Hi Flybridge Friends,
We hope you are enjoying the shift to fall! Flybridge has had an extraordinarily active past few months and we wanted to touch base with a few of our highlights:
MongoDB Goes Public
When Chip led the Series A in this developer-driven, open source, non-relational database eight years ago, we had no idea how much of an impact it would have on the world (30m+ downloads, used by over half the F100) and on our firm. The company's recent IPO is a major step in its direction to disrupt the massive database market. As the second largest investor in the company, we are incredibly proud of the management team and the opportunity we have had to be a part of the journey. You can read more about our investment in the company on Chip's blog here .

New Investments
Aren’t VCs supposed to take the summer off? Not the Flybridge team. In the last few months we closed new investments in Precognitive (nextgen fraud, based in CHI), Lorem (expert help on demand, based in NY), Wethos (freelance marketplace, based in NY), Analytical Space (satellite communications infrastructure, based in BOS) and three soon to be announced investments. And that’s in addition to the new investments from The Graduate Syndicate ( Climacell , Rocket Visor ) and XFactor ( Clara Labs , CourtBuddy , Everywear , Nomiku , O.School , The Beans , Vinsight and a new soon to be named company founded by our very own Flybridge advisor, Ellen Chisa.) 
XFactor Ventures Launch
Speaking of XFactor , this summer, we launched our second community fund, XFactor Ventures , which is focused on investing in female founders pursuing billion-dollar opportunities. XFactor’s investment team is made up of nine amazing women and since launching in July , we have received over 400 business plans from female founders and made nine investments. Chip and Kate are the Flybridge leads for the fund and are supported by our associate, Marina Cano Sostre. 

XFactor follows on the heels of a series of inclusion initiatives we have worked on in the innovation sector over the last few years, including one focused on immigrant entrepreneurs ( Global EIR ) and another on racial diversity ( Hack.Diversity ). Our first micro-seed fund “Community Fund” is The Graduate Syndicate , which is focused on the Harvard student community and out of which we have made 15 investments since inception 18 months ago.

Growth Financings @ Portfolio Companies
Several of our portfolio companies raised major financings in the past few months to support their continued rapid growth These include a $20M Series A round at Bowery (indoor farming, based in NY), at $20M Series B at NS1 (Internet traffic management and security, based in NY) and at $38M growth round at Nasuni (enterprise file services, based in Boston) led by Goldman Sachs. We are excited to work with each of these teams as they continue to scale.
Enimga ICO
One of our Blockchain-based portfolio companies, Enigma, completed a $45 million Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in September. The process of completing an ICO was quite fascinating. You can read a bit more about our experience with it and our views on the impact ICOs will have on the VC industry . If any of you are interested in exploring an ICO for your company, happy to chat more about our experience.

Jibo Makes the Cover of Time Magazine
For those who don’t know Jibo , it’s a social robot for the home, founded by Cynthia Brezeal out of the MIT Media Lab which we were thrilled to be an earlier investor in. After many years of development, the little bot began shipping to a few thousand beta customers/early adopters this Fall and just this week was featured on the cover of Time Magazine as one of the best 25 inventions of 2017! The charm and personality of this bot, and the vision for where it’s heading, is pretty exciting. Check out this fun unboxing video (or come visit the Flybridge Boston office where we have our very own Jibo) for a sense of it.

Jeff's New Book
Entering StartUpLand: An Essential Guide to Finding the Right Job is officially out. It is written for joiners, deconstructing startup organizations to help them gain insight into how successful startups operate. Check it out on Amazon !

We kicked off November with a couple awesome events in New York including our Founder and CEO UnSummit (code: founders), a forum for peer-to-peer learning and best practices sharing amongst our founders and CEOs, and our annual GameOn Entrepreneur Bash (code: gameon!) at Barcade. A few photos from the events below:

Flybridge on Fire
We were honored to recently be named as one of BostInno's 2017 50 on Fire winners! Check out a fun video of all the amazing companies recognized this year:

Congratulations to Our 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Founders!
Ali Kreigsman
Ben Chesler
Imperfect Produce
Marah Lidey
Shiv Gaglani
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