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray in her President’s Report to the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association in Spokane, Washington on June 21, 2019.

The Spokane General Assembly marks the sixth GA that I’ve been lucky enough to attend. Every time I’ve come home filled with energy, ideas and feelings of love and gratitude for my UU faith. This time I’ve come home from Spokane with Susan Frederick-Gray’s charge on my mind. 

“We are just 16 months out from perhaps the most critical election in our life times. One that will have real and immediate consequences for democracy, climate justice, for the lives of people of color and refugees, for women’s autonomy and freedom.”

During this GA, we had the opportunity to participate in 3 hours of “role-based track programming” – sessions on topics ranging from stewardship, to membership, to combating white supremacy culture, each designed to put us in touch with UUs from across the country with similar interests. I attended the sessions offered by Side with Love , the UUA’s interfaith public advocacy campaign promoting respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Experienced community organizers talked about how to analyze, plan and organize. They counseled us to pay attention to spiritual practice, such as opening every gathering with a song. They talked about “moving at the speed of trust,” building community, and being in relationship… “living into the revolutionary notion of love.”

We put this advice into action on Thursday afternoon, when hundreds of UUs joined with local organizations to rally against expanding the Spokane jail. Local advocates and people of color led our march and described the history of racial disparities in criminal justice in Spokane. To ensure that no one was left behind, people with mobility issues were placed at the head of the march. We held signs and chanted: “Services Not Sentences” and “Schools Not Cells!” 

After our demonstration against the jail, the Spokane City Commissioners stated publicly that they are not committed to building a new jail and that they will bring in the Vera Institute to assist them in exploring alternatives. Our Side with Love organizer said, “That’s a win!”

“In these difficult and dangerous times, we see people doubling down on a deadly status quo rather than choosing to be bold, cooperative and innovative to meet the challenges before us. And this is heartbreaking—because it is exactly in times like these when we need audacious leaders and communities that are willing to take risks, to show a new way forward—one that is life-giving, life affirming, and justice centered.

To do this, we need each other, and we need to invest more fully and generously in the power and impact of our congregations and our larger Association. A future of increasingly isolated congregations just will not cut it. We need one another to be the religion and the people we are called to be in this time—a multiracial, multicultural, multigender, multigenerational future of Unitarian Universalism. We can’t turn back now.”

Our Albany UU congregation can take advantage of a multitude of UU organizations and resources as we live our mission and “pursue justice through inspired action” – and perhaps step up to our UUA President’s charge. At this GA, we approved a Statement of Conscience, Our Democracy Uncorrupted , that describes our democracy must be strengthened (the approved amended version will be posted shortly on Thanks to Robb Smith, executive director of Interfaith Impact of NYS , I had the chance to learn how UU congregations join together in 21 other states to advocate in the state capitol. I heard about Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice , an organization founded by Washington-area congregations to bring UU values and voices to Congress. I learned that the UUA now has an Organizing Strategy Team to mobilize around four key intersectional priorities: combating criminalization (such as immigration and mass incarceration); climate justice; LGBTQ and gender justice; and electoral organizing. And there are more ways that UUs are working across congregations and regions to make a difference.

“And so—I want to take these themes of action, risk, courage, and mission and propose to you that we UU The Vote!

Let us make our congregations into voter protection, voter registration, civic engagement, and mobilization centers. Let us show the difference the power of Unitarian Universalism can make. We already have a reputation as the people who show up—let’s build the reputation that we are a people that show up AND get others to show up.

We have a choice about who will be. Will we choose doubt, fear and moderation—or will we choose mission, courage, generosity and boldness? I know what I will choose!”

Susan Frederick-Gray’s call to action rings loud and clear. We can amplify our Albany UU efforts by working with Unitarian Universalists across our state, our region and the country. Together we can side with love!

Peggy Sherman

More from our Blogs:

To share your Joy or Sorrow with our Albany UU community, you may submit it on a yellow card during the service or by using our online form.  

Need to Talk? Albany UU Pastoral Care Associates are here to listen!
Our Pastoral Care Associates have been trained in compassionate listening skills and are available to all members and friends of our congregation. To contact a Pastoral Care Associate, email: , contact Rev. Sam Trumbore , the Albany UU office at 518.463.7135, or one of them personally. They are: Chuck Manning, Phil Rich, Randy Rosette, Sandy Stone, Lisa Barron, Donna Meixner, Dee VanRiper and Sharon Babala.

