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W e welcome everyone. Our Unitarian Universalist community seeks truth and deeper meaning, pursues justice through inspired action, and cultivates compassion and love for all connected by the web of life .
Sunday Service 10:00 AM
January 26, "Driven by Fear," Rev. David Weissbard
Like most things in this world, "Fear" is not something that we could do well without, but an excess is a problem. There are serious issues when our lives are "Driven by Fear," and there are forces we encounter that promote that. We'll be lookin g at where an appropriate balance lies.
Music: Elena Karpoff

Hymn 1054: Let This Be A House of Peace
Hymn 108: My Life Flows On in Endless Song
Hymn 346: Come Sing a Song With Me
Hymn 1021: Lean on Me

Here is a place  you might find the words to our hymns.

10:00 am

February 2, "Radical, Transformational Welcome," Zr. Alex Kapitan

In today’s political climate, being a Welcoming Congregation requires more of us than simply opening our doors to LGBTQ people. We are called to the work of transformation: transformation of our selves and our awareness, transformation of our congregation and its culture, and transformation of our wider community and world. In this service guest speaker Zr. Alex Kapitan, a queer and transgender UU leader, will preach on what it will take to embody this sort of radical welcome—the kind of welcome that can ultimately transform us all.

Music: Elena Karpoff, musician; Randy Rosette, guest vocalist


Focus Food Pantry
Please consider a contribution to the Focus Food Pantry this Sunday. There will be an envelope in the order of service for your check or cash. We ask that envelopes remain unsealed for reuse. Thank you for your help.

New Art on Our Walls
Come to Channing Hall and check out the new art. Save the date, Sunday, Feb. 9 , during Coffee Hour, for the next artist reception.

Publication deadlines
This is an important reminder that the news and article deadline for Windows Weekly is 9:00 AM on Monday and submissions to the OOS is 9:00 AM on Tuesday . The office has been pretty soft on holding folks to these deadlines. We need to tighten this up, making these deadlines more firm in order to be more effective in our work. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Got too much stuff???
There seems to be a need for people to talk about what to do with the stuff they have accumulated. We have scheduled a session to discuss how we can help each other to deal with this challenge. Join us Tuesday, Feb. 11, 7:00-8:00 PM in Room B-8 to discuss "possession consciousness”. We hope to help you with questions such as: Where do I start? How do I keep going? And where can I take things or send them to donate? Please come with your questions and suggestions. Questions about this discussion, contact Carol Butt:

Rev. Sam on Vacation
Rev. Sam will be away until Feb. 19 to New Zealand and Australia. Our intern, Dan Miyake will be covering most ministerial duties during that time.

We’re sending out HUUGS
(Huge UU Greetings)
We're gathering donations for packages for our fledgling young adults. Whether they are now working or volunteering, serving in the military or in college, those who have recently left our youth group so appreciate a package with notes and goodies from us at Albany UU!
Please bring donations to the bin in the Work Room (where the photocopier is) by Sunday, Feb 9. Suggested items: packets of soup, noodles, dried fruit, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, candy, gum popcorn, granola bars, lip balm, a note with your good wishes.

Grant proposals sought
The Endowment Trust is seeking grant proposals for the Nigel Wright Peace Fund. A little more than $3,500 is available for projects and programs furthering world peace. Nigel was particularly interested in Middle East peace. In the past the fund has supported such peace promoting activities as lectures, workshops, training programs, and youth work -- not necessarily exclusively Albany UU initiatives. Proposals can be submitted to the Endowment Trust mail box in the in the workroom where the copier lives or by contacting Jon Newell, chair of ET, .

Plan now for GA in Providence in June 2020
Are you interested in serving as one of Albany UU’s 8 delegates to this annual meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association June 24-28? Or attending GA. for the first time, to see what it’s all about?
Learn more here .

Sunday Schedule

9:00 AM
- Mindfulness Meditation, Room B-8

9:45 AM
- Nursery/Toddler Rooms open

10:00 AM
- Service, Sanctuary
- Programs for Children and Youth

11:00 AM
- Coffee Hour, Channing Hall
- Get Connected Activity Fair, Community Hall

11:45 AM
- Green Sanctuary Committee Meeting, Room B-7
- Growth Through Service Brunch, Room B-8

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Sign up for a class or event

- Send and email to:
- Sign up at the Sign Up Site in Channing Hall
- Call the church office, 518.463.7135
If childcare is offered for the event, please let us know you need it when you register, including names and ages of children.

Offering envelopes
We appreciate donations of cash during the offering that occurs as part of our Sunday service. If you would like to have cash contributions recorded and acknowledged in writing for tax purposes at the end of the calendar year, please use and write your name on one of the envelopes that are available on the table in the Community Hall lobby. Thank you very much for your generosity.

