The latest news from the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and the BioCarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes 
This newsletter provides the latest updates from the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), the  BioCarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes (ISFL) and related forest and climate fund work. This issue highlights news, videos and events from January to April 2018. Please enjoy and  contact us with any questions or feedback.
A decade of action for forests and climate
Marking 10 years of forest and climate action, FCPF stakeholders share on the evolution of work on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and supporting sustainable development in nearly 50 countries around the world.

How sustainable guitars are 'instrumental' to the future of Cameroon's forests
A key feature of function and beauty on a guitar is ebony wood. All ebony used by Taylor Guitars, a leading manufacturer of acoustic guitars, comes from Cameroon, including the region where the country is working to implement its first large scale program to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

The future of forests and climate change 
What have we achieved so far when it comes to conserving forests, addressing the impacts of climate change and promoting sustainable development? What do we need next? This March 2018 panel drew support from Ministers, NGOs, Indigenous Peoples and World Bank Group experts excited by the progress to date and the potential for more big wins for both people and nature.

Why we're betting on forests
On this year’s International Day of Forests, experts at the World Bank highlighted some of the most impressive ways forests are helping to improve people’s lives, fight climate change and conserve biodiversity.
Climate-smart farming in Colombia’s last agricultural frontier
A $20 million grant from the ISFL will help farmers in Colombia’s Orinoquía region to sustainably increase agricultural production and to realize the potential of the area to become a food basket for the country and the world. The program aims to improve livelihoods, the economy and the environment, including protecting forests, water sources and biodiversity.

Spotlight on Fiji’s national REDD+ pilot site
With Fiji currently presiding as Chair for the 23rd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the island nation is showcasing efforts to combat the impacts of climate change. Emalu, Fiji’s National REDD+ pilot site, is a good case study of the country’s work to strengthen mitigation and adaptation actions through a participatory and multi-sectoral approach.
T ogo workshop on forest monitoring systems a success
The Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI), in partnership with FCPF, brought together delegations from five francophone countries–Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Congo, Central African Republic and Togo–in February to share experiences on forest monitoring and to pilot a country needs assessment on the implementation of forest monitoring systems. The assessment, which will help guide the design and implementation of country forest monitoring systems, will be scaled-up globally, allowing for the better–and more standardized–identification of technical and financial resources needs.  
New leadership for community-based natural resource management in Mozambique
Engaging and empowering communities in the sustainable management of forests offer multiple benefits, like new livelihood opportunities for local communities and shifting the balance of power so people have a say in how their local environment is managed. Learn how the World Bank, through the Integrated Landscape and Forest Management (ILFM) Portfolio , is empowering local people to take ownership ove r the forests in Mozambique. 

Zambia takes the keys away from 'drivers' of deforestation 
A sustainable landscape program in Zambia’s Eastern Province works with smallholder farmers and local communities to help them adopt more efficient, climate-smart farming technologies. The program, which benefits from a $33 million BioCarbon Fund ISFL grant, launched on the ground in Chipata in March.  

Four more countries hit major milestones on REDD+ readiness
At the March FCPF Participants Committee meeting, the multi-stakeholder governing body approved additional funding for Burkina Faso and Dominican Republic while Lao PDR and Guatemala presented on their progress and have the green light to move forward to the Carbon Fund. In addition, there were updates on gender, registries, verification processes and program monitoring and evaluation.

Mozambique, Vietnam join Carbon Fund portfolio
January's FCPF Carbon Fund meeting represented another step forward with the addition of two countries into the Carbon Fund portfolio - Mozambique, provisionally, and Vietnam - bringing the total number accepted to eight. The content of these meetings continues to address the technical aspects of countries’ programs, with a focus on areas such as registries, verification, due diligence on transfer of title, and safeguards.

FCPF referenced in Canada-France Climate and Environment Partnership
Canada and France have outlined steps they will take to collaboratively promote and quickly implement the Paris Agreement. A key pillar of these efforts will include continued support for developing countries’ efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation through the FCPF and the Green Climate Fund.

Facebook Live: linking the importance of forests to climate change and development
Forests provide resources to people and the planet. They create jobs, help slow climate change, and increase resilience. This Facebook Live interview with FCPF's Ellysar Baroudy and PROFOR's Werner Kornexl engaged a global audience from Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Zambia, among other countries.  

Register now: Innovate4Climate
Mark your calendars to join this annual event where finance, business, technology, and policy leaders meet to drive climate investment. Frankfurt, Germany, May 22–24, 2018.

Ellysar Baroudy, Coordinator for FCPF, tells us about the importance of forests for development.

Frances Seymour, Distinguished Senior Fellow with the World Resources Institute, discusses the evolution of REDD+ and FCPF.

Glenn Prickett, Chief External Affairs Officer with The Nature Conservancy, talks about his organization's strong relationship with FCPF ten years on and why 'natural climate solutions' matter.

Watch to learn how the ISFL developed the first-of-its-kind methodology for accounting for carbon emissions across a diverse landscape.

Forest and climate funds in the news
Header photo: Franka Braun, A decade of action: Laura Otalora/CAD/World Bank, Sustainable guitars: Courtesy Chris Sorenson / Taylor Guitars, copyright 2018, The future of forests and climate change: Pablo Cambronero/UN-REDD, Why we’re betting: Andrea Borgarello/TerrAfrica/World Bank, Climate-smart agriculture: Franka Braun/World Bank, Spotlight on Fiji: courtesy Fiji REDD team, Mozambique: World Bank, Zambia: Robert Griffin/World Bank, Canada/France: Adri Berger/World Bank, In the news photo credit: Pablo Cambronero/UN-REDD, all other photos courtesy of World Bank or partners, used with permission.