Albany UU Caring Network
The Caring Network (CN) reflects the words of the Albany UU chalice lighting - “to sustain a vital and nurturing religious community.” The CN provide encouragement and short term support to Albany UU members who, due to hospitalization, sickness, loss, or isolation, need assistance. Services typically include transportation to medical appointments, meals and shopping during recovery, and friendly visits and “check in’s” from Caring Network members. Please reach out to the Caring Network if you need.
East of Hudson Potluck!
The next East of Hudson Potluck will be at the home of Karen and Peggy Kaufmann in Schodack on Friday July 26 at 6 PM. Please RSVP to Karen at (518) 477-9034.

Homecoming Sunday - September 8
It's never too early to plan!
Bring water (real or virtual) gathered during your summer (at home or away) to symbolize the regathering of our community. Send a couple photos of your summer for inclusion in the slideshow to by Sunday, Sept. 1. Plan on lunch after the service! Everyone is invited to a light lunch in Channing hall right after the service and bring a “finger food” if you're willing and able.

Walker Book Group
Join the Walker Book Group for a potluck and discussion on Sunday, Sept. 8 at 5:30 pm in Channing Hall. We will discuss  The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai . Learn more  here .

UU Weekend: Don't miss out!
Have you registered for UU Weekend at Silver Bay from October 18-20, 2019? First-timers will receive an additional 10% discount! Children under 6 are free and there are substantial discounts for older children and youth.  Learn more here .
Sunday Volunteers
Would you like to be involved in the Sunday service in a more meaningful way?
Visit Sunday Hospitality Sign Up to find out about the ways you can volunteer on Sunday morning. We thank you and could not do what we do without YOU!

Gardening Volunteers
Do you have two hours to contribute to maintaining the gardens surrounding Albany UU? The Gardening Committee welcomes you to  sign up here , where you can select which week(s) you'd like to help. Volunteers often work in pairs. No experience necessary. For more information or to receive e-mail updates, please contact  Donna Meixne r or 518/439-5947.
-Leah Purcell, Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry (DREFM),

Summer Session of RE!

Childcare for children starts at 9:45 AM. Please pick up your children immediately following the service.

Children and youth are welcome to stay with their families for the service. Or they can come upstairs for childcare. Volunteers and our childcare workers staff the nursery/toddler room for our youngest ones; and room 24/25 with activities for those in preschool and older. Middle school and high schoolers are welcome to help out. We start shortly before 10:00; pick up directly after the service. Please be sure to sign your child in and out with one of the staff. Everyone is invited for cookies and lemonade in the back of Community Hall after the service. 

Religious Education Open House
Saturday, Aug. 24,t 10 AM – 12 PM
Open House for participating families to register for 2019-2020 RE, find out what's being planned in their child(ren)'s groups this year, and reconnect with Albany UU friends. Also open to the public for prospective families to check us out. Bring a friend!
-Matt Lesniak, SRC Chair, email

As events and recommendations are submitted, they will be posted here. Stay tuned!

Regular events and meetings
Many of these events and meetings take a hiatus in the summer, check with the church office before coming in.

11:45 AM      Inclusivity Team (1st)
5:30 PM       Walker Book Group (2nd)
11:45 AM      Social Responsibilities Council (3rd)
11:45 AM      Green Sanctuary Committee (4th)
6:15 PM        Religious Education Council (1st)
10:00 AM      Philosophy Discussion (weekly)
1:00 PM        Bridge (weekly)
7:00 PM        UU Humanists (3rd)
10:00 AM      Projects & Quilts (weekly)
7:00 PM        Choir Rehearsal (almost weekly)
1:00 PM       All Sides Considered (1st & 3rd)
7:00 PM       Program Coordinating Council (2nd)
6:15 PM       Board of Trustees (4th)
Going to miss a Sunday?

You can listen to the entire Albany UU Sunday service at home or on your mobile device. The two most recent services are available as MP3 files on the Albany UU member resource website. Here is how to access:

username: AlbanyUU
password: EEthelredBrown405

Our sermon archive (select Ministry/Sermon Archive on the left website menu) has pdf files of sermons texts (when available) and audio files of sermons. You can also request the office put a service on a CD.
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Office hours (unless otherwise posted)
September-June: Monday-Friday, 9:00-3:00
July-August: Monday–Thursday 9:00-1:00


Building use
To reserve a room for an Albany UU activity or to rent a hall or classroom space , for a personal or non-Albany UU activity, contact Administrative Assistant Sapphire Correa (518.463.7135 or ).

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