Albany UU Safety
A reminder that the West St. door will remain locked on Sunday mornings. Though it will be locked from the outside, the West St. door may still be used to exit the building at any time. The Washington Ave. lobby doors will be locked 15 minutes after service begins and reopened again from 11-noon. A Welcome Table or Greeter volunteer will remain in the Lobby for the duration of the morning to monitor doors. We continue to appreciate your patience as we make this transition. If you have questions, please call the church office .

Planning for Weather Emergencies
In the event of severe weather, a decision to cancel Sunday morning RE classes will be publicized by 9:00 PM Saturday.

A decision to cancel Sunday meditation and the service will be publicized by 8:00 AM Sunday.

The cancellation of all other classes, programs and meetings depends on a decision by the chairperson. We hope to receive information enabling a cancellation announcement two hours before the event start time.

Notice of all cancellations will be posted on our website and Facebook and by email sent through Constant Contact. Sunday service and programs will also be announced on local TV and radio stations through the “School Closing Network”.

Warmth for the Homeless
Please gather blankets, sleeping bags, warm coats, etc. for those experiencing homelessness and put them in the bin in the coatroom. Thanks you!
Brunch and Conversation
Sunday, January 26, 11:45 – 1:30

Our Growth Through Service Conversation Team - Lois Bailey, Dick Dana, Laura Churchill, Jaye Holly, Linda Hunt, Amie Jamieson, Amy Lent, and Maria Phillips - invites Albany UU members who have not yet had a Growth Through Service conversation to a Brunch & Conversation on this Sunday January 26.  Right after the Get Connected Fair in Community Hall, come downstairs to Room B-8 for a light meal and a conversation. Child care will be available with advanced notice (let Dick know today!). Contact Dick Dana at 518-813-1992 (phone or text) or at  with questions or to express interest.
Growth Through Service is about tapping into what connects you to Albany UU. We want to learn about you so that we can help you connect and collaborate in ways that mean the most to you. Our Conversation Team is committed to holding a 1-hour conversation with every member of our congregation, to be scheduled at your convenience. If January 26 is not convenient, contact Dick Dana to set up a more convenient time for you.
The Growth Through Service Conversation Team
Join us at 10:00 am on Sunday, Feb. 23 for, “Spiritual Renewal From Mardi Gras through Lent and Beyond” with Rev. Trumbore and Matt Edwards!

Appreciating the music from New Orleans with our former Music Director Matt Edwards and his band, we will learn about the season of Lent that begins with Ash Wednesday, February 26 and end on Maundy Thursday, April 9 right before Easter. Whether we are Christian or not, this is a good time for spiritual renewal. 
To make this an enjoyable Sunday, please bring Mardi Gras masks and decorated umbrellas that are traditional for this holiday (the colors are green, gold and maroon), beads and a King Cake to share after the service.

As I begin the second half of my internship here at Albany UU, I can't help but to reflect on all of the support and encouragement this community has given me. My experiences here have warmed my heart, challenged me, and helped me to grow into the minister I know myself to be. I appreciate how you treat me - more as a minister than a student, and in no small way, doing so has re-affirmed that my sense of Call was correct. This is what I am meant to do!

I am called to be a parish minister because I believe Unitarian Universalism can be a faith that is inclusive of everyone. UUs, in general, are not there yet, but my aim is to help a congregation (and the denomination) move toward full inclusion. I believe in the idea that everyone is welcome at the table, but our UU tables are not yet the right shape or size to accommodate all – especially those with marginalized identities. The need to dismantle white, cis, hetero, affluent, able-bodied privilege and centering is all too clear, and we cannot, as a denomination, fully live into our Principles without addressing this core issue.

However, I am moved by the way you have welcomed me as a transgender person, and I am especially excited to see the amount of energy and passion this congregation has invested into becoming even more welcoming and inclusive. The work you are doing with the Welcoming Congregation Renewal program and the other Inclusivity Team projects demonstrates your commitment to bringing the first sentence of the Albany UU Mission Statement to fruition - "We welcome everyone". I celebrate this good work! Not all UU congregations are ready or willing to make such a commitment. (Look for an update from the Inclusivity Team about our progress toward the Renewal certification.)

As we work together over the next five months, I encourage you to participate in as many Inclusivity Team projects and programming as you are able. I really do believe that in order for UUism to remain relevant and not become an elite social club in the future, we must get better at welcoming those who are not part of the dominant culture.

The next opportunity to engage this topic is to attend service on Sunday, February 2nd. UU transgender leader Alex Kapitan will be preaching on transgender inclusivity in congregations. Ze will be leading a workshop in the afternoon from 1:00 to 4:00 on the same topic. 

