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Jamaica Assembly
October 27-28
Brazil Assembly
November 1-3
General Commission
November 30 - December 1
St. Clare's, Tampa, FL
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January 18-19, 2019
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Issue 6.20
October 22, 2018  
Feast of All Saints (November 1)

As we prepare to prayerfully celebrate the feast of All Saints, reflect on your favorite saint. Reflect on the whole life of that saint - truly see that they were human, just like us! Consider their flaws and frailties to see how God truly works in the lives of those whom God loves and calls. All saints were born human. All saints heard a call from God and began to shape, direct, and entwine their wills to allow Christ to shine and flow through them.

We, too, are called to see what love God has bestowed on us. We are God's beloved. It is through our lives, our humanness, our struggles, our embracing our need for ongoing conversion that we are called to shape and interweave our lives with Christ, the Beloved of God.

Let us celebrate the great multitude of saints and saints in the making. Let us witness God's love and so build up the Communion of Saints from every nation, race, people, and tongue.

Saints of God in glory, be with us, rejoice with us, sing praise with us, and pray with us now!

FSA Board of Directors  
By: Pat Klemm OSF

  From October 10-16, the Leadership from Brazil and Jamaica, Congregational Leadership, and the Treasurers from each country met in Allegany for the semi-annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany.
   The meeting began with a retreat day led by Sr. Meg Guider OSF (Joliet Franciscan). Meg guided us in reflection on how the topic of interculturality resonates with our Franciscan-Clarian spirituality. The day was open to the sisters in the Motherhouse and surrounding area and was truly a wonderful experience for all.
   From the 11-13, we met as the "Leadership of the Whole" - an opportunity to be updated on the realities of our countries, church, and congregation as they are experienced in our diversities. As part of these days we shared summaries and processed the four keynote addresses from the August LCWR meeting. Deep sharing was an important part of these days.
   O n Saturday, October 13, the Motherhouse S isters and staff join ed us for prayer and a symbolic action against racism (see story, below).
   We rested on October 14 and on the 15th officially opened the Board of Directors meeting. We reviewed the financial reports from all four countries, which were prepared by Sisters Chris Treichel, Trinita Solnek, Stella Sabina Cunha, and the sisters in Bolivia. These comprehensive reports enabled us to understand our present financial reality. We also had time to reflect together on how we use our resources in service to the Gospel.
   Marinez Arantes da Silva , Regional Minister of Brazil, updated us on the status of the Santa Casa hospital in AnĂ¡polis, Brazil, which is experiencing some challenges at this time. Prayers are needed for our Sisters in Brazil and for the ministries in which they serve , as governmental regulations are endangering some of their outreach to the poor and marginalized.
   We expressed and shared our gratitude to the S isters and staff at the Motherhouse with cider and donuts for everyone, and concluded our meetings with the challenge to go forth to be the Presence of Love and to grow in Communion with one another .

Stance Against Racism

   Our Sisters in Congregational Leadership, the leadership of Brazil and Jamaica, W.I., and the Sisters at the Motherhouse gathered in prayer on the morning of October 13 to stand in communion against racism. Let us all stand together with all our sisters and brothers, with all people, and put an end to racism, violence and the attitudes that separate us from one another. We are all children of our one God. We are the People of God!
Vietnamese Sisters Headed to College 

   On January 16, 2017, the St. Elizabeth Motherhouse welcomed the addition of Sisters Tuyet and Sen, Missionaries of Charity of the Vinh Diocese, Vietnam, into the community. The young sisters - both in their late 20s - have spent the last 20 months studying English with Sisters and Associates in Allegany, NY, in hopes of passing their TOEFL exam to enter college.
   The Sisters successfully completed their exams earlier this month and will begin university studies in Theology in the new year. They departed from the Motherhouse last week to return to Vietnam and spend time with their Congregation and visit their families prior to starting their higher education.
   Sen and Tuyet are spiritual and joy-filled Sisters, and their presence here at the Motherhouse will be greatly missed. Congratulations, Sisters!

Immaculate Conception Renovations

    Over the past several months, the chapel at the Immaculate Conception Convent, Jamaica, West Indies, has undergone renovations. Beginning in May, the chapel floor has been repaired, the tiles have been scrubbed and polished, new chairs have been purchased, the pews have been refurbished and the wall decor has been updated.
   Additionally, the lighting has been updated to LED fixtures which will be more energy efficient, and the statues in the chapel have been cleaned and polished.
   While they wait for the work to be completed, the Sisters of Immaculate Conception have been praying together in the third floor "Chapel in the Sky." Completion of the work is anticipated at the end of October, when the pews are finished and re-installed.

Research Day at St. Joseph's Teacher's College
By: Constance Chen OSF 

   St. Joseph's Teacher's College, Kingston, Jamaica, held its annual Research Day on October 3.
   The theme for Research Day 2018 was "Opening the Gateway to Self-Actualization: Health and Wellness in the Classroom." The keynote speaker was  the Senator, Hon. Floyd Morris. Senator Morris has served in the Jamaican Senate since 1998. He is legally blind and has a Doctorate of Philosophy  in Government and has done extensive research relating to the inclusion of persons with disabilities within the Jamaican society. Senator Morris said that he runs four miles daily because "a person needs the vigor and clarity of thought to cope with the rigor of academia. There should also be a special connection with the Creator."
   Some of the topics that were researched and presented were Our Educational Achievement/Maximizing our Career Potential, Breaking the Barriers to Intellectual Achievement, The Physical You/Nutrition and You, and Resisting the Tendency to Mete out Negative Behavior Toward Students in the Jamaican Classroom. One of the presentations entitled, Improving the Wellness of Teachers, acknowledged the reality that teaching is very stressful and can lead to such symptoms as anxiety, burnout, frustration, and depression. This consequently can negatively impact the students in the classroom. The presenter offered a new pathway whereby the well-being of teachers can be improved by discussing Martin Seligman's (2014) multi-dimensional framework of well-being, PERMA. The acronym stands for Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Purpose, and Accomplishments.
   Going forward, the future teachers of Jamaica will realize that meaningful research goes beyond mastery of subject matter and effective classroom strategies. Other aspects of the education process involve planning and organization, working as part of a team, acting as a role model for
students and co-workers, and commanding respect and credibility. The needs of the 21st century require technological and critical thinking skills to bring about transformation in education. The future teachers of St. Joseph's are indeed up to the challenge as they recited their mantra:
"I can, I must, I will!'

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