Alex is a dynamic, inspirational speaker, and co-founder of the Transforming Hearts Collective. This is the group that created the class that Rev. Sam and I have been leading. I hope to see many of you there!

More from our blogs:

To share your Joy or Sorrow with our Albany UU community, you may submit it on a yellow card during the service or by using our online form.  

Join us in keeping our members and friends in your thoughts as they share their joys and concerns.

We are sad to report that a former Albany UU family lost their son on Jan. 15. Casey Mills, son of Claire and Eric Davenport , passed away at the age of 22. Casey's sister, Rowe and Chloe Davenport spent time in our RE program. Cards may be sent to:
Claire Davenport
256 Seaman Ave, Apt 2A
New York, NY 10034

Need to Talk? Albany UU Pastoral Care Associates are here to listen!
Our Pastoral Care Associates have been trained in compassionate listening skills and are available to all members and friends of our congregation. To contact a Pastoral Care Associate, email: , contact Rev. Sam Trumbore , the Albany UU office at 518.463.7135, or one of them personally. They are: Sharon Babala, Chuck Manning, Donna Meixner, Dan Miyake, Phil Rich, Randy Rosette, Dee VanRiper and Erik F. vonHausen.

Albany UU Caring Network
The Caring Network (CN) reflects the words of the Albany UU chalice lighting - “to sustain a vital and nurturing religious community.” The CN provide encouragement and short term support to Albany UU members who, due to hospitalization, sickness, loss, or isolation, need assistance. Services typically include transportation to medical appointments, meals and shopping during recovery, and friendly visits and “check in’s” from Caring Network members. Please reach out to the Caring Network if you need.
Get Connected Activity Fair
Attend the Albany UU Get Connected Activity Fair on Sunday, January 26 and find out about new opportunities to both get involved and meet more fabulous Albany UU members and friends! Learn more here .

Getting to Know UU
Join us on Saturday, Feb. 1 at 8:45 am if you're thinking of membership, or wondering just what Unitarian Universalism can bring to your life. Learn more here .

Trans Inclusion & Radical Culture Shift Workshop
This interactive workshop, provided by Alex Kapitan of the Transforming Heats Collective, will follow his service on Sunday, Feb. 2, from 1:00 - 4:00 pm and will level up our practice of radical welcome. Learn more here.

Multigenerational Pot Luck and Game Night
Sponsored by the RE Council on Friday, Feb. 7. Bring your favorite game and bring a friend! Dinner starts at 6:00 pm, games 6:30. Learn more here .

Elegant Italian Dinner
Come support the Rite of Passage participants on Saturday, Feb. 8 in their quest to General Assembly in June. 6:30 pm in Channing Hall, Tickets: $25 per person. Learn more here .

First Unitarian Universalist Society of Syracuse to host the fourth annual Building Beloved Community Beyond the Binary conference  
The conference will be held on Saturday, Feb. 8. Learn more here

Walker Book Group
Join the Walker Book Group for a potluck and discussion on Sunday, Feb. 9 at 5:30 pm in Channing Hall. We will discuss  Chances Are…,  a   novel by Richard Russo. Learn more here.
-Leah Purcell, Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry (DREFM),

For the Faith Development of children and youth this Sunday

The Nursery/Toddler Room opens at 9:45

This is the last week of January Jams for children in Pre-K through 6th Grade : We start in the regular service - this week in the Sanctuary ; then we'll have two sets of workshops: one set for the upstairs groups (pre-k through 3rd grade) and one set for the downstairs groups (4th- 6th grade).

10:00 - 10:30 Regular Service – in the Sanctuary

10:30 - 10:40 Combined Groups meet (upstairs groups in Room 24/25; downstairs groups in Room in room B-7) 
Guides will let the children know what the choices for workshops are for the day. 

10:40 - 11:10 Workshops: Upstairs Groups have workshops in upstairs Rooms 24/25, 26 and 21; Downstairs groups have workshops in downstairs Rooms B-5, B-6, B-7, and B-2.

11:10 - 11:20 Children return to the room they started in for snack (room 24/25 upstairs; room/B-7 downstairs).

Parents/caretakers of children in Pre-k through 3rd grade, your children will be in Room 24/25 for pick up at 11:20.

7th/8th Grade OWL meets from 10:00 to 11:20 in Room B-3/4

High School YoUUth Group  meets from 10:00 to 11:20 in Room B-8

Save these dates:

Sunday, Feb. 2 - Mandatory Orientation for Kindergarten/First Grade OWL. Learn more here .

Friday, Feb. 7 – Multigenerational Pot Luck and Game Night, sponsored by the RE Council. Learn more here .

Saturday, Feb. 8 – Elegant Pasta Dinner to support the Rite of Passage spring trip. Learn more here .

Friday, Feb. 28 - Sun, March 1 Yo uth Con . Our youth group is hosting up to 60 UU Youth from Upstate New York to stay in our building for a weekend of UU Youth worship, workshops and fun. We’ll need adult volunteers from Albany UU to work together to prepare meals and run the dishwasher and to serve in pairs for 3-4-hour shifts as awake chaperons Fri and Night from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am. If you'd like to volunteer, please contact Leah:
-Matt Lesniak, SRC Chair, email

SRC and Peace Team Recommend:

February is Black History Month 
Showing Up for Racial Justice's monthly meeting, with Race Talks, Saturday, Feb. 1, 1-4 PM , YWCA of the Greater Capital Region, 21 First St., Troy. Capital Region Folks who are interested in learning about (and fighting for) racial justice: CD-SURJ (Capital District Showing Up for Racial Justice) is starting up monthly 1 hour meetings that will take place every first Saturday of the month in Troy. Check out their FB event here .

Whitewashed: the racism project. Highly recommended by UUs who have seen it. It's brilliantly created and performed. Archie, of Albany UU, will be performing. Saturday, Feb. 1 at 7:30 pm : Opalka Gallery, 140 New Scotland Ave, Albany 12208. Cost: $12.00.

GSC-sponsored forum: Community Choice Aggregation 
Thursday, Jan. 30, 6:30pm, Channing Hall. CCA is a new bulk electricity buying program that Capital Area municipalities are exploring, to provide better electric rates and access to 100% "green" electricity for their residences and small businesses. Learn more here .

Compassion and Choices’ 2020 campaign to pass the Medical Aid in Dying Act will be the strongest ever.   But, it can only succeed with your help. To volunteer or get more information, contact Nancy Willie-Schiff at .

Phone banking from your home.  You can make 25 phone calls to supporters of the Medical Aid in Dying Act from comfort of home on your own schedule. You will receive a list of the names and phone numbers of supporters and a script. The goal is to get supportive constituents to make a phone call to their lawmaker.

Contact your lawmakers and the Governor.  Even if you have done it before, do it again. A phone call is easy; an office visit is the most effective.  You can thank Assembly Member Phil Steck for being a co-sponsor, and let other capital region lawmakers know you want to see the Medical Aid in Dying Act enacted in 2020. In the Assembly, local members are Jake Ashby (R), a key member who is on Health Committee; John MacDonald (D); Pat Fahy (D); and Angelo Santabarbara (D). In the Senate, they are Daphne Jordan (R); Neil Breslin (D); Betty Little (R); and George Amedore (R).
Do you have a disability?  Compassion and Choices is seeking individuals with disabilities who support medical aid in dying to join their advocacy campaign. 

For this week's New Yorker Radio Hour, NPR interviewed Michelle Alexander on the 10th anniversary of her book  The New Jim Crow :   Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.  

The Albany Institute of History & Art will host a special program entitled “Teaching Black History through Theater” on Saturday, Feb. 1 at 2:00 PM.  Local re-enactors will portray prominent local and national African Americans and provide insight into how theatrical performances and re-enactments help tell the often unknown stories of important historical figures.
Sunday Volunteers
Would you like to be involved in the Sunday service in a more meaningful way?
Visit Sunday Hospitality Sign Up to find out about the ways you can volunteer on Sunday morning. We thank you and could not do what we do without YOU!

YOU can make a difference!
We at Albany UU are making an effort to increase our visibility and connectivity online. YOU can help, and it's quick and easy! Simply like, follow and share pages and posts on any of our social media platforms, or leave a positive Facebook or Google review. Google Albany UU or find us here:
Regular events and meetings
Many of these events and meetings take a hiatus in the summer, check with the church office before coming in.

11:45 AM     Inclusivity Team (2nd)
5:30 PM       Walker Book Group (2nd)
11:45 AM      Social Responsibilities Council (3rd)
11:45 AM      Green Sanctuary Committee (4th)
6:15 PM        Religious Education Council
                               (1st, Nov., Feb., May)
10:00 AM      Philosophy Discussion (weekly)
1:00 PM        Bridge (weekly)
10:00 AM      Projects & Quilts (weekly)
7:00 PM        Choir Rehearsal (almost weekly)
1:00 PM       All Sides Considered (1st & 3rd)
6:30 PM       Board of Trustees (4th)
9:00 AM      Community Breakfast (3rd)
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username: AlbanyUU
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Our sermon archive (select Ministry/Sermon Archive on the left website menu) has pdf files of sermons texts (when available) and audio files of sermons. You can also request the office put a service on a CD.
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